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Something popped in my mind recently...
Boy, have I got some news to share with all of you in the Writing.Com community; I had been having this thought lately about wanting to do a special series on local TV legends from such major cities as Detroit, New York, and Los Angeles...I had already done a similar special series last year for a blog that I now shut down a month and a half ago, and that series happened to be about the TV legends who have entertained for generations in Chicago, Illinois. Now, something had popped into my mind this week, and that something that has popped into my mind tells me that I should do a special series for this here Writing.Com community, and I think that the best way to start would be to focus the spotlight on TV legends that have entertained people in Philadelphia, PA, for many decades, so it would be with that that I plan on getting started with this special series…
However, there are some things that I am going to have to do research on if I want to do this special series on Philadelphia TV legends, but before I would do any of these things, I also have a manuscript to finish writing, so I am going to have to get to getting back to this project first of all. Once I would be getting finished on my manuscript, as well as preparing to do my illustrations, then I would be able to sew all of these things together, which would then become my very first book. And then, after that, then I would plan on getting started on doing research for what would be my planned special series on Philadelphia TV legends, so may I very well suggest that you keep your eyes peeled for any announcements that might come up in regards to when I would get started on my special series project.
Meanwhile, speaking of manuscript projects, I would like for you folks to know that yours truly is in the home stretch of her project; I am just now about to get started on building my third and final 3-chapter story, so basically it gets to be pretty exciting for me for the fact that you have been concentrating on your writing and in doing so, you have written as quickly as possible. Soon, you realize that because of your focus on your writing work, you are almost through, and that makes you quite happy. Have any of you folks ever had that experience, hmm?

Anyhoo, we are now in August; for people living in Delaware such as myself, this month somehow marks the end of summer for school kids in the first state; In a few weeks, they shall be going right back to school, and they would not be having any summer fun until next year. Back when I was living in Philadelphia as a child, the period between summer and going back to school stretches from late June to early September, and early September after Labor Day is when we go right back to school. Times have been different for me now, and instead of Philadelphia, which has been my home for 37 years of my life, I now live in Felton, which is part of Kent County, in the Dover part of Delaware. But there is one thing in life that has not ever changed, and that happens to be my love of writing and art, and I just certainly love sharing what I have just written with all of you.
Well, I’d better get going and get started on finishing my manuscript, as well as making plans on doing another writing project; Should anything come up related to my writing, I shall surely bring it to you. In the meantime, take good care of yourselves (you belong to me, more or less, yuk, yuk, yuk), with love-JW
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