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by Rory
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2197279
Rory is wondering about Aunika when something weird happens


         I knew something was up with her. The new girl. You know, how they try to make friends with the cool girls, but end up with psychos. Well, this "Aunika" had an idea to hang with the cool girls. Not me.
         But, I'm kinda new too and all but, she's just not my type.
         I tried making friends with the cool group, but it was a bad choice. Aunika accepted me but the others thought I was annoying and weird.
         Am I too nerdy? Do I like books too much? Or is it something else, something more?
         Yaslin was part of that group, and she's been there for me, but not as much as Aunika.
         Aunika was, well, different.
         "Hi," I said, forcing a smile.
         "Chello!" Aunika smiled, "I know Alexey, Aundrea, and the others don't like you that much, but Yazzie and I are there for you."
         Her voice sounded different. Something was up. Or down. But I had to find out. "Um, I've heard rumors going around that you're different," I said, doubting myself.
         "Yeah, don't listen to them," She said, "They're lies, like all the other peo- I mean rumors."
         There it was. I knew something was up with her. She said people are lies. Then rumors. "What you say first is what you mean." I said, "and you said, people."
         I died once. The flashback of Marlen almost chopping my leg off. Yaslin crying over my head. Overwhelmed, I walked away from the lunch table.
         Yaslin has always known Aunika when they used to play tag. Yaslin got a new puppy about a year ago. His name was Royce and he must have had something to do with Aunika. I don't know what or how, but I know there is one.
         OK, I may have known Aunika before, and I may have played tag with them. But she has changed a lot. She wasn't at our school for half of last year. Now she's back again.
         A cold breeze brushed my hair into the air, I could feel people looking at me. I've always had some connection with everything, for some reason, after Aunika came back.
         I saw Aunika on the playground. Sitting alone.
         "Are you OK?" I asked.
         "Sure," Auni sighed.
         "You're not,"
         "Wanna bet?" She asked, elbowing me.
         I laughed, elbowing her back. "But seriously, your not yourself!"
         "Stop," Aunika warned.
         "Why? What's up?"
         "Stop," Auni said.
         "Aunika Vasquez! What is wrong?!?!?!"
         "I SAID STOP!!!" She screamed and stomped off.
         "She's not okay," I mumbled to myself.

         When I got home, I plunked down on my bed and got out my phone. Opening the messaging app, I thought about Aunika and her strange behavior. Before I could press Aunika V. on the phone, I heard a strange sound. It sounded like whispers running through the floor.
         "Hey, Mom!" I called downstairs, "Do you hear those shushing sounds? Whispers?"
         "What, Rory? Oh, No. I haven't. Whispers?" Mom called back, confused.
         "Uh. Never mind, I must have been hearing things." I pressed Aunika V. on Messages.
         Aunika, I'm sorry for what I did earlier, please forgive me. I am not one of your group, I am a stand-alone, a misfit, whatever. But I wish I could be with the group. I like you and Yazzie.
         I pressed the send button and a minute later saw the three wiggling dots indicate she was typing.
         It's not you, it's me.
         I have a secret, I'll tell you at school tomorrow.
         It's too important to tell over the phone.
         But Auni, I typed, you have to tell me, I have a secret that only my family, Yaslin, and the Doctors at Child Medical Hospital know about. I almost died. Marlen. Jeremy. Ulass. My leg. The pool. It was last year, while you were gone. You would have known sooner, but you were just acting so different I couldn't trust you.
         I want you to come to my house at 5 p.m. tomorrow, to talk about it.
         The dots came, then stopped, and soon it said Aunika was offline.
         I went back and pressed Yaslin M. Yazzie, is something up with Auni?
         Oh, No... Why? Did she ask you?
         No, she just said that she had a secret. She'll tell me at school tomorrow. You don't have to hide anything from me, I know a lot.
         Yaslin was offline.
         I turned offline. I just couldn't think of anything other than everything. It was so strange.
         My phone blooped again but I ignored it.
         "Rory, do you mind coming downstairs and putting away the silverware?" Mom called.
         "Sure," I reluctantly agreed.
         I heard the whispers again, but downstairs.


         Though life may be cool weird, I love it. I wrote in my journal, there's Aunika, Yaslin, and Tasia...
         It was 6:45 a.m and I was writing in my journal. I am so weird, I thought as I the blue notebook under my underwear in my dresser. I heard the whispers again, running through the walls. Aurora they hissed. Ignoring them (They have been going on for the last few days) I walked downstairs, smelling warm honey-nut pancakes.
         "How'd you sleep?" Jon asked.
         "Meh," I shrugged, "Just meh."
         "Well, let's hope you have a fine day of school!' Mom called from the front door, she always leaves at six thirty because of her new job.
         I didn't sleep bad, I didn't sleep much at all. I stayed up all night wondering about what Aunika was talking about.
         At lunchtime, Aunika said she had to stay inside for recess,
         "But Auni, you were going to tell me the thing," I kept saying, "I'll tell you mine!"
         "It will be fine," she replied calmly every time, "Next recess."

It was next recess and Auni and I sat on a bench.
         "You say yours first," Auni said.
         "Fine. So um... Last year, when you were gone I went into my pool and, um, I died. And then -um- I saw these people, they were named Marlen and Jeremy."
         "Wow!" Auni cried.
         "So, um, I went to the hospital and then I came back to life." I said quietly.
         Auni replied, "I am not who you think, I-"
         "Fifth Grade! Line up!" Ms. McSherry called.


         I walked to Yazzie's house. She was in her room, texting Auni. "Hi," She mumbled when I stepped in.
         "Have you heard about Auni' s secret?" I asked.
         "No, Why?" Yazzie questioned.
         "She's just been avoiding telling me..."
         "Do you hear that?" asked Yazzie, "It sounded like. . . Like Royce!"
         She rushed out her bedroom door, through the living room (knocking over her brother's Nintendo Switch) and out the back door, "ROYCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
         I rushed after her, Royce had glowing white eyes. He barked, and all went quiet again.
         The world was swirling around me, all was everywhere, but nowhere. Yaslin was the only other thing I could see in this void. Lights started flashing; I started to wonder if Royce brought us to a disco party. Royce barked again, and next thing I know, I was lying in Yaslin's room, smushed between the bed and the wall.
         Royce was on top of me. He barked and ran off. Yaslin's dark hair came into view. "Y-Yazzie!" I stuttered.
         "Come on!" she cried, "We have to leave!"
         I started to ask why, but then something else happened.
         Royce came over to me and barked again. I screamed as I felt myself falling. The void coming closer. Until I was nothing. Nothing more than a whole. The air swooshed around my feet, twisting them into something. Something I've dreamed about for the last few weeks.


         Aunika sat by me, in the bark. She was talking about how she loved to play spider and how she didn't like it when I stepped on Jaxson. But something in her voice sounded different. I just couldn't tell what. It was different than yesterday, or the day before that.
         The air began to twist. Leaves blew around us, blinding me. When I could see again, there was Ulass.
         "Why are you here?" I asked.
         "Why else, other than to finish putting that potion in you." She laughed.
         Yaslin ran up from behind her, and Royce jumped out of her arms, leaping onto Ulass. Striking at her neck.
         I didn't know who screamed first, but I think I did. Royce was barking, several times. Aunika ran towards me from the field, her hands tied and mouth covered. . . . . By Marlen.
         Aunika pulled and jerked and fought with all her might. I ran up to help her, but Marlen pushed me away as if I were a mere fly, agitating him. I ran back, this time, avoiding his hand.
         I grabbed Marlen's hand and bit into his skin. Hot blood dripped into my mouth, but I didn't care.
         Aunika was free. Marlen and Ulass ran into the bark and disappeared.

That was the end of Marlen and Ulass, but another foe waits, waits for its prey. Aunika was sent to the Child Medical Hospital. And everything went back to normal......


To Be Continued ..................

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