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It is a story- poem based on depression and how to bounce back from it.
Mixed sentiments before my birthday,
Makes me timid & despondent today.
It's like childish longing in vain,
Where my brain muscles are put on strain.

Painstaking movements left me lament,
When trapped in money lending business of rent.
I don't know when my clock will strike?
As auto rates are on hike.
Hallucinations of heinous horror at night to happen,
Will God's protection bestows upon me and make flee?

By creating the right strategies of half-battle won.
Claustrophobia and constant past flashbacks,
Is as if my clothes are disorganized in racks.
Will I be able to fly high,
Without ever questioning why?

Envy is a deadly sin,
Like clutter makes our life ruin.
Sometimes panic attacks take,
Me away from track.
That arise in a fit of rage,
Where would the issues of ?
Women's safety concerns which take tremendous turn,
Be raised on exclusive stage.

Failure teaches success like morale booster in excess.
As sowing the seeds of optimism,
For people who are,
Extremely prone to pessimism.

If I am cursed everywhere,
Then mob will leave me nowhere.
Negative energies play havoc,
Like hitting our head with rock.
As fast as possible,
By possessing every pal.

It's time to take action,
By boosting self confidence.
Further breaking barriers in a fence,
To perform with full vitality and vigor at various functions.

- Preksha puri.

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