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This was a humorous title that I came up with and just started writing.
Backward dizzy dallying is a good way for tallying your reasons for your rallying. Because there may be too many words that rhyme, which in essence could be misunderstood by people, it could be considered to be nothing else than gibberish. This is a mouthful of words that could be a tongue twister, but it could be a way of giving an exercise to your speaking. This way it could teach you how to better pronounce your words.

Backward dizzy dallying twists your words to the point that what you say doesn't come out the way you would like them to. It's hard to correct what you say sometimes, and then it appears to be held against you.

Backward dizzy dallying can be humorous when you're trying to get a different perspective on things. For instance, you can say that the car in the lane was insane or it was insane that the car was in the lane. Sometimes it can be fun to put a play on words, and one hopes that it will not offend anybody.

Backward dizzy dallying has a positive meaning; it doesn't have to make you feel dizzy. It could leave you with a chuckle that could leave you a bit tizzy; you could become smart, which would make you a whiz.

Backward dizzy dallying can be taking a nap because dizzy likes to take its z's. The reason why is because there's two z's in dizzy.

Have a great day! Have some fun with backward dizzy dallying.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Friday, August 2, 2019
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