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by Hiccan
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2197170
Inigo now known as Lazlow has been captured by Surtr. What horrors await him?
Lazlow had been in Surtr's dungeons for almost three months now. Everyone else from his squad had been carried away to be broken by the Ruler of Flame one by one until the Dancing Duelist was alone. He'd seen all four of the Ephraim's serving Surtr as dogs barely dressed. He hadn't seen Prince Xander since he'd been carried off though and that worried him immensely. The Nohrian royal had been captured just as he had but they'd been separated almost immediately after the last Ephraim had been captured and they'd been forced to watch Surtr break him in. He looked around his cell and sighed. Despite the darkness, Lazlow would have never guessed that this was a place for prisoners if it wasn't for the barred door.

His bed was almost of the same quality as the one he'd been given as a Princeling in Ylisse. He hadn't trusted the downy thing at first and he and the others had spent their first night here searching it for traps and had come up with nothing. Likewise, the fireplace and carpeting that also filled their "cell" truly gave it a cozy look that the gaggle of Princes had not expected from the Mad King's dungeon. They're armor and weapons had been taken away of course as well as their shoes and socks but they'd still gotten comfortable. Lazlow was actually quite fond now of the feeling of the fuzzy carpeting between his toes, something he'd never told the others but had meant too eventually.

Despite the fact that Surtr expected the five of them to share a bed meant for one there'd been no problems at first. They'd each taken turns between the bed and sleeping upon the carpeted floor at first but had gradually found the nights down here growing colder and colder until they'd all been forced to spend the nights huddled against each other beneath the heavy blankets which they were sure is what Surtr wanted. Eventually, each of the Ephraim's had been taken away one by one they'd return "different" and help drag away there struggling cohort to show him what they had seen before finally coming to take Xander. Unlike them, though Lazlow had been left to stew since then and from what he'd heard the strait-laced Crown Prince of Nohr was no longer in the castle. Lazlow sat back on the bed and fiddled with his hair nervously as he tried to think if he'd ever been in a tighter situation. Fighting for his life back in Ylisse against the Risen didn't feel real at the time due to the past they had to fall back to where they could undo it. Here though there was no past Askr to run to where they simply stop the monsters rise. If anything they were fighting to keep the past safe from Surtr simply using it as a mine to grow his power. So many had been captured already and apparently, that was what made the enemy so powerful. Even Lazlow's own daughter Soleil had fallen although he hadn't seen her yet though it wasn't surprising as he had barely seen anyone but guards since his imprisonment.

A clinking from the door ended his daydreaming as a pair of Muspellian soldiers strode in with Princess Laegjarn behind them. She placed her hands on her hips and smirked as she addressed him.
"You didn't think we wouldn't come for you eventually did you? Your peaceful days are over Hero. Come along your to entertain my father in the arena today dancing boy. He's very happy to celebrate his latest victory and what better way than to watch a hero break? So come along now and get ready to fight for your dignity."
"Wait! What have you done with the others?! I am a prince as well and demand that you tell me what you've done with my friends!"
Laegjarn stiffened at the tone and sneered in a way that sent a chill up Lazlow's spine.
"Do you think that was a request? Fine then let's remind you where you are. TAKE HIM!"
At the bark, the two soldiers rushed Lazlow off his feet and onto the ground. The mercenary struggled against them but when got his fingers under his tunic and started tickling his ribs his resistance was sapped. The two soldiers seized an arm each and held him still while Princess Laegjarn wrestled his legs down until she could get his ankles into a headlock. She then traced a finger up the pillowy size 14's of her captive and savored the musical laughter that she got. "So anymore questions? How about five minutes of this for each one? Does that sound fair? Ah-cootchie,cootchie coo Mister "Prince"! Your so tickly that I wouldn't mind the scolding if I kept you down here to myself all day. Maybe I could go get some toys?"
"Nooohoo,Noohoo I'm sahaharry! I'll goohoo!"
"Oh yes you will handsome but after I get five minutes with these dreamy soles. My god they're so soft Loki's enchantments on the carpets aside you must have really taken care of these boats of yours before. And you were a dancer?! Mmm, that's it your going to be mine all of you. Father wanted you for Laevateinn but she'll understand that I want you I'm sure. Gitchy, gitchy oh look at those toes go, So wiggly that it's like their waving me in! Mmmm maybe later. Ready to go now?"
"Yehehes! Pleeheese, let's goohoho!"
"Wonderful. Let him up."

The soldiers pulled Lazlow up by his arms and frogmarched him through the door. While he was being paraded by he took note of a number of different cells with a number of different creatures inside them of all shapes and sizes who all pressed against the bars as he came by reaching for him. Lazlow shivered at the horrors and their interest in him before stumbling over a stool in the darkness and crashing into the bars of one of the cells. He got to his feet shakily but found one of his bare feet snatched out from under him and pulled between the bars of the cell. In seconds he felt something being dragged over his sole and was squealing in a high pitched tone at the feeling. The guards pulled him away while Laegjarn simply smile before pulling him away herself.
Whatever it was let go of Lazlow with a goofy chuckle and retreated back into the shadows before he could get a look at it. Laegjarn caught him peering and shoved him towards the arena again.
"You'll get a better look in a minute as he's to be your opponent."
"Opponent? Surtr means me to fight? In front of a beautiful lady such as yourself? Surely we could simply speak on our problems? Perhaps over tea?"
"Haha, ever the suave. You truly are a fine catch Lazlow. No tonight we'll see you perform instead. Best of luck and do try to entertain."

With that and a hard shove, Lazlow was sent spiraling again and landed in sand. He looked around at where he was and sure enough here he was in a pit surrounded by high walls atop which were rows upon rows of Muspellians who watched him with great interest. He looked until seeing the clear VIP area where Surtr sat at the center flanked on either side by his youngest daughter Laevateinn and Hel herself. Upon Surtr's lap was a green haired slave Lazlow recognized as Lewyn, once a proud strategist for the Order of Heroes. Now he wore an outfit of extremely revealing silks and judging from his overwhelmed expression and exhausted posture had just been satisfying his new lord. Surtr caught Lazlow looking and barked something to his group. Lewyn quickly went to the seat before him and lay upon his back between Helbindi and Loki before presenting his feet back to King Surtr who seized them and began to torment them with his bristly beard. Lazlow could hear the man's laughter from here clear enough to make out that he was begging his king to do it harder. He winced at what had become of his comrade before seeing something jump down into the arena with him. He took a step back and assumed a fighting posture while taking mental note of the creature. It seemed for all intents to simply be a short man wearing the attire of a clown but it made strange sounds as it walked towards him unafraid. Squeaks and rubbing accompanied it's every move as it continued towards Lazlow who continued to back up before it due to a sense of uneasiness while ignoring the boos of the crowd. His opponent spoke finally and its voice was as ridiculous as it's appearance belied.

"Guhuh! Why do you keep running little boy? I'm your new friend so let's have fun! Dandelion the clown is here to chase away that frown and see you smiling!"
"Afraid I must decline as I can't say I see much here to smile about...Dantalion was it? Rather than fight for no reason how about we work together? Find a way for both of us to get out of here? Sound nice friend?"
"Guhuh! Such a smart boy! And he already wants to be friends with lil' ol me?? Is it because of the nice little gift I left him in the cells? Well, don't worry when Dandelion is around you'll never get the grumpies!"
As the clown spoke he continued to toddle towards Lazlow who was now backed up into the wall with nowhere to go. He cursed under his breath at how this ridiculous thing had so easily rattled him but something about him was causing his toes to curl. The clown pointed down at his bare feet and laughed at something causing Lazlow to finally look down and see what was so funny. Drawn in red on the bottom of his right sole was a happy smiling face that he surmised was what the damned clown had done when it got a hold of him earlier. He looked up at the ridiculous thing and saw that the gap between him and it had been closed even more. He'd have to act now or the damn little thing would have him pinned in here. He feinted to the left before sprinting to the right while it was off balance trying from trying to follow him. He went low to avoid any tricks the clown might have tried but suddenly felt a weight upon his lower back driving him face first into the dirt. He scrabbled there for a moment trying to get free before he felt his ankles being grabbed and froze up in terror.
"No-now, now let's talk about this-"
"Nuh-uh friend let's laugh about this! Guhuh!"
With that fingers scrabbled along Lazlow's soft soles and he broke out into uncontrollable laughter.
"Guhuh! See silly boy? I told you there was no reason to be scared and that you'd be smiling soon. You've got such a pretty smile, let's show it to King Surtr."
The clown used it's hold on Lazlow's legs to turn his captive until his goofy forced smile was facing directly at the King and his entourage. Laegjarn had now joined her father and sat on his left clearly enjoying the show. She waved coquettishly at the suffering Lazlow before breaking out in sympathetic giggles of her own.

Lazlow felt a finger tracing along the smiley face emblazoned on his sole as the clown began a show for the King. He held the ankles in a headlock positioned himself atop his victim so that he was still atop him but so that now the torturer shared the victim's view of the royal viewers. He pulled the smiley foot closer and he began his act for all to see. He bent Lazlow's leg up so that the happy face emblazoned sole was clear to see for his audience as he kept it tightly trapped under his arm. He feigned surprise at seeing it there before starting the show with all the flair of a true showman.
"Guhuh! Well hey, there Happy Foot how are you doing today?"
"Well, I'm just tickled to see you Dandelion as well as all these nice folks who've come out to see little old me!"
He changed his voice slightly when he responded back to himself, using Lazlow's left foot for a ventriloquism act as the hero struggled below him in disgrace. Thunderous applause greeted the clown as his puppet show was a tremendous hit.
"You like me! You really like me! You folks are making me shy. I may just have to hide my face cause I'm blushing. If you would Dandelion?"
The clown had produced his quill and added a pair of little blush marks on his soft puppet much to the disdain of his unwilling partner in this act. Once he was finished his fingers pointed at the new additions and circled them with its fingers to even further torment Lazlow's foot.
"Guhuh! Don't be shy Happy Foot! These folks just love that winning smile of yours!"
"Really Dandelion are you sure?"
"I sure am Happy Foot! Guhuh! Look you smile so much your starting to get smile lines right here!"
The clown dragged it's finger in an even more exaggerated smile right over Lazlow's instep causing a matching one to sprout on the mercenaries face.
"Awww Dandelion your so sweet! Still, I feel self-conscious, My hair is a mess!"
"Well then let me help you silly. Guhuh! I've got a comb right here. I'll help you with your hair!"
"Thanks, friend! You sure know how to chase away the clouds on my sunny smile!"
The clown produced a comb from within its outfit and was now dragging its teeth up the stems of Lazlow's toes. It had gotten in there so fast that the poor giggling man hadn't even had time to clench his toes to try and ward off the attack. Now that it was inside though he was fighting that instinct to clench his sensitive digits as all it would is pull in those damn teeth closer.
"Ohhh Dandelion that feels so good! Your so much nicer to me than that scaredy-cat Lazlow!"

Surtr roared with approval at the clown's torture of the captive getting a little bow from the performer who pulled the comb away and went back to asking questions.
"Is Lazlow mean to you Happy Foot? Guhuh! That's a shame I thought Lazlow could be my special tickle pal but if he's a meanie we'd have to punish him. What does he do Happy Foot? Does he poke you in the eye real hard?"
Lazlow felt the finger drive into his sole and his laughter went up a couple of octaves as he reacted to it.
"Oh, he does!"
"Oh, poor Happy Foot how about a little tickle from your buddy Dandelion to brighten your day? Cootchie, cootchie! Guhuh!"
The finger started in his arch and dug like it was looking for something, making Lazlow literally squeal.
"Oooh now that was a nice sound we just made that grumpy man make wasn't it Happy Foot? I wonder if we can get him to do it again? Did the mean man ever bite you Happy Foot?"
"Mmmm I can't remember. Maybe you should help me Dandelion?"
"Why certainly Happy Foot! Now did it feel anything like this?"
"Gomp!" Was all the clown responded with as he popped the toes in his mouth and bit gently at the stems
"Mmmm there's that cute sound again Happy Foot! It's so like a cute little piggy! Guhuh! You sound like a cute little piggy when I bully these cute little piggies! Did he always sound like this Happy Foot? I thought he was supposed to be a tough hero but here he is squealing like a piggy while we play with him. Isn't that weird Happy Foot?"
"He likes to say he was a tough hero Dandelion but he was always a silly dancing boy playing. Just look at how soft I am no real fighters got feet this soft and ticklish. Only silly ticklish boys who lie and get their friends caught do. I bet he just wants to tell King Surtr everything doesn't he?"

"What a silly boy he is Happy Foot! Guhuh! We want you to tell King Surtr what you really are. You're certainly no hero to Askr after all unless they really wanted somebody to giggle in the dirt before their enemies."
"No from the way your squealing and wriggling down there I think he looks more like a piggy Dandelion. A happy piggy that just can't stop squealing and giggling for his King."
"My goodness Happy Foot your right! He's a giggling piggy that loves to giggle! Why he's just an adorable Gigglepig! Aren't you my giggly wiggly piggly wiggly?"
"No? More! You got it Giggly Piggly! That's the end of our act Happy Foot but I'm sure we'll play later! Big happy hand folks for the big tickly Happy Foot!" With that Dandelion planted a big kissy faced raspberry right into the center of his old dummies face making his new let out yet another Piggly squeal before he finally let go of Laszlow's foot and let it fall to the ground.

The exhausted mercenary lay face down in the dirt gasping for air trying to pull his knees to his chest before Dandelion seized his wrists and pulled them above his head.
"Nooo please no more! Leave my feet be you monster! You win just stop!"
"Guhuh! I do? Well, then I can do what I want!"
Dandelion looped his arm around Lazlow's and held them there above his shoulder before pulling them back until he had forced his victim up into a sitting position supported by his knee in the small of his back which also kept his prisoner nice and stretched out for him. The clown's free hand lightly traced it's fingers up the thin fabric of Lazlow's undershirt before fingering the collar. He turned to King Surtr and addressed his audience with the tone of a true entertainer.
"You're the one who decides who wins here tonight King Surtr so you tell me. Are we done here with this little rebellious piggy or are we going to make him squeal a bit more for everybody tonight?"
Tears were pricking up in the corners of the princeling's eyes as Surtr's massive form shook with laughter. With a menacing smile, he gave a thumbs down and gestured for the clown to continue with the act.
Lazlow went pale as the monster planted yet another wet kiss on his cheek this time and then ripped a long strip down the undershirt opening Lazlow's broad chest to the world. It brushed the lingering fabric to the sides in a manner that made certain to lightly tickle it's struggling victim before pulling out a feather quill. It played the soft implement up along Lazlow's abdominal muscles while smiling hungrily at the delightful shade of red his face was turning. With a deft flick of the wrist, Lazlow felt the point of the quill placed right into the upper part of his pectoral muscles and jumped.
"N-no! Nahat again! Pl-please you-your a bett-better pe-pe-performer than tha-that Dahanadelion I'm su-sure!"
"Guhuh! Why change what works? I've got both the crowd and you in the palm of my hand."
"Yo-you don-don't want to be acc-accused of milking yohohour ahahct do you?"
"No, no we'll save that for night two. Guhuh!"
The quill drew yet another happy smiling mouth right below Lazlow's navel and the crowd roared in approval at the show.

"Well hey, there new friend! Who might you be? Guhuh!"
"Nahaht again!"
"Hush now Gigglepig. Nothing from the peanut gallery but happy, giggly piggy squeals."
"Grrr I'm Farmer Grumpy!"
"A grumpy farmer?! Guhuh! Well, that's no good. Why are you so grumpy mister farmer!?"
"Why the Gigglepig I'm raising is just so noisy! It's making me sick with how loud it is!"
"Why Mister Farmer that's terrible! Guhuh! You shouldn't be grumpy about it though! Let me help you with get big smile let's start with those cute cheeks of yours."
"Now, now stop playing around. You're playing the piggy here Lazlow. Piggies don't talk, so neither should you. All I want to hear out of you is that cuuuute piggy squeal of yours. Guhuh! Anything else and...well...you know...TICKLE, TICKLE!"
Dandelion's gloved finger danced along Lazlow's erect nipples as if it was punishing them for standing so straight. They tickled along the pectoral's between them and traveled up towards the neck before stopping spinning on their heels and sprinting for his ribs.
"Are you not getting this silly? No talking during the performance, it's rude. Guhuh!, Piggies just squeal and squeal so that's all you should do. Got it? Gimme a good tiggly, piggly squeal if you do?"
"Wrong again. Let's see if these pitties of yours are ticklish enough to help you learn how to act. Guhuh!"
The fingers dove in and Lazlow's voice reached a new pitch as he struggled uselessly. His big soft feet kicking in the dirt to no avail. Sure enough, after a good few games of Dandelion counting his ribs, his begging filtered down into only squeals.

"That dang Gigglepig is just too loud!" said the grumpy farmer.
"I can barely sleep! Look at these crows feet I'm getting!"
"Where Mister Farmer? Here? Cootchie, cootchie!"
"Yeah there Dandelion! That damn Gigglepig just won't be quiet. I've tried everything from scratching his belly-"
Nails danced along Lazlow's abs causing him to squeal.
"-pinching his cheeks didn' do nothing either-"
This time Lazlow's nipples were toggled and tweaked and he squealed again even louder.
"-Heck even plugging his mouth ain't help-"
The thick fingers invading his navel made Lazlow squeal at a new level that surprised all in attendance.
"I'm just plum ol' out of ideas Dandelion. What am I gonna do?"
"Don't worry Mister Farmer I'll chase those grumpies away. I know just what do to do! They don't call me the Piggy Whisperer for nothing! Let me just give it a try."

The evil hand lay down on Lazlow's chest and the clown whispered into his ear as the audience leaned in close.
"You heard the farmer naughty Gigglepig. You're being much too loud with all that cute squealing. So keep it down and let's bring this act to a close okay? Counting on you their partner."
He turned back to the audience and gave a flourish.
"Ladies and Gentleman let's see if our cute Gigglepig understood! It's time for a test!"
The clown placed his hand into Lazlow's exposed armpit and with one finger traced the musculature inside. His dummy shook with the effort of holding it in but when he finished up with a hard drill, the dam burst and Piggy squealed.
The clown gave a comical face that said "Uh-oh" before leaning back in to speak his other half.
"Now I get that this is your first time in show business but I said to be quiet as a mouse. Not squealing like a Giggly Piggly! We're gonna have to add another a trick to make up so you be quiet! Last warning! Got it?"
"Lazlow nodded desperately causing the tears streaming down his cheeks to fleck the clown. Anything to get this over with he thought.
"Alright, folks minor problem with the talent there but what can you do with animals? So let's go again!"

Dandelion played with Lazlow's armpit the same as before but this time significantly harder and to his Gigglepig's credit he remained quiet. When Dandelion's evil fingers exited though and he announced his next trick as picking the lock he wondered what he meant until the damn quill came out again. The point went straight into Lazlow's deep navel and the clown adopted a look of concentration as he began to mimic picking an actual lock but in reality, all he was doing was marking up the inside of his dummies ticklish navel with ink. When he twirled it inside once again though it was too much and the dam broke.
The clown stopped and turned to Lazlow with the smile gone and brandished the feather.
"Not only are you talking but now your breaking character?! This is what I get for working with amateurs. Tell you what, let's clean these cute ears of yours out and see if that helps you hear better."
"Waahahit! Pleeeheese I'm soOOOHOHORRYY!! AHAHAWAHAHA!"
Dandelion plunged his tongue inside the mercenaries ear and brutally attacked his armpit at the same forcing his charge into absolute hysterics. The two sat there for a solid ten minutes of this with Dandelion warning Lazlow to be quiet or he'd continue but instead getting nothing but begging from his victim until Surtr signaled for it to stop.

He gestured for Lazlow to be released and brought to him which Dandelion did, dragging the quivering hero over and standing him up before the Mad King.
"That was a fine show Dandelion you and your new partner did wonderfully. Truly I've not been so entertained since your last performance. Would your partner care to tell me his name?"
"Guhuh! Well, of course, go on Gigglepig tell the king your name."
"Milord I am Lazlow of the Kingdom of Noh-"
"NO! That is who you were when you were a hero. Look at what has happened to you and how you've been used. Does that befit a hero? No, that name is gone and now you are nothing more than a Gigglepig, Dandelion teach him his name."
"Wait! No King Surtr please I-"
Lazlow was cut off abruptly as Dandelion threw him to the ground and pinned him to the ground.
"No! No! Please no more!"
"Guhuh! Sorry, Gigglepiggy but what the King says to do, I do!"
Before Lazlow could sit up Dandelion sat himself atop his chest and faced downward. Lazlow at first braced himself for another rousing performance of "Happy Foot" but the feeling that of fat fingers in the waistband of his smallclothes brought a new level of fear.
"NO, NO, NO!" he screamed as his penis sprung forth erect for all to see. He swallowed hard and his begging turned to babbling without even being touched. If he could see the evil expression upon the grease-painted face of the clown though Lazlow might not even have been able to speak at all. A pair of fingers poked into the sides of his cock at opposite points to essentially pinch it. They stayed completely still yet that was enough to make the man break out in desperate squeals underneath the clown.
"What's your name then tickle-y boy?"
As soon as he'd said the name Lazlow had been rewarded by his torturer with a long and rough lick that had started at the base of his stomach before traveling through his brambles and right up his erect sex. Despite how much he hadn't wanted it though Lazlow's cock exploded over the clown's face and added even more white to his cheeks. Still, the clown didn't pause for a second and didn't speak until he'd cleaned the man up completely with his tongue. An exhausted Lazlow lay still in the dirt and gasped as the clown took a bow before the Lords of Muspel who clapped at the performance. Surtr said something but at this point, Lazlow couldn't hear anything more over the sound of his own heavy breathing filling his ears. When a pair of guards came and dragged him away to his cell the same stupid grin was on his face all the way when he was thrown upon his bed and the door locked behind him.

He lay there face down on the bed with his face burning until he heard surprising exclamation.
"Inigo! It's you! Again! How many has that blasted Surtr captured?!"
"Owain please keep your voice down. He doesn't look well and he probably has gone through the same that we did earlier." He turned as fast as he could in his broken state to see that now he shared his room with two others. They waved awkwardly and in the gloom eventually, Lazlow was able to recognize them as none other than the younger version of his friend Owain he had seen around Askr as well as a younger version of himself clad in dancer's robes reminiscent of his mothers. Owain stammered at the way his exhausted friends rear hung out over his pulled down smallclothes while his younger self quickly sprung into action and tended to his older self. He swiftly pulled the exhausted man's underwear up to give him a semblance of dignity before helping him to the bed and launching into a tirade of questions about who he was and what was going on. So it was that Lazlow found out that Askr's greatest fear had been realized and that Surtr had managed to summon a Hero directly into his clutches which is how Young Inigo had ended up here in the dungeons of Muspel with him.
"Don't worry old friend! I smote Surtr's summoning circle while riding at the head of the horde of darkness! The Mad King was so mad at how I shattered his Sacred Stones that he threw me down here with the younger you he'd already summoned with it. Thank goodness for the information we received from Prince Xander of our Fates might have been sealed."
"Prince Xander is free?!"
"Yes! Like the mighty Shadow Dragon, he struck out at Muspel from within their own court."
"Please if I may? This is all rather trying for me and I'm still not sure I understand. Owain told me a bit of this world but it's hard to tell truth from his usual...theatrics."

At the use of the word all three men winced. Lazlow was too exhausted to move but the thought of his performance with Dandelion caused his guts to clench. Owain and Inigo reacted differently, one clenching his toes and desperately trying to shield one foot with the other while the other simply turned beet-red at the very thought of the clown. Lazlow noticed this and thought if he should ask upon it but seeing the drawn smiley face upon his younger self's midriff told him all he needed to know.
"So have you two met-"
"Dandelion yes we're acquainted," Inigo said flatly clearly trying to not talk about it more than necessary. Typically of Owain though any clues were missed and he dove in headfirst.
"Aghhh that guy! I thought it was just fighting until he got me pinned but then he spent about a half hour using my bottom as a puppet and tickling it senseless. I thought I was gonna die when he got to my feet. It was not a great time when he played with my Blazing Blade until I-"
"ACK! S-sorry Inigo and...other Inigo."
"It's alright Owain, just call me Lazlow to avoid confusion."
"Why? I'd always meant to ask about why the you and I at the castle used different names."
"This is really isn't the place to speak on such things Owain and I'm dreadfully tired from my...performance"
"I have so many questions though!" Inigo yelled. "You two act like this is all normal but I've no idea what's going on! Where are we?! Who's Surtr? Why were my nipples just played with by a clown who called me his Gigglepig?!"
The three of them winced at the nickname and noticed that Dandelion was less creative then they'd thought at the red on all of their faces. Lazlow broke the silence though and took a stand before his younger self by planting a finger in his chest.
"That's enough Inigo! I understand you have questions but I'm in no mood to answer them while I have a happy face on my foot and the spit of a clown in my ears! I'm going to get some rest and tomorrow we can speak on this. If you truly want to ask questions best of luck with talking to Owain."
"HEY!? What is that supposed to mean?"
Both of them spared withering glances at the Hero who sat back down with a sheepish expression of embarrassment.
"Okay, I'll be quiet. You guys go ahead."
"As such, I am going to rest! I would recommend you two do the same as Surtr more than likely has more planned for us in the morning."

"NO!" Inigo shouted startling his older self as he stood up fuming mad and slapped the accusatory finger away. His more experienced self took a step back but found himself shoved back onto the bed.
"That's not good enough! Where are our friends and family? Where are we? What's going on?! If you won't tell me then I'll make you!"
Inigo pinned Lazlow to the bed and shot his fingers into the man's armpits despite his weak struggles.
Inigo straddled his other self upon the bed and kept his fingers at work upon the man's armpit hollows while he pressed his question.
Owain tried to pull his friend off of his other self but Inigo turned on him quickly and wrestled him down to the bed as well before diving his fingers into the blondes deep navel.
"GAUHUHAAAH!! BY THE RAHAHDIANT DAHAH-DAUHUHA-KNOCK IT OFF YOU JEHEHERK!" Owain yelled as his comrade kept him down with essentially two fingers inside his navel.
Inigo found himself seized from behind by Lazlow and manhandled down onto the bed face down. He tried to sit up but found his more experienced version's boxer-clad rear planted upon the small of his back. His dancers pants were pulled down and he flushed red at the cool air on his bottom before staying red at the feeling of nails raking up and down his backside as Lazlow got revenge.
"Bahahastard!! Stahahp thahat!"
"No! You're acting crazy and even if you are me, I won't stand for it! So you wanna tickle people? Then you made the worst mistake of our life by picking somebody who knows every single one of your worst spots by heart! You should have just listened or picked on Owain instead!"
"He wouldn't know about this little danger zone right here for example!"
Lazlow dug his fingers into the little crevice betwixt Inigo's buttocks and thighs and was rewarded with a snort followed by that same squeal.
"Geeheht off!! EHEHEEWEEHEE! Stoohop! Pleeheese!"
"Now you want to beg? Too late! I just wanted to rest but instead of letting me you decided you wanted to make me play Gigglepig! Well now, who's a tickly piggy? Gootchie, gootchie!"
Lazlow leaned forward so that he could dig into the backs of his younger selves knees and tickle his calves with his nails. Inigo pounded his fists on the bed and squealed at the torment but his high pitched "Ewweehee!" squeal just fueled Lazlow more.

Lazlow got sloppy though and in leaning forward had poked his feet out from under him. Inigo seized one of them by the ankle and yanked it up to his face immediately taking it to the next by biting the big toe and making his opponent stop right in his tracks.
"Oh nooohoo you triEHEWWEEHEE!! LEEHEHET GOO! Dohohn't!"
Lazlow was met with nothing but wet smacking sounds though as his size 14 was pinned to the bed and Inigo's tongue dove in between the toes to curl around them. He tried to cover his mouth and resist but the feeling of Inigo lips upon his pinky toe drove him down into the bed with tears in his eyes.
"G-guys maybe we should c-calm down..."
"SHUT UP OWAIN!" The two yelled in unison.
The break in the attack on his toes though let Lazlow notice a pair of big soft size 14's undefended in front of him and as he pulled them closer he heard his other self squeak in surprise.
"T-turnabout is fai-fair play!"
"Wai-wait le-let's talk about th-this!"
Inigo's reasoning was cut off as he felt teeth nibbling at the ball of his foot and let out an unprepared squeal of "EEEWEEHEE!" at the attack. He responded with further biting and tickling at Lazlow's foot driving the torment of his own even further until the two were both shoved off of each red-faced and sweaty. Their wrists were seized and dragged until they were side by side under none other than Owain who proceeded to attack both of their necks with spidery tickles while keeping them pinned.
"Owwahahiin what're yohou doing?!!"
"I'll geeheht you bahahack for this you jehehrk!!"

"You two are acting crazy! If this is what it takes for you two to have some Revelations than so be it!"
"Wohoohuld you shuhuht up?!"
"Lehehet me go Owahahin! He stahahrted it ahahnhyway! Tihihickle him!"
Owain pulled the two silver-haired men up into a sitting position with him between them so that he could keep tickling them both equally upon their necks and lecture them further.
"This is just Surtr wants from us don't you see?! What's the only thing that giant pervert of a King wants more than us getting our brains tickled out? Us doing it to ourselves for him!"
"I try to help you guys grow up with a big hero speech and you still insult me? Do you forget I remember your spots from when we were little? Like how my cousin Inigo always such terribly ticklish ears!"
Owain shifted his attack and soon had both of Inigo lying across his lap as he scitched their ears until they begged. The two hardened warriors could only flail under the normally goofy man's laser-focused attack on one of their worst spots.
"EEEWWEEEHE!!" They went in unison as in contrast to their tormentor's face which was utterly content at the feeling of the two writhing in his lap. They locked teary eyes for a second and nodded before acting together on one thing that they both did remember from their respective childhoods with him.

"Looks like the Geneology is what I needed to win this Holy War!!" was the last bit of nonsense, Owain Dark managed to spew before both his shoved him over and held him down. He struggled until he felt two pairs of lips press to his stomach, at which he went stone still.
"Wa-wait guys le-let's n-no-not do anything cra-crazy!"
"PBBBBBTT!!" rang through the room as both Inigo and Lazlow blew big fat, lung-emptying raspberries right into Owain's stomach as he kicked and bucked under them.
The two paused over the sweaty red Owain and looked at each other.
"Must run in the family. Okay, Inigo now can we talk reasonably?"
Lazlow's plea for sanity went unheard though as Inigo pulled down Owain's trousers and smallclothes to leave his erect cock standing between the two of them. Lazlow's eyes lingered on it before he turned back to Inigo just in time to see the deviant seize him by the ankle.

Lazlow shut his eyes and braced for more tickling but instead found the sole of his foot gently placed against something warm. He opened them to see an annoyed Inigo with his arms folded proffering his own foot forward until it was touching Lazlow's. Between the two's feet wad none other than the cock of the mighty Owain Dark who watched this happening and didn't struggle.
"You're so stupid Owain but I must admit it's in an entertaining way. The calling us cousins thing is really off-putting though. Just cause Princess Lissa asked all of us to call her Aunt doesn't mean that we're all related. So other me what do you think? Has the warrior of shadows here earned a great reward such as this?"
"Oh, gods now you talk like him, Inigo? Please other me try and grow up just a tad?"
"Ahhh but the voices of the fallen speak to me Lazlow! They cry out for me to solve this Mystery of the Emblem!"
Inigo struck Owain's signature pose to mock the swordmaster and looked back at the man who groaned at the insult.
"You're not even doing it right! You've gotta be louder and say things more naturAAAAHHHHIHH!! AHH AHH OHHH!!"
At his criticism, both Lazlow and Inigo had pouted and begun rubbing their feet up and down with his sacred blade between them. To Owain who's most sensitive area was sandwiched between a pair of gorgeous and soft size 14's belonging to not just one of the man who he'd been enamored with since childhood but to two of him, it was as if he was being down a soft and warm tunnel of absolute heaven dick first. He collapsed into groans and nonsensical yells of how the Sacred Twins were playing with his Sacred Stones. The two silver-haired dancers locked eyes as they felt the meat pulsing through their soles.
"So Inigo will this help you calm down? Doing exactly what the enemy wants? You know Surtr is watching this somehow and having a laugh after all."
"Yet I don't see you stopping Lazlow? You getting used to performing as well? I see Dandelion picks his partners well."
"Yes, well it is as mother would always say. The show must go on. Even here she would say that entertainment is entertainment and that one shouldn't begrudge the show for it."
"Ahhh my mother wasn't quite as wise."

They both jumped at the scream of "THHRRRAAAACCCIIIAA!!!" from Owain and felt the warm liquid spreading over their soles as the blonde erupted between them. Lazlow smiled down at his friend but found the wind knocked out of him as Inigo once again tackled him down onto the bed. He smiled as Inigo restrained his arm and chided his younger self instead this time.
"So you've made peace with how this is all a show for Surtr?"
"I have. It's just as Dandelion said. We must give King Surtr a show as we break in the new meat."
Lazlow found his other arm grabbed and turned to see the still drooling Owain grabbing ahold of his other arm. The two younger heroes took one arm each and nuzzled in close under them before trailing their fingers up Lazlow's bare chest as he struggled.
"Dandelion said he needed us to get the new member of our acting troupe all motivated before our show tomorrow. So we were just helping you loosen up a skosh."
"You're helping that monster?" Lazlow spat as he tried to squirm loose of the two turncoats the banging of the cell door being thrown open rang through the room as Dandelion strode in with each step accompanied by a squeak.
"No my Gigglepiggie they're obeying their master! Guhuh!"
Lazlow turned frantic as he watched the eyes of Owain and Inigo dull at the clown's words. They bounced excitedly at the sight of him trained dogs with giant goofy smiles on their faces.
"Master it feels like it's been 776 years since we saw you! Ohhh pleeeeeease, tickle us! By the dark lords of shadow please we want to be tickled so bad!"
"Yes, please! Manhandle us and make us squeal master! This horrid man barely tickled us at all!"
"Inigo? Owain?! Bastard what have you done to them?!"
"Why nothing that hasn't been done to you my Grumpy Gigglepig! Guhuh! These are happy Gigglepigs! They're so greedy for giggles that they loved the idea of helping me break you in!"
Behind Dandelion was the Princess Laegjarn who smiled at the sight of the three men entangled in each other before her.
"Is this all Dandelion? You promised me a private show with your newest piggie!"
"Why yes of course Princess! Guhuh! I'd never disappoint such a good girl! Go on and d get snug! Heads up boys, PIGS IN A BLANKET!"
With a running leap, Princess Laegjarn came down on top of the three men and wasted no time in scrabbling her fingers all over Lazlow's pectorals and relishing his laughter. While she did this Dandelion went to one side of the bed and began rolling the blankets over the squirming pile of Gigglepig's until the four were bound up snug as bugs in a rug together with their cheeks pressed against each other. Inigo and Owain chewed on Lazlow's ears and moaned into them as inside they explored his ribs, chest, and back with their fingernails. Laegjarn meanwhile crushed her lips against his and in between chasing his tongue around his mouth pumped air into the struggling dancer's lungs to keep him feeling all the stimulation.

A gloved hand pinched the Princesses cheek and made her dulled eyes wince as Dandelion beamed at the sight.
"Such a good girl you are now Miss! Guhuh! And to think not too long ago your father sent you down into the pit with me to help you get your head on straight. Oh, the funny jokes you kept saying those first few days. "This isn't right!" and "My fathers gone mad!" but after a few games of this little piggy with your new friend Dandelion you were such a good girl!"
Laegjarn broke the kiss with the red-faced Lazlow and nodded eagerly at the praise a thin trail of drool connected her lips with Lazlow's and before it could even break the hungry mouth of Owain had taken it up with a cry of "MIIIRAGGE!"
"Yes, Dandelion! I'm so glad my father sent me to you to learn to be a better princess! Thank you for all your help!"
"Ohh your too kind Princess! Feel around inside their my cute wolf and you'll find some presents I left you!"
An expression of concentration crossed over the Princesses face.
"AIIIEEHHEWEEE!!" The three heroes screeched.
"BALLOON ANIMALS! Dandelion you're the best!"
"Ooh, Princess you are too kind! Enjoy your pigs in a blanket I'm just gonna go visit with some friends of mine.
The two Inigo's and Owain squealed as a wet spot in the blanket began to spread as Dandelion took a seat at the foot of the bed and unwrapped his friends.
"Well take a look at all those Happy Feet! Hi y'all wanna see my new quill?"

And so the next day King Surtr thrilled at the antics of Dandelion the Clown and his Three Little Gigglepig's as they were chased around by the wolf of the day who would hold them down and tickle the Gigglepig's brains out until the sunset. All while dreaming of the private show he'd have with the stars later and smacking his lips at the taste of the actor's he'd explore tonight
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