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by Hiccan
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The "Guiding Breeze" Lewyn celebrates a victory against Muspel.
"Bring another! We're all still thirsty and celebrating!"
Lewyn hoisted another empty tankard of ale and motioned for more. The men around him cheered as they did the same. He looked over the faces before him not quite tipsy but still feeling good. Some he recognized as being under his command, some he didn't, he assumed they were under lady L'Arachel and a few were unmistakably just farmhands who'd been swept up in the spirit of celebration.
Still, as he thought of those heading home now instead of to Surtr's dungeons he let out a cheer.
"DRINK MEN! FOR TODAY WE DID NOT JUST SAVE OUR FRIENDS WE STRUCK A BLOW TO THE MAD KING AND HIS FREAKS!!" He tipped his mug back and wondered why he tasted nothing until he remembered that it was empty. He shrugged his shoulders and conceded that maybe he'd had enough. From the second floor, L'Arachel looked down upon him with her signature smug expression and a tankard of ale for herself. In contrast to the tipsy strategist below though she took sips slowly and even tried to clumsily hold it in a manner similar to that she'd seen her uncle do with glasses of wine when she was young. She failed and instead lost her grip on the cup which tumbled over the edge and onto the celebrating group below. She curtsied an apology to those below as one of the many hapless suitors around her handed her another to replace it.

"TELL US HOW YOU DID IT!" A voice from the crowd shouted as Lewyn tried to get free to find himself a bed.
"You've all heard it so many times tonight."
Unable to find a way through the throng he relented to accepting another a drink and telling yet one more story.
"Very well if you all insist." he acquiesced taking another gulp of the cool mead. His brain wondered for a second how this was done in such a hot land before a clap on the back reminded him of the story he was to re-tell. "The men of Muspel were smug that they were unbeatable. With a prince as their prisoner and a general of Surtr at their lead, they believed that the Order was beaten to the point that they wouldn't dare resist anymore. So it was that the humble me and the bright lady L'Arachel!" With this, he gestured up to the princess who beamed positively while hoisting her mug to the cheer from those gathered which turned to shouts as she again lost a hold of her tankard and let it loose on the patrons below. She sheepishly apologized once more as she was again handed another by one of the men around her.

"We prepared our attack for when the clouds in the sky lashed with rain so that Surtr's men would think nothing of some wind and light. One by one those marching in Muspel colors fell. Knights, fighters even manaketes disappeared with no more than a whisper on the wind."
For dramatic effect, he lay his hand upon his legendary tome Forsetti and snapped his fingers causing a light breeze to swirl through the tavern. No more than enough to ruffle some hair and blow some foam off the tops of tankards still it was met with a loud roar of approval from his audience.
"Do not forget, Sir Lewyn! Tell them of Surtr's great one-eyed beast! Regale them with how it will trouble these lands no longer!" the excited voice of the L'Arachel came through the din clear as a bell.
"Aye, yes those men were confident because of that horror likely. Nobody will attack a man with that at his back they thought as the wind whipped up at their backs."
Lewyn produced a feather from his cloak and again whipped up a wind. His own long green hair whipped about in it as he extended the hand with the feather and released it into the gale. With a heavy thunk, it impacted the wall by it's quill and embedded itself there quivering. He smiled as he told of how much he had preferred the sound that the feather had made when it had embedded itself in the cyclops thick neck.
"So when the great beast tumbled forward nothing underneath could survive. Least of all poor General Hilda who led that pack. So when our merry band fell upon them they were leaderless and scared.

"AS THE ENEMIES OF JUSTICE SHOULD BE. MONSTERS, MAGES OR MEN IF THEY POSSESS EVIL IN THEIR HEART THEN L'ARACHEL OF RAUSTEN IS THEIR FOE!!" His traveling partner screamed as she descended the steps unsteadily. Her retinue trying their best to steady the tipsy girl and keep her from harm.
Lewyn raised an eyebrow at the princesses boasting and politely cleared his throat at his being overlooked causing her to whirl about towards him.
"AHH With great help from the chivalrous Sir Lewyn of Silas of course! Not since the great L'Arachel has justice had such a fine ally! Did you think I'd forgotten you? Ohohoho he is so naive!"
She raised her hand and went to take another drink from her tankard only to find her hand empty. She looked about for it while the crowd laughed at the show that the princess made of it.
Lewyn smiled as well as he wiped the spilled ale from his face and cloak before picking up the tankard that his companion had absentmindedly flung at him. He stretched as he stood up to step over and place a hand around his comrade's shoulder with the intention of leading her to bed to sleep off her revelry.
"It is Silesse, Princess and perhaps that may be a good note to end your night on? You seem to have misjudged the strength of your ale good lady."
She burrowed in under his arm but resisted being led to the stairs, instead now trying to turn Lewyn towards the favorite method of recreation.
"Nonsense Sir Lewyn I am fine and more than willing to continue. Besides, I wish to challenge you upon that bull."

She gestured to the device that the tavern keeper had constructed that she'd been enamored with since laying eyes upon. The enterprising man had cleared a space in the tavern's corner whereupon he could lay down padding around it so that nobody would be injured after they were thrown from it. It was nothing more than a simple seat more than a few feet. He'd made it simulate riding a horse or a bucking bull. Customers would climb upon and challenge themselves to stay seated for as long as they could while the magic that powered the device continued to speed it up. The barkeep had paid a pretty penny for that to a passing enchanter for that and was quite proud and was prouder still that not a one person had yet to beat his record of one hour yet. Simply seeing the device had fascinated the Princess L'Arachel and upon finding out its purpose Lewyn could have sworn that for a second her eyes had shone brighter than the very spells she wielded. She'd shattered the tavern keepers record on her first outing by twice the amount of time and had since become insistent in trying to goad the simple bard into a contest of who could stay upon this bull as the owner called it the longest. Lewyn had never mixed with horses and easily saw the clumsy way that this boisterous royal was trying to get one over on the man.

"My lady as I told you before, I simply cannot hope to measure up against your skills as a rider. To go into such a contest would put me at a severe disadvantage to the degree that I see no point in it. Now, please L'Arachel you have had too much to drink tonight and should rest however if you will not then I at least implore you to release my arm as I wish to check upon Prince Xander."
"Come now, Sir Lewyn you've had considerably more than me tonight and you are fine. Prince Xander didn't wish to speak on his captivity an hour ago and I doubt anything has changed since then."
Sighing at the girl's insistence the bard shook his head. Not once when he was young had he envisioned himself trying to beg a Princess to release him so that he may check upon a slumbering Prince but this war had made a number of impossible things happen.
"Well, then a handicap for a friend! You may go first Sir Lewyn and however long you may stay upon the steed I will be forced to double to win. How does that sound good sir?"
Lewyn sighed knowing full well that unless he managed to last an hour himself that this was nothing more than the silly woman trying to embarrass him. A devilish idea blew through his mind and he smiled at a way to put an end to this farce.
"Very well but I propose that we make this more interesting. Should I win then you must go to bed and attempt to sleep this off. You will have a hard morning tomorrow L'Arachel when all this drink comes to take it's due."
"Lewyn you speak as if you won't."
"I have had the drink before my lady. The way you are acting leads me to believe you haven't."
She scoffed but her reddening cheeks betrayed the truth of his remarks to him. Still, L'Arachel was nothing if not dauntless and saw a way to turn the tables.
"Your obvious.....untruths aside I see that you speak only from a place of concern as a friend and will respect your wishes Lewyn. However, I notice you said nothing of what would happen should I win so I hope you don't find it untoward if I add to your game? I will indeed still retire to my bed but I fear that I will have some trouble sleeping so how about if I win then the good sir Lewyn will accompany me to my quarters?"

Lewyn flushed at her words briefly before regaining his composure quickly.
"Very well I accept your terms, Princess. Let it be known that this bard will act the perfect gentleman though tonight should we share a room."
Once again L'Arachel blushed at not having expected him to accept. Still, she pushed on and gestured to the bull.
"Go on then Prince Lewyn. Climb up and let us see how well you do."
"I have asked that you do not refer to me by that title my lady. I am but a simple bard to all around me and do not wish to seem as if I am putting on airs."
"Hmmmph but you are a Prince. Very well Sir Lewyn let us see how you perform."
"OY" came a yell from the bar. They both turned to see the barkeep pointing towards a sign within the padded area reading "SHOES AND SOCKS OFF!" Lewyn looked and saw that his challenger had already done so in anticipation and sighed as he set to the task himself. While he unlaced his traveler's boots he allowed his eyes to wander and briefly alight on a short woman who stood out from the crowd. Unlike the others in the tavern tonight who were all wearing the armors of his own Silesse or L'Arachel's Grusten she stood in dirty robes that seemed to conceal something. She also was unmistakably fixated in her gaze on him.
He tried to wave at the woman in an attempt to break the ice but she stayed stock still.
"Sir Lewyn do hurry up. I understand that you may be hesitant but the handicap I have given you is more than favorable."
"L'Arachel do you know who that is?"
"Hmmm? Whom do you mean?"
He looked back to see the woman gone and tried searching around for her but could see no trace of where she could have disappeared to.

With L'Arachel's insistence, he pulled the socks from his size 12 feet and finally mounted the device he wondered how he was to start the device when it roared to life and began to chug back and forth under him. He held on trying to find a good place to keep his balance with the lack of handholds upon the seat but was clearly struggling. Wrapping his legs around the underside didn't work as once it began to speed up it bucked forwards with such intensity that he felt he would be launched. A sudden rearing upwards caught him by surprise and led to him crashing to the ground on his back at the five-minute mark. He brushed the tangled mess that was his own green hair from his eyes and looked at the smiling L'Arachel with annoyance.
"Not much of a performance Sir Lewyn. My expectations were not very high but you still thoroughly underwhelmed them."
"Let us see your shining work then your highness. To move this foregone conclusion along at the very least." Lewyn said resignedly as he got to his feet.
"Very well let us prove your defeatist attitude correct then. Watch at how a shining fighter of justice rides Sir Lewyn!"
"Just a moment. May I help you up my lady?"
"A gentleman even in defeat Sir Lewyn? Admirable at least."
"Since I know where I will be spending the night I may at least make it comfortable."
"Hmmph you cad. Very well."
Grasping L'Arachel's shoulder he assisted the green haired princess in climbing upon the steed. Once she was sat upon however his hand darted down to her thigh and skittered his fingers up the bare skin causing her to break out into snorting laughter.
With her balance undone and her concentration disrupted L'Arachel tumbled from the steed in seconds, where she was caught by the runaway Prince of Silesse who held her under her legs and shoulders bridal style as she fumed.

"Cheater! Cur! Vile Prince of Scandals!"
"There, there Princess what I did was out of concern for your best interests. You should rest and definitely shouldn't attempt anything such as this in your state. We never did lay out any rules but I trust you will honor our agreement?"
"Yes, yes very well. You will carry me to my room now as a gentleman would yes?"
"My lady you look to take advantage now of but a humble bard?"
"It is the least you could for a distressed Princess who has become the victim of a thief. My shoes seem to have disappeared Sir Lewyn.
He looked about and sure enough Princess L'Arachel's strappy boots had disappeared as well his own, scanning the crowd gave him no hints as to who had taken them either further stumping the man.
"EHH-HEM!" The bartender cleared his throat loudly "Go on then lover boy, I keep a clean establishment so you won't be stepping upon anything. Take the young lady to her room and I'll see if I can't catch your thief. I'm closing up in a few anyhow so you might as well."
"Hmmmph I assure you, good sir, our relationship is nothing as interesting as what you imply. We are simply comrades in arms and nothing more. L'Arachel why are you fiddling with my clothes?!"
"You seem more inclined to have a conversation then move and I wish to get a bed. So I'm hurrying you up and getting a little revenge while I'm at it. Ah-ha there we go.

She threw open the front of Lewyn's shirt exposing his toned chest to the tavern air. Before the bard could even react L'Arachel was digging her fingers into his stomach and getting an immediate song.
"Hahahoho Pr-Prihihncess stahahap! Dohohn't!!"
"Don't stop? Why would I? You clearly enjoy this hence why your still not moving towards my room. Don't you dare even think of dropping me either Sir Lewyn."
"Ahaha w-wohohuld nehever!"
"Always the gentleman that's clearly good upbringing. Why you want to play the rapscallion running around with a lute is beyond me."
Lewyn began to take steps towards the stairs still with L'Arachel in his arms and laughing his head off. The two's games earned chuckles from the male bar patrons and envious looks from the females who wished they had their own handsome bard to play with. One person thought of something completely different though and set about her cold work as the two departed. Lewyn was now carrying L'Arachel up the stairs as the Princess of Light now danced her gloved fingers along his ribs while enjoying the ride. He'd grit his teeth in an attempt to stifle the laughter and now with his red face and green hair looked quite festive. L'Arachel however, was not in a party mood and fervently dug in between his ribs to try and make the man go back to letting out his musical laughter for her.

They were at the top of the stairs now and coming closer to the door to the room she was staying and even though he was sputtering now still, Lewyn wasn't laughing as she wanted. They reached the door and as he adjusted his grip on her to turn the knob she saw an opportunity. Her hands shot up through his open shirt and found his exposed armpits and dug in, The reaction was instantaneous and explosive.
He very nearly dropped her for a second but quickly adjusted his grip to keep the Princess steady. He entered the room on jelly legs and made it only a few steps before falling to his knees. L'Arachel pouted at how her knight in shining armor had fallen at the last hurdle like this. She stood up and stretched before kneeling down before the gasping man.
"So now Sir Lewyn I think we may both agree that I have won our game."
"P-Princess you agreed you would retire without a fight."
"Indeed but perhaps now another game? Let's see if you can get away before the innkeeper calls for his close. Get out the door and you win Sir Lewyn and can spend the night in your room. Fail however and we will share that bed tonight and I assure you that I am not very tired."
"Yo-you can't think yourse-"
"Stronger than you? No even justice can't make me physically stronger than you. However, I've never seen a man quite as helplessly ticklish as you are. Although Prince Lyon came close. Still, I think with that weakness the terms more than fair although I do thank you once more your highness for considering a ladies feelings."
"I asked you not to-EEEEP!"

Lewyn found his protests silenced by a singular gloved finger poking deep into a sensitive part of his stomach. He looked down to see the digit disappearing up to the knuckle in his navel and back up into an expression on Princess L'Arachel's face that had the normally composed bard sputtering.
"I think the first thing I'll have you do tonight is say "I am a Prince" until I tire of it. Tickle Fight! Reeeeady?"
"L'Arachel, please wai-"
The single finger was joined by its comrades who dug into the skin around Lewyn's navel while the lucky one tried to get even deeper into the ticklish orifice it achieved the effect as if L'Arachel was trying to take some of the mage's tummy home with her. Lewyn was helpless before her as just the one hand had him in a giggly puddle. The one thing his life on the road as a traveling minstrel had never helped him overcome from his royal past was the ridiculous sensitivity of his skin. Due to an incident in his past his feet in particular, had always given him ridiculous fits with their sensitivity to the point that regular boots were quite unbearable on his feet and the thick wool socks of a traveler unbearably itchy. His solution had been the lighter and thinner riding boots of a cavalryman and stockings. On rare days where he wasn't traveling such as this, he'd forego socks altogether. Soft skin was a plus with many of the women he'd come across on the road but sensitivity wasn't hence why most of his nights were spent alone by his choice despite his flirtatious ways.

Now as L'Arachel slipped behind him he wished he was once again alone. Using her teeth she pulled her glove from her unoccupied hand and used it to undo the bard's coat from his shoulders. She pulled it from where it tucked at his waist and like a hungry arachnid snuck it up into the opening so that she could skitter it up to his lower back. Lewyn placed his knuckle in his mouth and bit trying to restrain himself still found himself being led downwards by the princesses nimble tickling fingers. She pressed in his back and lightened on his belly to guide him down onto his hands and knees. Once on all fours, he felt a toned behind seat itself upon him and the hand on belly withdraw. The mages cheek was pinched as his trousers and boxers were pulled down to his knees leaving his penis dangling from its green-furred nest between his long legs. One hand lightly traced along his neck while the other dug into the space where his thighs and rear met, alternating which leg would get it as they both tried to flee. She effectively forced her challenger to not only walk forwards on his hands and knees but also to carry her towards the bed that would secure her victory.
"Ohohoho PRINCE Lewyn. You may be no great shakes as a rider but you certainly make for a fine mount."
"Lehehet mehehe gohoho!!" He gasped as he was still trotted towards the bed like a horse to the stable.
He tried to stand but only got both of L'Arachel's hands dug in to spur on her fine steed. He found himself moving even faster with the smug princess jeering him with talks of a good salt lick for her Princely steed once they were done.

The second she stood off him to climb on the bed he was off like a shot towards the door, not even bothering to stand and instead scrabbling for freedom. L'Arachel dove after him and just managed to wrap his legs in her grip before he managed to get away. He hit the ground and reached for the door as she tickled his balls with her bare hand.
"Say you are my Prince."
She reached up and again invaded his navel as he pulled his upper body through the doorway. He screamed in laughter and tried to push her off but the girl stuck to him like glue. He resigned himself to simply trying to escape and was almost through the door when he looked down and saw her with his ankles in a headlock. His face went deathly pale as he sputtered and begged for her not to as her wiggling fingers got closer and closer.
"These must truly be one deathly ticklish pair of feet Sir Lewyn."
"Anything? My, my does that just make me want to play with these more. Still, you've shown me quite a good time and I am growing tired. Make me a promise and I'll let you go."
"Wh-whatever you wish."
"Once this war is over you're to come and visit me in Grusten and give me these precious tickly things to play with."
"L-L'Arachel I-"

She pinched his big toe and raised an eyebrow indicating that this was not an acceptable answer.
"F-fine! When the wa-war is ove-over! I swear it jus-just don't touch them!"
"Mmm, they must be truly and wonderfully sensitive. I cannot wait for peace.".
With that, she puckered her lips and placed a kiss upon a pair of her fingers which she then placed right into the center of Lewyn's pale and creamy soles. Just this was enough to shoot a shock up the man's body and make him cry out.
"Even that? Now I truly hope for peace."
She released him and the frantic bard pulled his knees to his chest as he let out ragged breaths. He turned to look back at her but was distracted by the fact that he could see his breath. A loud slam behind him made the man jump and he looked to see that the door had closed of its own accord separating him and L'Arachel. From the other side of the door, he heard breaking glass and an exclamation of fright from the Princess.

He tries to open the door but found it stuck from the inside and instead settled for pounding on it with his fist. A shriek of terror came from the other side of the door and he escalated to trying to kick it down to reach his friend. He searched around for his tome Forseti and cursed how he'd left it behind in his drunken carelessness. The princesses scream raised in pitch before sounding like it was moving away from him until he could hear it no more. He cursed his powerlessness again before taking in his surroundings. The floor below had undergone a rapid change during his time in L'Arachel's room it seemed. All of their troops and the other patrons were nowhere to be seen as the floor had been cleared completely. Small furry shapes skittered over the floor to large packings of thread that lined the walls. Looking closer now, he could see that protruding from those clumps were pairs of feet that the hairy little things tended too. A noise from the next room over got his attention and he flattened himself against the wall as the door was thrown open with force. A figure that came up to only his shin came out pulling a thread so thin that he almost couldn't see it. The little creature seemed to be a goblin of some kind. Its upper body was stark and pink but it's lower body was covered in bristly fur that looked absolutely maddening to the touch. He stayed still as the little fiend hadn't seen him, watching as it pulled upon its thread and dragged out a squirming bundle of a gagged female. He recognized her as one of the pegasus knights assigned to L'Arachel's detachment. The creature climbed over the ledge and dropped down to the first floor while the desperate woman searched around and lay eyes upon him. She pleaded with her eyes but as he was without his tome all he could do was try to signal for the woman to be quiet while he tried to think of a way to help her. She was dragged down behind the imp still struggling while Lewyn carefully picked his way past.

He opened the door to Prince Xander's room and entered as quietly as he could. There was nobody inside but the room also lacked any signs of a struggle. He carefully looked about before hearing a bump from under the bed. He could see a shape under there and crept forward to investigate and knelt down while putting a hand under.
"Xander we need to leave. There are monsters and they took-"
He stopped as the shape separated and the two creatures ran right past him. They turned and growled at him before both holding up those same dreadful little threads he'd seen before. His eyes traced them until seeing the other ends looped around each of his thumbs. They both pulled down on their ropes and he went face first into the ground. Before he could stand one of the little monsters was on him and it's little fingers were exploring his left ear. The tiny digits played inside the sensitive cup while its comrade took a hold of both ropes and used them to pull Lewyn's hands above his head. He squirmed and tried to pull away but in the little imps hand found the threads strong as iron with a grip to match. He instead could do nothing but kick and whine face down on the ground as the imp's tiny fingers played in his ear. He frantically giggled and turned his head away but the imp simply moved to attack his nose in response. In reaction, his sneeze blew the little bastard off of him and let him roll over and shake off the other one. He pulled himself up and in desperation, scrambled up onto the bed in a bid for the window and escape. He used his shoulder to knock aside the pane only to get pulled back down onto his back.

The little imp had looped the rope around the same bedpost and pulled it even tighter to keep him down. It's sticky with snot partner ran up and tied the loop so that now it constricted both of his thumbs simultaneously. He tried to see where the newly freed thread had gone but was distracted by it going back to tickling his nose. He sniffled and laughed and tried to turn away but the little freak scrambled up and sat upon his face to ride him like a horse while it tortured the shapely bard's poor nose. He thrashed back and forth underneath the imp that was less than a tenth of his size only for the creature to show riding skill that easily dwarfed his own by staying on. The fur on the creature's legs was bristly like a hairbrush so when it scrub along his cheeks or lips it would add to his torment. Every time he tried to sit up the imp would squeal and its partner would pull upon his binding to yank him flat once more so the humiliation could continue.
He pulled at his bonds and kicked his legs only for the creature to mock him and continue to scratch at his nose with its sharp little nails. He snuffled and snorted but the creature stayed attached to him. He didn't dare open his mouth with the little monster so close and instead sputtered and chuckled through clenched teeth as he struggled. Finally, he bucked with such force that the bed under him shuddered and moved an inch and tossed the little imp from his lip and to the sheets. Before it could move he rolled himself over on top of the creature and smothered it under his muscled chest. Gritting his teeth and staying there until the little monster beneath him stopped struggling. The other one clambered atop the bed looking for revenge but let go of the rope in the process freeing Lewyn. The prince of Silesse quickly seized the little imp in his bound together hands and threw it against the wall. The little monster slid down into an unmoving pile and leaving a streak of brown.

Lewyn's breath was ragged as he reclined on the bed, safe at the moment. His mind raced with various thoughts. Had the creature that had gone downstairs heard the ruckus? Was it on its way? How many of them were there? And where had Prince Xander gone to? He looked out the window and saw a rope leading to the ground had he escaped on that? He heard scrabbling from outside the door and saw the knob begin to swing as if somebody was trying to unlock it. He looked to the window to try and escape but noticed something as he climbed upon the sill. Another thread going from his right ankle to the same place as the other that bound his thumbs together. He cursed under his breath for not having noticed it. He pulled with all his upon both and managed to get the one for his thumbs to come off over the top of the post the other had been tied more professionally though and held tight. He hadn't freed his foot but at least now his bound hands could be moved. With a crash, the door came off its hinges and half a dozen more of the fuzzy imps came scrambling in. They stormed towards the bed as Lewyn realized he had nowhere to go. The first one that climbed up on the bed he seized in his bound hands and hurled it out the window as it screamed. One more clambered up and he tried to do the same but two more were on him before he could and tickled him down into the bed. One had it's little gnarled fingers in his muscled armpits in seconds and used the green shrubbery inside to hang on as this bronco bucked digging it's fuzzy feet and making him twist to try and get him out. The other went for the bard's hips and scrabbled its nails over the sensitive bones and flesh there to make its prey kick and thrash upon the bed.

With all the activity Lewyn pulled up the sheets of the bed and was entangled in them. Using the newfound cover the one that he had tried to throw slipped it's way down toward a new target that its fellows had ignored. In addition, the other two imps crawled up into the sheets and disappeared with a guttural growl the other two detached themselves from their victim and also jumped down into the sheets. Lewyn sat up as best he could and searched for where his attackers had gone but couldn't find them. The little monsters were almost completely undetectable in the bed when they stayed still. He looked to the window but was reminded that wouldn't work and instead elected to try and exit the bed so that he could at least see his attackers when they came for him. First, though he had to unravel the sheets that he had become entangled in though. While he was doing so he felt a small frame jump upon his barefoot and almost shrieked. Quick as a flash he whirled about and grabbed the little monster with his hands. He shook it about but quickly realized that the imp wasn't resisting. He brought it to his eyes to inspect and realized that it was the one he'd smothered earlier. While he was distracted he suddenly felt a thread around his waist tighten and pull.

Lewyn fought as hard as he could realizing that he'd been tricked but slowly the imps were pulling him down. His back hit the bed and within seconds he heard frantic noises from beneath as four of the little creatures scrambled up onto the bed to stare at him. With his waist tied down, his thumbs still bound and his ankle effectively chained Lewyn was looking more like a fish in a net by the second. As he saw two of the imps start heading towards his bare size twelves he panicked and twisted the sheets into a ball around them for protection but this just let one get behind him and dive on his stomach. The imps claws raked and clicked as it crawled over the heaving tummy with a singular destination right at the center. When it arrived at Lewyn's navel it jammed it's whole head inside the divot and dug in. Upon feeling the slimy and disgusting tongue inside the sensitive crease Lewyn went ballistic and fell upon the bed. His bound hands pulled at his sweaty green hair as the imp below secured the line and bound him by the waist to the mattress. He struggled and pulled at the new bondage only for another imp to trick him and tie his hands to that thread as well. Now the Guiding Breeze was tied down to the bed with his hands effectively secured to his waist.

He was helpless as two of the imps began to try and untangle the mess of sheets he'd used to obscure his feet. He tried to kick them off but only earned a tongue lashing from the imp face down in his navel.
His pleas were silenced as something was shoved between his lips. He turned his head and heard the familiar jingles of his preferred accessory and found that the imps had gagged him with his own scarf. He pulled and struggled but found another scratching its maddening nails along his neck too much to ignore. It chattered and chirped in a language but one word it said he understood and caused the hero's heart to fall. Surtr was what the imp said and the other two unwrapping his feet like a present began to chant it as well. There was almost an echo to the one in his belly buttons chant as it joined its fellows. The last of the little freaks climbed upon him and looked at the obelisk that stood before it. It approached cautiously, stepping over the green bushes around this curious structure before laying a hand upon it. It traced a nail along the shaking tower before adding another to sketch the shape of the entire thing. It quivered under his touch as Lewyn thrashed from the new imp's toying with his cock. His words were muffled by his gag being just as well because at this point the normally collected man was swearing and cursing at the foot tall creatures that had his body sweating and thrashing.

He went stiff at the feeling of the cold air on his toes. The little fiends were through the sheets and now using the sheets to tie his ankles together. He shook his head and quivered causing them to all cease his torment and take notice. The one at his neck chittered something that Lewyn only understood one part of.
"kikikekBE GOOD?kikikek"
He nodded frantically at the little creature causing it to laugh. When it turned back to its fellows they joined in with the larger imps mocking of their victim. The two of them at his feet laid their claws upon the walls of ticklish flesh before them and even that caused the strategist to jump. With a motion from the large imp which seemed to be in charge, the others undid the bindings and released him. Lewyn's first thought was to flee but the feeling of one of the imps climbing gingerly in between his toes showed him that his captors would not tolerate that. The big one gave him a stern look and chittered at him again.
He nodded again showing that he understood his situation and the creature laughed. It tickled his nose and continued it's horrible clicking laugh as it watched him struggle to stay still. It undid his gag and signaled for the other pair to undo his thumbs as well, which they did. The man tried to sit up but was stopped by a stern chitter from the small creature that now held him hostage. It pointed at his feet and wiggled its claws with very clear intent.

When Lewyn had been a young prince in Silesse he'd been spoiled rotten by the various nannies and servants that had raised him a fact of which he was very aware as an adult. They'd given whatever he wanted and never dared to strike or even scold him when he acted out. His silliest whims had been indulged as the sole heir and as such, he'd rarely bothered to venture out into the cold climate of his homeland. Preferring instead to bundle himself in rich furs inside the cold castle but to still allow his bared feet to stick out and enjoy the cold upon them. When the chill got to be too much on the youths footsies he'd lounge in front of the fire to warm them up blissfully unaware of the trials of his subjects to be. This kind of behavior had done nothing more than encourage the unrest of the citizens of Silesse when they'd heard of it. They struggled to feed and clothe themselves while this brat lounged about? So it was when one steward tasked with the princelings wellbeing gotten fed up with him after a particularly poignant bout of brattiness that he'd actually been helped by the guards in taking the rude little royal and jamming him into a trunk with his bared feet sticking out the top. The tired steward had taken him out to his home village in the countryside keeping the boy squealing inside his soundproof box the whole time with neverending foot tickles. He'd set up in an alley and charged passerby coins to tickle the trapped feet. It was a thief inside the box he told them. A young pickpocket who'd tried to steal from an old woman and been caught by a creative guard. The young Lewyn had been popular with young peasant girls who'd used sticks and dirty fingernails and older noble women who been fonder of stiff feathers and hard pinches. At night he'd be taken to the stewards home and tormented personally by him and his friends who would oil and bathe his feet until the next day when just hot breath upon the soles would have him shrieking inside his box. For two months this was the little princelings life until his father's guard found him. The steward got away but Lewyn was different from then on. Wearing thick heavy socks and being far more obedient and polite to those entrusted with him. The experience had left Lewyn's feet deathly sensitive to the point that he couldn't wear regular socks.

Now that the little imps had figured it out he was more than willing to debase himself on even the off chance it would save him from a horrid foot tickling. The head one gestured against the wall and motioned for him to go there. Lewyn obliged turning on the bed so that he was sitting with his back against the wall. When the leader looked away his eyes darted up to the open window which was now even closer. A startled yipe escaped his lips as one of the pair holding his feet hostage climbed down. The leader turned back to him and placed his hands behind his head then pointed to him. The almost bare naked mage complied and folded his arms behind his head. He assumed that the fact that he would be punished for taking them down, didn't need to be said. The imp in charge cackled and waved his comrades over and they gathered around his erect cock. The head one climbed atop his balls and reclined in them like he owned the place. He gave his comfortable new seat a few pinches and smiled at how the giant him and his men had captured squealed. A light stroke of a tiny hand over Lewyn's big toe was enough to remind him to be still and quiet. The other three sat down as well and though that horrible fur on their rears drove Lewyn up the wall as they drove it into his crotch, it was quickly forgotten as at their leaders order they all pressed their tiny clawed feet against his cock and ran the claws up and down the organ as it's owner shook and bit his lip to try and stifle himself.

The head imp joined in and the Guiding Breeze screwed his eyes shut to try and distract himself even as the tears pricked through. A thin film of clear liquid started to seep down from the opening as Lewyn moaned at the strange sensation he was being subjected to. His back arched and a deep guttural moan ripped through him as like a fountain he sprayed from his manhood. He fell back and could only watch in horror as the creatures frantically ran up and began scooping the semen off his still twitching member. They greedily slopped it upon themselves and howled in pleasure at their victory. The exhausted mage noticed that all five were there doing it, the fifth having abandoned his post at his feet. He saw a chance and took a deep breath in preparation. The head imp paused in his revelry to notice that their formation had been broken. Before he could yell though he was seized by the waist by his former victim and hurled through the window. The creatures screeched at their leader's death but with the other hand, Lewyn swept them all from his chest and headed for freedom. He dove from the window planning to roll with the impact when he hit the ground and take off running. Instead, he felt a jerk upon his leg and was swung face first into the side of the inn. He hung upside down dazed as he realized his folly.

In all of the excitement of his milking, he'd forgotten that not all of his bonds had been undone. Now as he hung upside down by the rope around his ankle trying to wriggle free he wished he'd thought harder before doing this. The imps came crawling out the window after him, chittering jeers as they climbed down the thread that kept him trapped. They looked significantly different now as well. Where before the little monsters had been only a few inches now they stood up to Lewyn's knee and sported an extra set of arms. One clambered down and took a grip on Lewyn's ankle it wiggled the fingers of one hand and brought them dangerously close to his vulnerable foot. What it didn't see was Lewyn carefully aiming his foot at it from behind. He kicked the creature lose and smiled it at the wet thud it made when it hit the ground. Another one came climbing down right after it though and this one has another thread which it looped around his free ankle to tie them both together. The creature laughed at his helplessness before climbing down the handsome ladder to seize his cock. It gripped it tightly by the shaft in one of its hands and with another traced a pair of fingers along the shaft. Lewyn swatted at the imp as another of them came clambering down him.

This one of the imps was just as big as the others but was daring. Once it got to Lewyn's ankles it dove off and sailed down before seizing him by one of his hanging wrists on the way. He tried to pull away but as a man of the arts and magic, he'd never been the strongest, instead he elected to try and slap it off. The creature simply seized that hand as well and now used both to climb the man's arms, making sure to dig its fingers and fuzzy toes in hard to his armpits so that it wouldn't fall. He tried to shake them off but between the ticklish ascent and how the one at his crotch was also now spidering its fingers along with his balls, he was losing his mind. The one at his arms reached his shoulders and settled its hairy legs against his armpits after clambering around behind him. It pulled the green haired man's arms up and forced them behind his back. It then produced yet another of those damn threads and tied it across his belly to force his wrists into his back. Now Lewyn was trussed up like a turkey waiting to be stuffed and could only fidget as the third one climbed out and wrapped itself around his ankles. Its tongue hung out as it looked upon the well-maintained size twelve soles in front of it. He could feel it's twenty nails running along the sides of his long feet and his whole body quivered at the touch. He tried to bend upwards to beg but caught a faceful of white and sticky liquid that had just been spat by his own body. He shook his head to try and shake loose the semen that now covered it as the imp working his cock passed handfuls of his seed to his remaining compatriots. They chittered in glee and Lewyn realized the source of their earlier changes as their skin seemed to bubble before him.

His examination of the evolution of the creature ended as he felt a small face bury itself in his soles and begin nipping at the extremely sensitive skin. The feeling of the creature's breath on his poor feet alone had the normally cool and collected mage shrieking and the way it's little teeth nibbled at the juicy ball of his left foot had him begging and debasing himself instantly for mercy.
The monsters ignored him and the one at his back actually climbed up to join its fellow in the torment of his feet. Now Lewyn had two little mouths chewing and sucking on his sensitive feet and his laughter could be heard for miles. The few members of the Askr army who'd escaped could only grit their teeth as they snuck away with the sound of their former commanders humiliated begging.
Lewyn felt something fuzzy and horrible working its way through his toes and pleaded unintelligibly for it to stop. The two imps used their newly formed fuzzy tails though to instead torment and fluff his long toes as their numerous fingers left not a single inch of his soles untouched.

The third imp though was the most sadistic. One pair of its little hands kept the runaway prince's still erect cock stimulated and aimed while it's lower set kept his head still so then when he came again under all the attention...SPLACK was the sound Lewyn's seed made as it caught him full in the face. The imp holding him laughed as it scooped up the semen from his cheeks and handed it to his fellows. Lewyn grit his teeth and screwed his eyes shut to keep his own product out of them. This made him miss the gathering crowd below him start to form. The tavern had started to empty out and the many imps inside in various stages watched. A few broke away to assist with the carrying away of prisoners to their King Surtr's dungeons but a sizeable number formed under the dangling hero to watch him be teased into madness. At the head of the crowd was what Lewyn had thought was a woman earlier when she had stolen his boots. If he could see her now holding the boots in the lower pair of her four arms he would probably adjust his thoughts. As Lewyn popped again into his own face and began to sag in his bonds she pointed up at the scene. Her finger was followed by the eyes of the entire crowd of imps and when she snapped her fingers they surged forwards. Up the wall of the tavern, the horde surged as they tried to get to the dangling man. The pair molesting Lewyn's gorgeous feet hissed at the oncoming mass but were quickly knocked from the man by the larger force and fell to their deaths. The threads that Lewyn hung by were strong but not invincible and under the new weight reached their limits. They snapped and as Lewyn was falling the last thing he saw was the leader of the imps reaching up for him before the hard thud of the ground knocked him unconscious.

When Lewyn's eyes opened next it was slowly and with great effort. He felt as if he wanted to sleep more but a loud sound was disturbing him and he wondered why his hands were bound behind him. Somebody he knew was laughing at his situation. He looked and saw L'Arachel laughing hard but not by choice. He was in a castle of some kind with large deep red banners hanging from the wallS. L'Arachel was riding the bull from earlier but with someone on behind her and as Lewyn's head cleared he was finally able to take in the scene before him. L'Arachel was riding the bull from the tavern in front of a great throne surrounded by smoldering fires. Lewyn swallowed at who he thought would be seated there but was surprised when instead he saw Surtr's youngest daughter Laevateinn enjoying the show. The shortest of the Muspellian royals watched with her chin in her hands and an expression of bliss as L'Arachel shrieked upon the iron bull. Now that his eyes had adjusted to the gloom he could make out the woman in robes from earlier but she seemed much less ladylike than he remembered with her eight arms and long fuzzy tail.

L'Arachel had been relieved of her top and her small breasts were currently the victims of a set of long-fingered hands that stroked along the sensitive things and toggled her pink nipples occasionally as if they were switches that turned her laughter up an octave each time they were thrown. From between her clasped armpits, another pair of hands danced in the captured Princesses hollows adjusting the pitch of her hilarity with the finest of finger movements. Laevateinn's head nodded along to the princesses pleas and squeals like it was the most beautiful of music that this monster was extracting from her. Like Lewyn's own hands L'Arachel's were bound behind her however unlike his, hers were in an elaborate set of stocks that also kept her ankles still on either side of them. The backs of her hands and the tops of her feet rested atop a plate of metal that acted as a staging area and contained ties that readily accommodated all of her fingers and toes in a way that kept her palms and soles smooth and laid out before this monster that played her fingers expertly over the tasty skin like they were keyboards for an instrument. The final two hands of the artist lazily played down the bare back of the noble lady of Grusten and along her clothed backside with light skitters and hard pokes as well. The bull bucked beneath the pair of them and though the monster stayed perfectly still upon it, even in the dark it was plain to see that L'Arachel was fighting to keep her balance. Lewyn peered closer and saw why.

Though it looked at first like they were simply in front of Laevateinn's throne, drawing closer revealed that the bull was raised higher than he'd originally thought because of how it rested in a pit. Surrounding the bull was a twitching wave of imps in various stages of their evolution, the little monsters waved all manner of tools from all number of arms as they watched L'Arachel twitch upon the bull and try to keep her balance so that she wouldn't fall in with the tickle hungry monsters. The monster noticed him and smiled before moving a pair of hands down to dance along L'Arachel's ribs and jiggle her belly. The green haired princess broke and tried to twist away from the tickles but forgot where she was. She frantically tried to get ahold of the bull with her knees but she was already falling and everyone could see it. The Princess Laevateinn leaned forward with a look of hunger as L'Arachel flopped onto the floor belly first. In seconds the imps were all over there still hogtied prize. Feathers, fingers and tiny toes went into the ears that had always been perked for the sounds of any soul in danger and made her scream for a hero of justice of her own. A pack of determined little imps ravaged her thighs with forks and spurs, lightly dragging the instruments along the smooth skin just light enough to not hurt but also hard enough to irritate the tickly gap they'd claimed. One daring little monster fought off two others and parked himself right in front of the hysterical face of the captured hero. He had only two arms but put both of them to use gingerly tickling the button nose of this woman before him. A mass of fuzzy tails wrapped through L'Arachel's long toes and intertwined through the digits. Flossing along with their bristly fur before finally tightening enough to immobilize them. The stocks that held her still were opened and removed but she was no more free as all this did was allow her tormentors to seize her wrists and reposition her into a new position of their choosing. Her hands were dragged in front of her before they were weighted down by an imp for each finger who tormented her palms with their feet and while simultaneously worshipping her fingers as they held them still. Soon Lewyn lost sight of the poor lass even as she shrieked the name of every single person she'd ever known and begged for them to save her. He saw an increasing pool of white start to form on the floor between her legs and he started to back away.

When L'Arachel went silent he turned and ran. Cursing how he hadn't been able to save his friend but smacked into a bare chest almost immediately. He looked up at the tall form of Michalis formerly of the Order of Heroes who'd been captured by Surtr long ago and who now served as one of his brainwashed servants. Lewyn began to say something but was quickly scooped up by Surtr's footman who carried him like a princess towards the pit. He twisted and tried to get away but as a member of the Order Michalis had always been strong and with Surtr's dark power surging through him now his grip was like iron itself upon the scared and tired mage. The imps cleared a path for them as Lewyn was brought to the mechanical bull where the monster clapped with glee. He tried to struggle as the stocks that had been taken off L'Arachel were brought over and they set him in them but the monster seemed to be even stronger than the Footman. She whispered into his ears as the click of the device locking in place sealed his fate.

"You've had my eye for a bit now handsome. King Surtr sent me to recapture Xander and bring the two that felled Hilda but you were just so appealing that I accidentally let Xander get away. I know it's not your fault that you're just so delicious."
She brushed the hair from Lewyn's eye with one hand and with another pair began to rub his shoulders. Though it did feel good Lewyn could still feel it as the footman pinned each of his fingers individually and bound them to the plate with the ties. The monster continued to whisper into his ear as another pair of its hands started to massage his neck.

"My name is Alitt, pretty man. Once I was just like my subjects here but I drank enough of the delicious milk you humans make to grow to this point and rule my kind. Surtr's footman gave me much of it and for that, I will always thank him."
Lewyn heard a yipe from the footman and looked back to see him flushed as a hand ran up and down his abdominals. He tried to push it away weakly but was giggling too hard to put up much resistance. Her hands stopped pestering the slave and moved to carefully rubbing the sole of the one foot that he'd managed to restrain so far. Alitt was careful to keep her nails out of the sensitive flesh so as not to tickle her prey just yet and instead daintily pushed into the softened foot to further relax the man. Lewyn couldn't hold any tension in his body at the moment if he tried and as such his other hand and foot relaxed their digits and were quickly bound tight by the tall slave.

When he nodded at the completion of his task Alitt hissed in happiness right into Lewyn's ear before sliding a hand up into his ribs.
"Such a loyal man he is and a fine servant to King Surtr. My subjects do love him and his big soft feet, it's hard to get him away from Surtr sometimes so when I do have him I simply must enjoy him."
A look of terror overtook the footman's face and he turned to run but in seconds was down as the imps surged over him. Lewyn looked away as the former Heroes feet were tormented and his cock milked. He was muffled quickly so that Alitt could continue to tease Lewyn without being talked over.
"You though Lewyn may eclipse him as King Surtr's new favorite. He was excited to simply have a bard to play for his favorite dancer boy but from what your friend has told us of just how sensitive these delectable feet of yours are we may use you as a singer instead."
Another of Alitt's hands snuck along and acted as if it was on a leisurely stroll across the man's quivering stomach. It stopped at his navel and the pair of fingers entered the sensitive divot and flicked back and forth. Lewyn twisted and squirmed atop the bull to try and escape but started sliding off instead. The imps surged to meet him but Alitt's many arms pulled him back to her.
"Oh? That would have been so disappointingly quick that I might've cried. While I appreciate your desire to see the little ones fed and played with, I must ask you not to worry. They have quite a bit to keep them occupied."
Sure enough, as L'Arachel began to stir the imps pulled her over by the struggling footman and resumed her torment right alongside the other.

"Quite the find herself. Do you know that was her third time upon the steed with me? Her first time it took me the better part of the afternoon to finally topple her off the first time. She is quite the rider so please try to match her Sir Lewyn."
A hand snuck up alongside the prince's side caressing the skin. It traveled slowly up and into his armpit before extending a single finger to tease inside the hollow and cause Lewyn to try and jerk away from it. Keeping him twisting before him Alitt admired the bard's dancing skills and chuckled before moving on to the main course.
Five fingers lit upon each of Lewyn's round heels and froze him instantly with fear of what was to come, he tried to beg her not to but found himself unable to form words and only capable of a gibbering whimper. The hands wobbled his heels back before tickling his ankles lightly flitting spider tickles.
"Hehehedoohon't" Lewyn sputtered as Alitt's fuzzy tail curled around his waist. For a second he wondered just how much seed must have been wrung from his fellow heroes for her to grow this appendage which was longer than he was tall but that disappeared as he felt a pair of lips on his shoulder. The monster was laying gentle kisses there as if it was apologizing to him but all Lewyn could do was shiver at the strange feeling of its lips in the middle of all these sensations.

The hands back down at his traveled down slowly. The fingers pressed into the warm flesh as they traveled down the long sole.
They pressed in harder at the arches, enough to press the captive feet against the metal and rob them of the last inch of freedom they had before the fingers returned back to the heel and came down the foot again but faster this time.
Lewyn shook and fought as his sensitive feet, were tickled all over by Alitt's nimble fingers and he would have tumbled right off the bull if it wasn't for Alitt's fluffy tail keeping him steady. The long appendage had wrapped around his waist and cock and squeezed lightly upon his shaft as punishment for trying to fall off again. Just to further torture him Alitt brought even more of her hands in to play with her trapped man. One hand went down the line playing with his toes at random, picking one at a time to twiddle and bully without any pattern while the other scratched lightly at Lewyn's palms showing the man that his captor knew his own body better than he did at this point.
"Such a dramatic man. Probably why your such a great entertainer, that flair probably keeps all the ladies on the edge of their seats."
Lewyn was on the edge of his as he tried this time to fall but found himself thwarted again by the damned fuzzy, wuzzy tail. White seed leaked from between its coils as his body betrayed him and the imps gathered in a pile to try and get the drops as they fell.

Lewyn was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on any kind of plan or trick or anything but the teasing whispers of the monster who was playing him like a finely tuned instrument for the Princess Laevateinn who now had the unconscious L'Arachel before her. Through tear-filled eyes, Lewyn could only watch as his friend had the damnable golden powder that Surtr used to brainwash heroes poured over her sleeping form. She twitched slightly as the youngest Muspel royal worked over her breasts and hips before she was dragged away by the exhausted footman. Laevateinn something about the "baths" and "personal attention" but to the red-faced Prince of Silesse, his world was a cocoon of fingers dancing over his skin and the teasing whispers of Alitt.
"Oooh don't worry you'll join her in the baths later. King Surtr will have to see if the new monster in the water is doing a good job. You two will be it's first job since Hilda isn't around anymore to put you through the steps.
Fingers danced up his sides as his arches were drilled and scratched roughly as Alitt started to show less and restraint.

Lewyn's head spun and his vision blurred as he felt like he was sinking into a world of nothing but tickles and humiliation. The stocks were ripped off of him but Lewyn didn't even notice in his laughing fit as he was shoved forward off the bull to the ground. He landed on his face with his rear in the air but before he could even form a thought the imps were all over him. His belly suckled and nibbled upon by a million tiny mouths while his armpits were scaled by tiny creatures who used the hair inside to reach new places to dig into. His nipples were bitten and his palms scratched while his hips were brushed and feathers forced into his navel. Through all of this though his feet never touched the as Alitt held his ankles from her perch and the six other hands played along the tops, bottoms, and sides of his size twelve weaknesses. Her teasing. Lacking even the power to twitch anymore as the imps climbed his pillowy buttocks and slid down them Lewyn simply drooled on the ground as his eyes fluttered closed on the sight of imps lining up to take a turn on sucking seed straight from his organ.

The war against Muspel had reached a turning point. Despite having an overwhelmingly more skilled force with a literal army of Heroes Askr had at first been stymied by King Surtr's forces and been chased out of quite a few territories. Finally, a turning point had been reached with the first real blow against Muspel struck. Not only had one of Surtr's generals been slain and a pack of his monsters defeated but the Order had actually managed to rescue a prisoner from the madman and found out important information about his movements from Prince Xander who was grateful to have been saved. Sadly his freedom had come at a price with the two brave heroes that had saved him and won Askr's biggest victory falling right into Surtr's clutches. Now as Surtr's armies advanced, the mad king sat upon his throne and enjoyed his favorite dancer boy who now had musical accompaniment from his new singer girl with the enchanted clothes that made her itch at the snap of her king's fingers. She did well to add to Twinkle-Toes daily dances atop the slave pits with the skilled lute playing of the green haired bard that Surtr was now equally fond of. He sat upon the special stool Surtr had made for him with his ankles crossed in shackles beneath him that kept them still. Playing the songs requested by his liege as the metronome below him swiped the feather back across his bare soles to help him keep rhythm. He lived for the tickles and thanked his master when he tossed him and the singer girl who into the pit when Twinkle-Toes failed, where his trapped soles were easy prey for the rabid slave who would subdue his fellows with her tongue. She would usually save him for last though due to his inability to run and while he watched Twinkle-Toes and the green haired girl squeal and turn pink as they were suckled and sampled by the torturer, he'd wonder who the voice in the back in the of his head was and why it sounded so sad. Probably nothing important he concluded as he wiggled his toes eagerly awaiting his turn for more marvelous tickles.
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