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Is This True? To some degree, I think so.
Law of Attraction

She sits daydreaming again.
In front of her computer
Waiting for her to dream to begin.

What is it she really wants to do?
She's been thinking about it
While writing this poem to you.

Pondering positive thoughts are powerful.
They are little things – giving your
Attention to them feels wonderful.

When she reroutes her energy,
And focuses on it all day, it becomes
Easier to make it her reality.

These stanzas are proof that it works.
While she contemplated, she thought
About what to write and put into words.

Moral of the story is this seems magical.
A sacred space concentrated with intent
Like a bull's eye, isn't logical, but mystical.

Try it alone or with some friends.
Agree upon a collective or individual desire
And add words of gratitude at the beginning or end.

Therefore, the power of intention.
Activates the universal law of attraction.
Your manifestations are really your creations.

What is it that you want to create today?
Strife, disharmony and more aggravation?
I prefer peace, harmony and abundance via conscious creation .

July 30, 2013

Last stanza added on August 1, 2013
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