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A studious black cat reflects on her high school years
Halloween was always at the top of her class at the Forestview School for Gifted Cats. However, this merit cost her the crucial experiences of social development.

For one, she never went to school dances with anyone. She only went because she feared being cast out by her peers as a social pariah for not attending. Being a social pariah would mar her perfect image, so she always made a fuss to her mother, Cali, about letting her go to these dances. Cali would never have stopped her daughter from attending such fun events, but she knew Halloween wanted to go for the wrong reasons. Halloween refused to admit that these dances were more about making an impression to her, though.

Halloween put in so much energy trying to impress others that she never realized that her classmates never cared about grades, looks, or other extraordinary accomplishments. They just wanted her to treat them pleasantly. Halloween, however, did not address these people around her kindly. She saw her peers as either people to impress or obstacles toward that A in math. Her bitterness is why she lost half the friends she made over the years.

It wasn't until years later that she recognized her mistakes. It took years of therapy and conversations with Cali to help her realize that she'd been living her life the wrong way. With the help of Cali and her therapist, Halloween slowly but steadily progressed toward becoming kinder and more open to her true self. Sadly, though, when Halloween thinks about all the losses and misery she through during high school, she absolutely regrets everything. She wishes she had started becoming the cat she is today earlier.
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