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A short story about a Chinese celestrial dragon and a lady named Kchina.
         The sea dragon named Chiwong is a celestrial Chinese dragon. The seagulls are chi energy extensions of his own soul that he likes to create. He loves all of nature especially the seagulls, flowers and the Lady of the Water named, Kchina.

"Hello Kchina. I see that you're feeding my seagulls and other animals your chi stars. No wonder why they all look so beautiful!" said Chiwong while bobbing his enormous golden yellow colored head out of the ocean to visit her.

"Yes Chiwong, I love to see all of the creatures be happy, healthy and beautiful," said Kchina while waving gentily to Chiwong while continuing to feed all of the creatures her chi stars. With her love for all of them, she attracted a young phoenix, two crows, a young green dragon and a griffin. She feeds and loves them too. Over time, they loved and trusted her and became her friend as well. The crows bring her shiny objects, the dragon gives her nature books and the griffin allows her to ride up into the sky to show her their gratitude in return.

"Kchina, I'd like to take you to see my friends. Will you come with me?" asked Chiwong.

"Yes, thank you," said Kchina.

         Chiwong gives Kchina a ride and takes her deep into the ocean. They come to a beautiful underwater city. She meets mermen, merwomen and their children. She offers them her chi stars as a token of friendship. They accept her gift and their entire civilization become her friend too.

"Thank you for taking me there, I loved them Chiwong!" said Kchina excitedly.

"You're welcome my lovely Kchina. The pollution in the ocean hasn't made them as healthy, and you helped heal them, thank you!" said Chiwong while putting Kchina back on land, kissing her on her cheek and telling her good bye and he'll see her tomorrow.

"You're welcome Chiwong. I love to help others. Good night my beloved friend," said Kchina kissing him on his cheek back.

         Kchina continued to heal animals with her chi stars everywhere on the world and helped the world become a much better place. She also made lots of friends with the animals and many of them continue to tell their story about her, generation after generation. The mermen and merwomen also tell their children generation after generation about her too.

~ The End! ~

Story created on: 5-14-19
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2197122