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by Hiccan
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2197168
Sothe embarks on a mission deep into enemy territory.
Sothe held his breath as the two passed, crouched in the bushes like this he was hard enough to see but he had seen enough in life to know that even small things mattered. He watched the two Muspellian mages pass and his grip tightened on his dagger, Peshkatz and for a second he thought of killing both of them. The sound of beating wings above him though stopped him though as a woman covered in feathers landed behind the two. The harpy had large wings rather than arms and as she bent over to place whatever she held in her mouth before the two, Sothe got a good look at her wicked looking talons. The two mages investigated the branch she'd brought them and noticed a scrap of fabric hanging from it that had caught the monster's attention. Sothe had to strain his eyes to make it out but when he recognized it as part of his own pants, he swore under his breath at the rookie mistake he'd made. The Harpy immediately rounded about and began to search the forest at the sound and he realized his brand new folly. He aimed his dagger carefully and let it fly before taking off right behind it.

The monster beat its wing to try and desperately get airborne to deal with its challenges but Peshkatz embedding itself in its chest knocked the creature to the ground and as the thief pulled it free, the twisting of the blade finished it. The mages pulled up their tomes and readied their serpents and thunder spells but Sothe knocked one's weapon away and stabbed the other one before he could speak. He knelt upon the back of the other and set about to extracting information from him at the tip of his knife. In due time the mage revealed where it was that he was looking for. After his harrowing escape from Surtr's clutches, Prince Xander had revealed a number of secrets that he'd been able to wrest from Surtr with the help of the Princess Laegjarn who was none too happy with her father's ways. Before she'd been exposed she'd left details on Surtr's hidden summoning circles in Xander's hands but he'd lost them while attempting an escape through one of Surtr's testing grounds.

Apparently, this area was for Surtr to gauge the abilities of his newly summoned tickle monsters while Loki thought of applications for them. Apparently, one particularly strong one had forced Xander to lose the book on his way back to Askr. Finding that book was what Sothe was here to do and he'd fought not just to get in here but just to be allowed on this mission. The Askran Royalty had been against the whole operation at first and Micaiah had constantly badgered him with questions on why it had to be him to do this. "There are better to do this" She'd said, he knew there weren't. "You don't know it's still there" That was true but they needed to try. "You might not come back." That one he had to give her. Muspel's power grew with every member of the Order that fell to it but the biggest fear was new heroes not even coming to the Order but instead being summoned straight into Surtr's hands. It hadn't happened yet as far as they knew but to make sure Sothe would risk his life to stop Surtr from getting any stronger. Even now when he and Micaiah embraced they had to be careful due to how unbearably ticklish they'd both become. She'd always been a little ticklish on her feet and hips, something that Sothe had exploited once or twice but he himself had never been ticklish at all before. Now though with Surtr's power growing even the normally stern, Sothe was giggling when he was touched the wrong way and it was nothing he was fond of.

He stepped over the fallen enemies and saw the hole right where Xander had described it. It stood out quite a bit in a flat field such as this and he could see how the Prince could have had problems with it. Sitting in the middle of this field was a deep crater in the earth. The ground around it had clearly been upset and there were even a few trees sticking sideways out the sloping ground into this pit. As Sothe drew closer he felt uneasiness growing in his stomach at the strangeness of the place, Xander said he'd fallen in the pit and aside from the annoyance of getting out been no worse for wear. Still, how had this been made Sothe wondered, and for what purpose? He peered inside and could make just make out the red of the book on a rock towards the bottom of this cone of earth. He adjusted his scarf and set to carefully climbing down inside to retrieve it. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw some of the rocks inside the pit seemingly move on their own and his hand went instinctively to the dagger at his hip. Had the rocks had merely fallen on their own? Sothe's trained eyes swept about looking for any sign of trouble but after staying completely still for almost ten minutes with no signs of anything he finally relented that maybe it had been the wind and moved on. He started to climb down towards a rock that looked stable enough to support him when he saw something slide by in the dirt by hand. He stabbed at it with his dagger but saw it was nothing but an earthworm. I'm far too on edge he thought. Jumping at sounds like a rabbit.

He went back to climbing resolving to stop making a fool of himself here and trying to remember this path to get out when the earthworm returned and slid over his fingers. He didn't flinch and instead watched it go in between his digits with a kind of curiosity. He'd always been interested in bugs as a young boy but Micaiah had hated them in typical girly fashion and so he'd never really gotten to play with them like other boys due to the two of them being forced to grow up far too fast. He watched the little pink thing curl around his finger and turned up the corner of his mouth in what resembled a smile for him. When it slid along his palm though a much more traditional smile crept in as the handsome rogue started to chuckle and slide through the dirt due to his slackening grip. He instinctively flicked the insect away and felt bad about hurting the little thing. The poor little creature bounced off the dirt however and came right back at Sothe landing on his exposed stomach off the ricochet, confused and not used to the light the little creature went for the nearest dark and warm place it could sense regardless of how small it may be. This happened to be Sothe's navel and as the creature invaded it he went wild. He lost his grip and began sliding down through the dirt on his back as he tried to catch the horrible little thing squirming around in his navel but he'd never been tickled like this before and just would laugh even harder as his fingers tried to invade his own bellybutton. Just the feeling of the leather of his fingerless gloves had him squealing to the point where all he was doing was slapping at his own stomach as he fell deeper into this pit giggling like a small boy. Thankfully the dirt was soft here so as the increasingly dirty lad fell deeper in he sustained no harm from it and could just laugh his head off in peace. The hero rolled and regretted his signature crop top as the little bugger finally dislodged itself from his navel and squirmed into the ground unaware of what had just happened. Sothe simply lay at the very bottom of the pit and tried to regain control of his breathing. He thought of how Micaiah or even Ike would have reacted to seeing him in such a pathetic shape and blushed hotly at the sheer embarrassment of it. He felt an arm around his waist and panicked, reaching for his Peshkatz but found his hand simply slapped away and the dagger yanked from his waist roughly. He looked up into the face of a handsome man he didn't recognize but who beamed down at him.
"Wonderful you have arrived,King Surtr said that they would send somebody for me to play with but I must say you certainly took your time. You are quite the tasty thing though so I will forgive you."

Sothe looked over the strange creature and realized this was no man. He had the face of one but his lower body was scaled and protruded from the ground with no sign of where it ended, the arm holding Sothe still was thick but not rough and as it pulled him closer to the monster he didn't resist. Even as the creature put his cheek to Sothe's and rubbed the two together he found his body sluggish.
"When I first arrived here I had so many questions about your species. I'm not able to travel outside of my nest so when I do get a visitor I'm ever so fascinated them. Are you just a small human or is King Surtr just large? I think I prefer your size of a human, is that fur on King Surtr's face normal or is he strange? Could you be a juvenile? Oh, I have so many questions but I want to get to the studying so badly."
"Studying?" Sothe asked fearfully, finally snapping from his daze and realizing his situation. His long legs began kicking at the dirt as he tried to wriggle free from the monster's grip but found the arm around his waist tight.
"Fascinating, Are you panicking at the moment? King Surtr did say that you might due to the unfamiliar setting and face. Here let me do what he said to calm you down."
A finger slid along gently over Sothe's exposed midriff and the reaction was instant. Instead of struggling the lad doubled over and tried to fend off the invader frantically. This exposed his back though and with the exposed nature of his outfit, he soon found a finger sliding up his spine and driving him stock straight back up.

"You are silly creatures, you humans. Surtr said that you do love to be touched but that the pleasure will drive you to madness. Such an odd trait for a species that seems to be counterproductive if not cruel. To force you to run from something that causes such pleasure could it be anti-predator?"
The creature mused on as Sothe resumed his wriggling towards freedom with new vigor. He did not enjoy the tickling but he saw trying to explain that to a monster who was holding him prisoner to be a useless effort. The way that the creature was slowly sinking back into the earth was also extremely worrying for him and only spurred him further in his attempt to escape. He was slowly getting free but in exchange, his trousers were sliding down something which his captor noticed.
"Oh?! Are you shedding? Does your species do that? Let me see!"
The monster pulled Sothe into a sitting position on it's lower half and ignoring the Zephyr's flailing resistance began to investigate his trousers. Pulling at them and adjusting them before gasping at how they slid down as Sothe escaped from both them and the monsters grasp.
"Oh! Did I hurt you? I am truly sorry if I did! I was just curious you see and I've never played with something like you."
Sothe grunted at the freedom before turning and running up the pit. He'd always been agile but still after a few steps found himself slowed to a crawl by the terrain. It had been much easier for him to get down into this place.

"DAMN IT!!" he yelled finally breaking his silence as he scrabbled in frustration for purchase in the loose earth. He was only a few feet up the pit wall but a nervous glance behind him revealed his captor entranced by his shed trousers as he rummaged through the pockets and folds. It fingered the materials in investigation and stopped to wave at him when it noticed him watching it.
"Hello!" it said with the brightest of smiles on its face as he desperately tried to scramble up through the dirt.
"Are you trying to leave?" he asked as Sothe continued to ignore him. He got a small amount of leverage finally and managed to get further than he had before. He wasn't fond of having been stripped down to his boxers but at least they were giving him some extra mobility. Suddenly, the feeling of something slimy on his thigh had him break his silence again as Sothe broke out in childish giggles again. He slapped at the earthworms sliding over his sensitive skin as he slid and tumbled back down through the dirt before finally coming to a stop. The little creatures wiggled back into the dirt as the monster picked him up by armpits and sat him in its lap once more. Sothe lashed out at the creature but it did so little that the monster didn't even seem to notice it. Instead, it fingered the material of his scarf before it pulled off the rogue's neck and began to study that as well.
"Interesting so this is a covering as well. Do your people wear so many because of this "ticklishness" or is it simply you alone? King Surtr wore quite abit of coverings as well does that mean that he is also ticklish? Could I ask him? Is that something I can ask your people about?

Sothe hissed in frustration at the tangent the creature was on before looking for a way out again through the sloped earth. He saw a broken tree that seemed just in range of him and breaking free again jumped to snag one of its branches that he thought could hold his weight. He pulled himself up towards the branches when the ground shot up behind the tree, scattering dirt over him. He ignored the monsters childish mudslinging and focused instead on climbing until he felt the attacks true purpose. Within the hollows of his armpits, he felt that same damn wriggling wetness squirming around and he lost his grip in an instant. He fell back to the floor of the pit and rolled ad he slapped at the worms wiggling before once again rolling back to the monster.
"Ahh back again? Apologies but I may not let you leave. I had hoped that you would tire yourself out but you seem to just be a ball of energy. King Surtr will be back to get you but I must confess I don't know when. Would you like to chat while we wait?"
"Please...let me go...I can't be captured here...I need to return...To Micaiah. I need to protect her." Sothe panted as the worms fell back to the dirt and tunneled away.
"Is Micaiah a place? Your home perhaps? Do not feel sad little one, I am sure you will see it again."
"What?! What did they say about Micaiah? Are they after her as well?! Dammit, let me out of here!"
"Ah, so Micaiah is a person."
"The book? That's nonsense she wasn't interested in it at all until...I said I'd get...it."
"You look as if you've realized something new friend. Please tell me what it is. I'm ever so curious."
Sothe ran full tilt at the wall and jumped with all the strength in his lanky frame. He easily snagged the tree branch this time. He pulled himself up and got to his feet despite the tree's shaking beneath him. Scanning around him for somewhere else to go to he spotted a rock that seemed closer than he remembered, nevertheless it was in the range of a stump that looked to be useful as a climbing base. He braced to jump to it but the tree suddenly shook again and almost threw him off. His breath raced as he leaped to the rock but he barely made it to them and had to scramble to get a footing.

"Hello! Back again?"
Sothe nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of the creature again behind him and lost his balance atop the rock. He tumbled backward right into the lap of the monster who smiled warmly at him again. Sothe looked around and saw he was once again at the bottom of the pit right next to the monster. The tree was on its side and the rock he'd been perched only a foot away from where he'd started.
"As I said, I simply cannot let you go. There's too much to learn. To start with how about you tell me your name my interesting friend?"
Sothe tried to twist free of the beast but found his waist securely in the creature's grip. His resistance was met with some squeezes of his hips which in return got...
"BAHAHAhaha stop that!"
"Very interesting. Will I have to do this constantly to get you to speak to me? I will if I must. Cootchie,cootchie human!"
"AHAHHAHAOKAHAHYY!! Stahahap. Stop, please. We can talk! Just don't tickle me!"
"Mmm no, I'm afraid. We will talk and I will tickle you. The amount is what is up for discussion in this experiment._
"Yes, I want to see what the purpose of this ticklishness of yours is."
"T-to em-embarrass me it seems."
"Inconclusive. Now tell me your name."
"I-I am Sothe. I'm just a simple rogue who protects Micaiah. You can't keep me here like this, I need to leave!"
"There we go now, establishing a dialogue is the first step in our friendship Sothe."
"We aren't friends, you just called me an experiment."
"Yes, a true friend would be needed for an experiment like this. Now my name is Sadeth, Sothe. Now we know each other's names."

Sothe bolted again but was tripped on a hole in the ground that opened up right before his eyes. He felt a hand close around his booted ankle and used an old trick from his days as a young thief on the streets. He slipped right out of the shoe leaving it in Sadeth's grip as he sprinted away in one boot and one socked foot. He leaped at the pit wall again but saw the ground moving back towards the center of the point where a miffed Sadeth pouted. The very ground beneath him surged back to the monster who seemed to determined to humiliate him and waste his time while Surtr plotted against his childhood friend. He used all his strength to jump to another rock just as the ground spouted another rain of wiggly worms right where he would have been a second ago. The rock started to tumble back to Sadeth as Sothe jumped down off of it and went back to running. This time though the worms popped up right in front of him and he took the cloud of wiggly, tickly invertebrates full. The slimy little buggers got everywhere, behind his ears, into his armpits and back down into his delectable navel causing the determined rogue to collapse again and shriek in laughter as the moving ground carried him back again to Sadeth. He was hoisted up by his wrists by Sadeth who pouted as he brushed off the creepy crawlies from his new friend.
"I want to be mad about that but it's presented such a new and exciting concept about your kind.

The recovering Sothe was flipped over onto his belly and after a second of Sadeth watching the lads tight rear, his ankles were seized. Sothe swallowed as he believed he knew what the next step in this study was but kept quiet to try and preserve the little dignity he had left here as Sadeth examined his socked foot.
"Fascinating, it's like a set of lower hands but more designed towards mobility. Is the skin this soft or..."
Sothe felt a finger slide along his ankle and clapped his hands over his mouth to muffle his giggles. It hooked itself into his sock and slowly began to peel it off his size 11 tender foot as the rogue fidgeted on his belly across the monster's lap. When the thin sock came free Sothe's long toes flexed and reached as if they could pull it back to protect them while Sothe snickered into his hands at the stimulation. When a pair of fingers pinched his index toe though had he not been held firmly by the creature he felt as if he would leap right out of his skin. Instead though when his movement was felt he was pulled even more snugly into the creature's grasp as it studied his toes.
"Hmm now, what are these for? Like the digits of a hand but lacking the prehensile nature somewhat and far too sensitive to be used for much. From an evolutionary standpoint these seem useless they cannot even bend to clean or scratch at themselves."
While the monster voiced its thoughts aloud Sothe was fighting with all his might to keep from shrieking for mercy from its inquisitive nature. As it tapped its fingers in the spaces between his toes he pulled at his hair and felt tears begin to prick in the corners of his eyes. His pants were long gone however his underwear was getting quite tight and he prayed to any gods that were listening for Sadeth not to notice and make it his next experiment. The monster brought the foot up closer to its face and took a smell of it. There was something to it, an odor that wasn't unpleasant but rather... intriguing. Sadeth's tongue came out and before he knew it-
"EHHHUUAHHHAHA!! NOHOOOHOO NOHOHOT THAHAHAT!!" Sothe begged as he felt the monster's tongue drag up along his long sole. He pounded his fists and struggled but Sadeth kept him still as he pulled the lad's toes apart and forced his tongue into the sensitive forest between them. Sothe struggled to try and get away until Sadeth clucked his tongue in annoyance and snapped his fingers.

The ground around the two of them erupted. The two were suddenly surrounded by a ring of writhing squirming worms which covered the ground around them. Sadeth frustratedly ripped off the remaining shoe from Sothe's foot and plucked off the sock as well. He tossed both away and taunted the now barefoot hero.
"Do you still wish to run my friend? I'm sure my little friends down there would love to experiment on this nice body of yours. You don't seem to be struggling as much anymore? Are they sore now? I suppose you'd best just calm down then so I don't drop you. Now let us chat my friend Sothe. Tell me about these wonderful little parts of you."
"What are these called my friend?"
Sadeth dragged a finger along tracing the shape of Sothe's shapely arch as he waited for an answer. Not out of malice but once again curiosity it watched fascinated as the toes flexed and curled in response to the stimuli.
"N-nohoho! Leeheeve my foot alohohne!"
"They are called foot? Interesting. This bend in the center causes you great joy when I stroke along it. To the point where you are incapacitated it would seem."
Sothe's foot was held still by one of Sadeth's hands while the other poked randomly into his arch to illustrate his points.
"Does your species ALL-"
"-enjoy this kind of thing or ARE-
"-just strange my friend SOTHE?"
"That doesn't seem right. When I am happy I laugh is it different for YOU?!"
"I see, this must be the REASON-"
"GAHagha pleeheese no!"
-you wore such hard coverings over them. It's quite the WEAKNESS-"
"-these are. Now let us try a different area. This hard portion at the BOTTOM-"
would logically be for combat but given how VULNERABLE-"
"-it is that wouldn't seem to BE-"
"-the case. What did you call THIS-"
"No need to be rude you know."

Sothe felt his feet released and pulled up to a sitting position. Suddenly the world shifted beneath him and he was on his smarting rear in the dirt with a smug Sadeth beaming at him. The creature had slithered down deep into the earth until it's considerable size had been reduced to where it could almost be mistaken for human at a distance. Sadeth busied himself with digging a hole while Sothe scanned about for a chance to escape. He looked down though and saw that this had been planned for. The ring of squirming, writhing worms from before had moved, to the point where he could stretch a and lay down on the dirt, but not much else. He sat down and brooded as he wished he'd listened to Micaiah. The one time the girl just had to be right was this? Now he was the chew toy of a tickle happy roach that was using him for an anatomy lesson until Surtr came to take him as a trophy.
"Okay, we're ready for the next experiment. Sothe if you would come over and take a seat, please. Place your foots inside of here and we can begin."
"M-my feet!? What?"
"You continue to try and run away so now we're going to have to be more careful. I will continue to ask you questions but now you will be restrained for your own safety."
"Wha-what?! For my own safety?! That's bullshit! If you care about my safety than just let me leave!!"
"I will say again that King Surtr asked me to keep whoever came to get that book here until he returned. So no I will not be allowing you to leave. However, I am concerned for your safety if you continue to try and escape the way you have. So please place your feet in here so that I may rest easy."
"No way I'm going to do that!"
"Fine then."
The words from Sadeth dripped with malice and with barely a flicker in his expression Sothe saw the ring of wriggly, squirmy worms start to close in around him. Soon he was pressing against Sadeth while straddling the pit and feeling the thrashing worms start to come so close to his ticklish toes.
"He sweated as he looked up at Sadeth with a pleading look only to be met with indifference. A worm was thrown free of the melee and landed on top of one of his feet forcing him to quickly bend down and flick it away. He lost his balance though and waved his arms comically as he prepared to go face first into the worm pile until he felt a finger slide down the back of his smallclothes and hold him back. He looked back to see Sadeth with a questioning look on his face.
Sothe nodded frantically was relieved to see the worms begin to retreat back into the earth. He was picked up under the legs by Sadeth while his other supported him in a princess carry. He could see the monster aiming him at the hole and tried to distract it with idle conversation.
"H-how do you control those worms like that?"
"Worms? Oh those, so that's what they're called. I don't control them any more than I do you. I simply shepherd enough of them with my lower parts to the surface to the point where they push each other up like that. An effective trick for a troublemaker like you but that continues to make me wonder how your species lives with this ticklishness to the point where such insignificant little things can hinder you."
"Lower parts? There's more of you? How much?!"
Sadeth chuckled as he placed Sothe upon the ground and guided the lad's feet into the hole where the ground immediately collapsed atop them. He watched the future king of Daien try to pull his feet free to no avail and chuckled before sidling up next to him. Enjoying how he couldn't move away as he walked a pair of fingers up his arm and continued.
"Quite a bit more my handsome guinea pig. Why what you see before me is less than a tenth of my whole person. This whole pit is in fact crisscrossed with my various appendages and tentacles. All those little bursts of earth were me. Sothe was barely listening as his knees strained to try and pull his ankles free of the hole in the earth. The dirt roiled before him and to his horror, he could see something just below it moving. Inside the earth though he could feel it. Something rough and slimy dragged itself idly under his feet causing him to giggle nervously, whatever it was, it felt thicker than his leg and he swallowed as Sadeth drew him up into a hug from behind.

The creature placed it's chin on his shoulder and sighed in pure contentment.
"Finally we can be at peace for my experiments my friend. Now let us see these extra fingers of yours. What are they for?"
"Extra wh-"
Before Sothe could finish his query he felt something slimy wiggling between his toes. It felt the same as the large object from earlier but smaller and much more dextrous.
It was joined by more appendages but whom all felt different. One that fiddled with his left baby toe and bent it back forth felt as if it was made of the softest and fluffiest down he'd ever felt.
"They don't seem to have the same range of movement as your other fingers."
Another strange appendage felt as if it had a pointed fingernail at the end. This one busied itself by excavating just under Sothe's right middle toe and seemed to count as it jabbed it's way up. Sothe frantically clawed at the dirt in front of him to try and free himself until Sadeth seized him by the wrists and folded them neatly into his lap.
"Shhh, friend this is in the name of discovery. They're not long enough to be used for gripping it seems either."
Sothe felt something that he would later describe as "a bumpy living rope that seemed to exist just to make me scream and apologize for everything bad I've ever done ever" constrict his big toes together. It throbbed with life as looped around his peds and sped up with dragging itself between them. He turned and buried his face into the chest of Sadeth as he frantically tried to plead for mercy but instead only managed to make funny honking sounds through his laughter.
"Hmm, the hypothesis that they were used for balancing is a dead end. Much too sensitive for that. Hmm, the double-layered coverings should have been a give away for that in hindsight. There, there guinea pig we're almost done."
"Yes, yes almost hmmm perhaps mating purposes?"
Before Sothe could even process the words, something warmer than even the dirt his feet were submerged in consumed the index toe of his left foot. It pulled upon the wiggly digit and prodded it with a smaller appendage concealed inside that resembled a tongue. Playing along the sensitive stem and down the top.
"Ah-ha" exclaimed Sadeth upon seeing the tears streaming down Sothe's cheeks. Are these used in your mating rituals? Is this sensitivity due to the fact that this is, in fact, an erogenous zone for your kind?"
Sothe could say nothing as he'd lapsed into soundless laughter into Sadeth's chest. This caused the monster to simply assume he was right and prepare for the next step.

The various horrible tickly things withdrew and Sothe pleaded that they'd never return. He didn't struggle as Sadeth took him by the chin and gingerly turned him away, cooing into his ear and rubbing his tired shoulders. Despite his situation, he actually started to relax here in Sadeth's arms and start to sink into actual comfort. He realized quickly though that he was actually just sinking into the ground as now everything below his knees was sunken into Sadeth's domain. Before he could panic though something rough that felt almost sudsy stroked up his left calf, then another one on his right, then both at the same time. In seconds it was as if he was in the most luxurious bath he could've imagined. In Sothe's mind, he could almost feel something like a soft cloth go down his calf and begin to scrub at his sole. He giggled lightly and dug in deeper as Sadeth held him tightly and whispered in his ear.
"What does it feel like to you? What are you imagining now?" came a voice from somewhere far away. Sothe paid it no mind, He'd escaped the trap and brought the book back to Askr. Now he lounged in a heavenly foot bath in the arms of his beloved Micaiah. The water was warm and he thought to himself how he wished he could go deeper. He shrugged off the taller creature than he remembered Micaiah and scooched forward into what was suddenly a tub to him. It wasn't until he was waist deep and he felt something dragging away his smallclothes that he woke from this daze.

"Fascinating, what did it make you see?"
Sothe was now waist deep in the hole and panicking.
"Wh-what happened?! Where did Micaiah go?! How am I back here?!"
"The Micaiah again hmmm. So did the hallucinogen let you think you had escaped to the Micaiah?"
"The what?! What did you do?"
"An imperceptible little prick to you to make you a bit calmer as we play. Normally this would be used to consume something but I am far more interested in learning here. Now let us see to these new parts. This is springy and tight yet oddly cute what do you call it?"
Beneath the earth in his new jail and hard smack came down across Sothe's newly disrobed rear. He jumped at the touch and stayed there as the hard limb came back to explore.
"That-that is called my bottom...stop...please..."
"Fascinating. Is the shape for something?"
The tentacle was hard and as it constricted Sothe's rear it made him gasp. However when the feathery tentacle from earlier returned and began to play over his rump.
"AHH, I dohohohn't know!!"
"Hmmm and this bottom of yours? Is it ticklish?"
Sothe could swear that now there were fingers dancing over his jiggling rear beneath the ground. They pulled his cheeks apart and allowed the feather to dance between them and over his sensitive opening as well.
He beat at the ground as if he could hurt it with his frustration.
"Ahh good to know. Now, these are knees yes?"
To punctuate his point the tentacles poked into the backs of them.
"I learned that from some of those guards that Surtr left. They tried to help me learn a bit. Shame what happened to them."
"Ohh you are sweet. Let's give you kisses."
Suddenly a swarm of what felt like lips assaulted Sothe in every single spot. His toes each felt like they were given the attention of the rosiest and fullest lips in the world. His knees felt the pecks as well but in rapid fire and his calves twitched and shuddered as the kisses to them lingered to suck upon the skin. When they reached his bare thighs though the reaction was explosive and got Sadeth's attention.

"Oooh now, what are these? The skin is so smooth yet I can feel the muscles beneath with even the lightest touch. Mmm, these are just wonderful."
His taunting was punctuated by a thin tentacle dragging itself along Sothe's thighs. It was a gentle touch and it moved slowly but its reaction on the handsome hero was obvious. His normally stern face twisted in an expression of forced hilarity by these light touches. His lips were turned into a smile that he clapped his hands over to hide while he squirmed in the dirt and sank slowly into.
"Oooh, what are these called Sothe? Please tell me! They're my favorite so far!"
Sure enough tongues or at least things that felt close enough poured in between Sothe's trapped legs to devastate his thigh's from all angles. The Zephyr felt like he sat atop a drill made of wriggling, dripping tongues that were just pushing up. When a few went too far up the thigh though the reaction was immediate.

Sothe tensed up for a second and arched his back before collapsing in the dirt with his face as red as a tomato. In his head, he pictured the white he'd just released seeping through the dirt and burned with embarrassment, how low he'd been brought by Sadeth. He didn't even have the strength left to resist as he felt himself being gently pulled further into the ground. He was in up to his ribs by the time Sadeth started prodding and bothering him again.
"Are you hurt? That seemed as if it hurt which was not my intention. Was the discharge from your lower organ intentional or did I trigger something during my exploration? I meant no physical harm. What was that reaction?"
"N-no-no m-m-mor-more"
The exhausted Sothe couldn't raise his voice above barely a whisper but it seemed as if Sadeth understood what he was trying to communicate. The creature embraced what was left of Sothe's upper body and a ran a hand through his short brown hair reassuringly.
"There, there. I see you are tired but I'm sure King Surtr will be along anytime now to take you to your new home. I have heard nothing but great things about the palace from his servants. A life of silk sheets, warm baths, and nice clothes await you so please do bear with me while we experiment until he arrives. Clearly, this lower horn of yours is an erogenous zone of an even higher level than any of your others I've explored so we'll leave that for now. This stomach of yours is very tempting though so let's research it.

The dirt was up to Sothe's armpits now and to his horror, he felt small thin tentacles capture his wrists and begin to pull them down now. He struggled against this as Sadeth grew annoyed at his queries being ignored and decided to take things into his own hands. Sothe felt strong fingers dig into his sides and begin dancing causing him to break back into laughter.
"Nohoho mohohore!!"
"Then tell me. How does your species live with such small stomachs? The amount of movement you do suggests a much greater amount of food than this could hold for that!!"
Tentacles in the dirt began to stroke up Sothe's belly as if they could find hidden secrets. They all felt different to the lad, some knobbly, some soft and that felt just like a hand began to probe around by his belly button. It pinched the small opening tight and inserted a finger inside to scratch around at the bottom.
"Is this part of it? Some sort of indent that suggests a feeding tube?"
"Oh? Have I maybe found another good spot for the tickles that Sothe loves so much?"
"Then why haven't you run away? Instead you simply stay here and soak up these tickles while waiting for King Surtr like a good little tickle slut."
"Can't you? When was the last time you tried? You seem quite content to simply lay back and let me use you as a playground. Try escaping then mister rebellious."
Sothe was up to his armpits now but still, he obliged Sadeth's goading and tried to wiggle free from the dirt. To his horror, though all this did was accelerate his sinking into the dirt until now the was left of the lads striking figure was his head with everything below his chin below ground and at Sadeth's mercy. Sothe's eyes screwed shut at the obvious trap and how he'd fallen for it before sputtering between sobs at the hopeless situation and laughter at the relentless torment from underground. A new set of tentacles had discovered his ribs and these wet appendages slithered between them the nubs and bumps running along the skin perfectly rubbing into his poor ribs to drive him up the wall.

He felt the hot breath from behind as his captor had sunk down into the ground to the point where they were level once again. Normally his ear being chewed on like Sadeth was doing now would have him in fits but there was just so much going on that all he could was bray hoarse laughter even as Sadeth's main hands reached around him and began twiddling his nipples between the fingers.
"Pleeeheese nohoho moohohre! I caha-can't tahahake this."
"My final conclusion is that though human's for some reason claim they hate it, tickling brings them immense joy. Perhaps given enough time I can extract from this delicious subject why he denies this so fervent-"
To punish the impertinent rogue another of the feathery tentacles began to run itself over the lads coin purse. While he laughed himself hoarser Sadeth continued.
"The entire subject can seemingly be turned into an erogenous zone when given enough stimulation so perhaps this is why they deny it? To stop predators from learning and exploiting it?"
Sothe's hands closed around what felt like bundles of the feathery tentacles which dragged themselves between his fingers while rough parts inside vibrated to stimulate his palms.
"Although the idea of a predator who pleasures its prey into submission before consumption is a strange one...in this realm at least."
Pronged tentacles dragged themselves down Sothe's back causing him to try and jump away in the small pocket that been given to him. Doing this, however, simply brought him to what felt like tiny lipped mouths which pressed to his chest and belly before blowing tiny raspberries all over it causing him to jump back to the prongs who would force him back to the mouths. Slowly both sides were closing though until both were active at the same time.
"Indeed the idea of a creature here using the same method as me is an interesting possibility. Would they be as skilled as me? Or as curious? Would they submit to my research or would I be explored?"
He droned on talking to Sothe who was far beyond thinking under all of these sensations which was a shame as Sadeth was very curious on the effects of the various suckers that he was applying to his test subjects neck. It had taken quite a bit of practice to use these sucker-covered tentacles and adjust them to the point that the suckers would work as if they were kissing the skin they attached too.

"What do you think handsome?"
"I surren-"
"Ooooh now, don't the two of you seem snug down there together? Almost a shame to pull him away from you really."
They turned to see the form of Surtr's general Loki sitting upon the lip of the pit smiling down at them. Through tear filled eyes Sothe looked away as Sadeth gleefully waved at the evil woman.
"Lady Loki! I am so happy to see you. My time with the prisoner has been wonderfu,l so much so that I was wondering if I could have a little more? He has a small horn between his legs that I wish to pay a bit more attention to before he leaves."
"Oh would that I could my sweet curious Sadeth, unfortunately, though King Surtr himself has come to claim this prize and return him to the castle by a leash."
Sothe felt coils from beneath loop around him as the dirt surged. In seconds he was unearthed completely and borne in Sadeth's arms in that humiliating princess carry once more. He was too weak to even struggle as Sadeth surged up the pit through the dirt as if it was water. He arrived in front of Loki presenting the defeated hero but with a look of regret haunting his features which did not go unnoticed by the trickster.
"Oh, sweet creature do not be sad. How goes the project King Surtr discussed with you?"
"I needed just a bit more of that liquid you gave me Lady Loki so that I could fertilize the eggs. Once I have that I can create more of myself to be placed at King Surtr's discretion."
"Oh, wonderful! Here allow me to get you some from the source, my friend."
Loki extended one red painted finger and stroked it up Sothe's still erect penis causing the lad to twist in Sadeth's strong arms as it popped again and dribbled semen down the shaft. Loki dragged the finger through the messy seed and presented before the monster who tentatively licked it from her finger making the tall cleric giggle uncharacteristically.
"Heehee will that do?"
"Oh is that where it comes from?"
Sothe found his bottom raised and his ankles mounted upon Sadeth shoulders as his dick disappeared into the creature's mouth. The semen on his penis was not only swallowed down but any left inside was also pulled down with suck so powerful that Sothe's eyes rolled back into his head as the monster held him here upside down. Loki giggled at the face he made and tousled his hair.
"There, there, get used to it for King Surtr won't be much more gentle. So Sadeth will it do?"
"Yes and no. I will need a male and female seed."
"Then it is a good thing I've caught you a new toy to play with."
"SOTHE BY THE GODS ARE YOU ALRIGHT!? Surtr you madman I will make you pay for this if he's been harmed!"

Sothe couldn't make out who this prisoner was at first but the familiar voice sank him even further into despair as Surtr himself marched out a bedraggled looking Micaiah and shoved her down to her knees before the assembled.
"Oh, Sothe please be okay. What have they done to you?! You people are monsters and villains! I swear on my life that I'll make you pay!"
Sothe was exhausted and could barely move an inch. Still, he mustered all his strength to turn his head when Micaiah tried to meet his eyes causing both of them to start to tear up. Not only had he failed his mission but the very person he had sworn to protect had gotten captured trying to save his worthless hide. He wasn't worth the air to say his name let alone crying over, while Micaiah wept openly at what they had done to her childhood friend and the man that she loved. Why wouldn't he look at her? What had happened to the handsome stoic who had said he'd fight the gods right beside her? Why hadn't she been here to stop them from doing this to her love?!
They both wept openly before the Muspellians and Monsters. Sadeth took pity and placed Sothe gently upon the ground to allow the two to embrace however Surtr pulled Micaiah away by the arm before she could attempt to comfort the sobbing Zephyr.
"Did you say your life? Your life ended the very moment you raised arms against Muspel worm. When you tried to steal my property from me! This man is mine now to do with as I see fit as are you."
Surtr dragged Micaiah by the arm over towards the pit with an evil smile crackling over his face. Sothe tried to rise and stop them but a high heel on his back pinned him to the ground. He looked up at Loki with a pitiful pleading expression, that she met with a smile.
"Oh, hush. The two of you will meet up at the castle eventually and it'll be all smiles. So dramatic you Heroes."
Surtr shoved Micaiah over the lip and smiled as the simple fortune-teller tumbled over heels down the slick dirt before turning back to his pet monster in a huff.
"You said you needed a female, yes? Now you have one. Go on then and get to work. I'll be taking this one." Surtr stormed past the monster and without missing a step seized Sothe by the ankle. He began dragging the hero away as Sadeth turned to give something to Loki. Sothe couldn't wonder about it too long though as his toes quickly found their way into Surtr's mouth. The King chewed and sucked upon the abused digits while dragging the hysterical rogue away from his love before manhandling him into a covered cart. Sothe could do nothing but whine pitifully as Surtr forced his wrists into clamps embedded into the wood. The King sat before the bound rogue and began undoing his armor before him as Loki peeked her head in to whisper something to him. Surtr turned to her and listened as his face broke into a smile that could Sothe's entire body shiver, she dropped Sothe's discarded socks on the floor and gave a coquettish wave before departing.

With a jolt, Sothe felt the cart begin to move as Surtr shed the last piece of his armor. In only his smallclothes, socks and tunic the Ruler of Flame ran a hand up Sothe's bare leg that could cover the Zephyr's entire face if he wanted. Sothe flinched at the touched but still tried to plead with the opponent.
"Do whatever you want with me but please release Micaiah. I will do whatever you wish so long as no harm comes to her."
A lone finger stroked along Sothe's penis which betrayed him by once more hardening up to the task as Surtr laughed.
"You think I already can't? Such prideful words from a dirty worm we just pulled from a hole."
As Surtr taunted him the lone naughty finger grew bolder. Now it's tip circled the head of the little worm it played with, slicking itself with the precum that dribbled from its victim before joining with a fellow to attack the wriggly worm from two sides.
"Please...ju-just let h-her go...you can ha-have me."
"I can't have both? What are the privileges of royalty if a king can't just help himself?"
The two fingers became a fist which squeezed hard upon the trapped cock. Flexing the fingers to slowly allow out only a trickle of pre-cum at their discretion. Sothe's eyes were wet as he continued to try and plead for his love while his body screamed at him to beg the king to let him cum.
"The girl won't be harmed any more than you will. Originally I felt she could just be another maid for my castle but my youngest daughter has recently been admiring my dancing boy. So taking into account her own tastes and the other version of that girl I've seen, who better to give to my little ember as her own dancing girl? She won't be harmed and she'll never stop smiling if the way Laevateinn plays with her other toys is any indication. Neither will you my pretty worm."

The grip at the top of his shaft loosened just a tad and allowed the slightest drip of white to escape. Sothe couldn't see what Surtr's other hand was up to from this position it didn't matter. Sothe was using ounce of mental fortitude he had to keep Micaiah in his mind in the sea of pleasure that King Surtr had him in but despite his best efforts, he was losing. When Surtr released his grip completely on the cock he couldn't move fast enough to avoid the shot. He pawed at the glob of white on his cheek while admiring the sweaty hero before him with a smile. He took more of the semen onto his fingers before lifting Sothe's leg into the air. The panting rogue barely registered any of it until he felt a pair of fingers sliding around outside his entrance spreading a slick liquid and prying it open to add it inside as well. He whined at the idea of what was to come while the massive king gently hushed him while sliding his red-bearded cock along the inside of his thigh. It reached it's destination and slid inside with little effort due to the home-made lubricant the crafty king had added. Sothe couldn't even move he was so tired but once Surtr entered him he shot up like he'd been shocked. The feeling of the mad king's member inside him like this was like nothing he'd ever felt before and any thoughts of Micaiah slipped away before the stars that filled his mind as the King found just the spot on his wriggly worm of a former hero. The floodgates opened up and once more his penis bubbled up white which streamed down the shaft. He choked out a whimper as his new owner released as well in sympathy inside him before pulling out then sliding back into the wet hole. The large king wrapped his powerful arms around the rogue's waist and lifted so as to position him in a way that allowed him in deeper. He savored the sounds that Sothe made as he went deeper until he found the spot he wanted. The way Sothe shuddered at the touch let him know he'd found the perfect spot and he watched as again the rogue released his seed all over the bed of the wooden cart.

He pulled himself free of the broken hero and smiled at the puddle of white beneath him that was both his own and the kings. His lips moved still in something that Surtr that couldn't hear. The King leaned closer and adjusted his weak slave into a more comfortable position when he heard it.
"Leave Micai-Micaiah alone. Y-you've got me just le-let her go."
He was shocked to see the slave's eyes laser focused on him and addressing the words directly at him. Surtr was amazed that the man was still conscious let alone resisting him.
"Now that is some spunk. To think a pathetic thief would have this kind of fire. We'll see how much longer it burns when we return to the castle though. In the meantime let's stoke it a bit as we ride shall we?"
Sothe couldn't move a muscle, he was spent and sticky on the ground as Surtr went and fetched his long-discarded socks and brought them back. When Surtr lifted up his leg Sothe clenched at the thought of another round upon the King's red cock but instead felt the soft fabric of his socks being slipped onto his exhausted size eleven's by Surtr. He was confused as to why at first until he realized that he wasn't alone in these socks. Wriggling and squirming all along his soles and between his toes were dozens of slimy worms that he remembered from Sadeth's pit. They scaled his heels and entangled his toes while he laughed his head off in Surtr's embrace as the mad king helped him put the other sock on which was just as full of hitchhikers who were going to share the journey to castle Muspel with the hysterical rogue. Surtr held him still in his lap and buried his face into his prisoner's neck, nipping at the skin and suckling so as further torment him and also making sure to move about so that his bristly red beard could further agitate the lad's neck. Sothe's legs kicked mindlessly further agitating the scared earthworms and making them thrash about even further against his sensitive skin. Despite his struggles King Surtr kept his legs pinned in a way that all they could do is flail in the air so as not to harm the insects.
"Mmmm with a flavor that matches that fire of yours, I think you maybe might be my new favorite slave. I am so glad that I took Loki's advice and had them take the long way back home. Just more time for the two of us to get acquainted. Doesn't that sound wonderful worm?"
"We'll play plenty with the toes at the castle. Did you know I have a musician? He used to be one of your fellow heroes but now he's my slave just like you are. He's got a special device I had made for him that I bet you'd fit into perfectly.
As the cart rolled on down this dusty road on its way to castle Muspel it left a struggling Micaiah desperately scrabbling to try to get away from the monster Surtr had left in the pit with her. She heard a hysterical scream on the wind that sounded like her childhood friend Sothe and paused, giving Sadeth just enough time to drag her under and set to work.

Surtr was very pleased with how the war was going. Morale in Askr was low and the mole he had planted within it had been paying in dividends. In addition to the two heroes he'd sent him, the location of a number of other Heroes were now known by the Muspel where they waited for him to move on them. Surtr thought of the pair of gorgeous size 13 soles that Hariti had created for him to keep his mole compliant to the king. Despite the wealth of info King Surtr still longed to call the mole back and ravish him personally. He looked over the device Loki had made for him and pictured Prince Xander bound inside it and his frantic face on display before him. Still, that wasn't tactically sound so he instead looked at men strapped inside before him. The construct resembled a piano with a number of holes in the back. Six to be exact from which protruded the heads and penises of the newly arrived Sothe now known as the Worm as well as the former general of Hel, Lif and the former leader of House Nordion Eldigan. The three sputtered and howled into the rubber ball gags that had been forced between their lips to muffle their hysterics. The three men were forced to kneel inside the device in a way that their feet faced upwards and protruded in a way that they formed the keyboard that Surtr's new musician danced his fingers over masterfully. From beneath the device, the three's cocks had a stiff pegasus feather dragged along them by a reclining Morgan clad in only a pair of panties and his signature over sized coat who smiled at the occasional spurts of white that rained upon his chest and belly from those in his charge. His eyes glazed as he enjoyed his work just as he had his conditioners had taught him. The men's faces were tormented with similar feathers by three teal haired vixens that used to be called Ephraim before their capture. They were clad in only a strip of cloth that barely concealed their rears as they knelt before the three and played the feathers over the ears, noses, and chins of their victims to keep them smiling. Occasionally they dipped the feathers down into the vulnerable belly button of the young Morgan who would burst into giggles and try to fend them off. From behind the feet were played over by the former Lewyn who smiled in joy at his work as he decided that now the toes needed some work. He knew that tonight Surtr would reward him by paying close attention to his own soles.

"My King this is truly a sight but I can't help but feel you are neglecting your loyal hunter? Please, I wish for your attention my liege."
Surtr looked over the man lying across his lap. The fourth Ephraim smiled at him and took his wrist with both hands and placed it upon his chest. For a second he wondered which one this was before noticing the hardened nipples that denoted that this was the one from the Winter Festival. He flicked the little buds and smiled at how this man who had once been a warrior prince now blushed and giggled while pleading for him to play with his body. His fingers dug into the slave's armpits as Morgan took revenge and now began running the feather along the cock and balls of the three Ephraim's in revenge for their sneak attacks on his bellybutton.

Surtr raised a hand for the games to stop and motioned for the gags to be from his three prisoners so that he could question them now.
"Well, my guests are you enjoying my hospitality? Would you like more?"
The gag came off Eldigan first and the Lionheart had been here for quite a while now, Once one of the Order of Heroes greatest cavalryman and staunchest defenders now the statuesque blonde spent most of his days in Surtr's trophy room where his size 11 soles were massaged and oiled by Surtr's maid until they shined as the trophies they were for when Surtr took him to his bedchambers to play with. One of the most popular games at the moment was for Surtr to place the man in combat against one of his newly summoned tickle monsters to gauge its effectiveness. Occasionally his days of knighthood would shine through and the vanquished monster would be ruled a failure while he would be rewarded by massages before his time under Surtr's ticklish hands. More often though the creatures would leave him wheezing and sticky on the ground in defeat at which point he'd be taken away to the baths to be scrubbed clean by his new "wife" the six-fingered Rusalka.
"Well? Did you enjoy your time as an instrument?"
"Yes, King Surtr! More! Please, gods more my King!"

"Excellent and you? Would you like some more Lif?"
The gag was taken out of the mouth of the drooling former General of Hel who lolled in the stocks. Despite his former cool demeanor, the knight was now one of the loudest ticklees in Surtr's stable. Something which the King enjoyed by siccing his pack of Ephraim's upon the man and having him brought struggling before him so that his cold rear could be tickled warm by the King's hot attention. When he wasn't being used by Surtr or the Rusalka, Princess Laegjarn was fond of having the cold swordsman help her learn strategy. The princess would see the tactics that the veteran had learned written out before her across the squirming back of the ticklish Morgan who would offer his own opinions on the tactics through his giggles.
"And you Lif? Would you like more?"
"King Surtr you are too generous to ask this humble slave his opinion. But please yes, my nipples in particular long for your personal attention." the blue haired man said with a dazed expression.

"Excellent and what of you worm?" The mad King asked of the bound rogue as the gag was undone. Sothe had been through the baths two or three times due to his strong will and refusal to break to Surtr's will. Unlike the others, he'd also been strapped into the device the longest for going two or three hours. When the gag came free it bore teeth marks and a long strand of drool trailing from it.
"You know your precious Micaiah is to be arriving today. Sadeth said that it took a long while to break her and that she insisted the whole time that you would save her eventually. Her faith in you is most admirable. So Worm are you excited to see your friend after so long?"
The formerly devoted protector shook his head and coughed at finally being free to breathe as he looked up at his King with a goofy smile and eyes dulled to anything but his new master's touch.
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