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by Tinker
Rated: E · Poetry · Cultural · #2197251
Framed by a verse form from the 12th century, Edda Measures, a Nordic myth is told.
The Longest Night

Baldur of the light, beloved of the gods,
Son of Odin, who could suffer no harm
but for a plant, a parasite with petite white berries
growing far in the forest, fabled for a kiss.

Thinking him invincible, the gods would train
by throwing their spears at same, a game.
His brother who lived in darkness became a pawn
of Loki the trickster, talented and jealous.

This deceiver designed a dart of mistletoe
and guided the blind man's aim toward the target.
The unwitting Hod, murdered his brother
and the light went out in the land of the Norse.
                             ~~Judi Van Gorder

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