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“Wanna have an eating contest?” Kara gave her three friends a wicked little smile.
Date: February 2 2020 2pm

National City, they were all standing together again in National City. Alex, Kara, Lena and Maggie. The old quartet was back together again. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, the air was warm, the day was bright and happy, the atmosphere was peaceful and normal. It was a perfectly normal and happy day.
“Wanna have an eating contest?” Kara gave her three friends a wicked little smile.
“Oh, you’re on, Little Danvers!” Maggie was the first to respond, reaching out to fist-bump Kara.
“Oh, boy!” Alex pretended to roll her eyes at the immaturity coming from her little sister and girlfriend.
“Oh, lighten up!” the sister and girlfriend teased. Alex pretended to look affronted, but with both of them making puppy eyes at her, it wasn’t very easy for her to say no.
“Come on Alex, learn to have a little fun,” Lena encouraged, earning a betrayed look from the older Danvers.
“Lena! Since when did you indulge in this kind of tomfoolery?!” she pretended to demand.
“Since that,” Lena jerked a thumb at Kara’s puppy face. Ah. That was a good answer.
“Alright, fine,” Alex pretend to harrumph. “Let’s go to Big Belly Burger right here and right now and see who can eat the most the fastest,” she proposed. It was a very simple, informal suggestion, but the other three agreed quickly.
10 minutes later, then, the quartet was seated in a booth towards the back of the store. A mountain of burgers sat between them. Alex set the timer and counted down.
“Three… two… one!!!” then the quartet was off, shoveling food into their faces as fast as they could. Burger after burger, they all barely even stopped to chew. They just sank their teeth into the meat and devoured bite after bite after bite. Burger after burger after burger. The grind didn’t stop for any of them and they all fought long and hard to win. Lena was able to clear out quite a few burgers, surprisingly enough. She was just so small that no one thought she would eat as much as she did. But she just kept on going, burger after burger. Even after her stomach began to bulge a little from all the food she was consuming, she continued to eat.
Beside her, Maggie was also starting to swell up a bit. She had since loosed her jacket but she still wasn’t stopping either. As a cop (and one who admittedly adored donuts) she was very well practiced in the art of eating a lot. Even as her stomach continued to grow and bloat, she never quite felt full. It was what allowed her to keep going so long without feeling lousy or sick.
But Alex and Kara were really where it was ate. Both of them could eat like pigs, each having a voracious appetite. Alex’s face was covered in sauce as she kept taking bite after bite, literally tearing through the patties like they were nothing. Giant chunks of food just seemed to vanish the moment they were in her mouth and she was not slowing down. Her slim figure was starting to grow and enlarge, but she paid it no mind. Instead, she just grabbed another burger and took another quick sip of her drink before she continued to have at it, eating and eating and eating.
Hands down, though, Kara was the best of them all. She could practically inhale burgers, hardly even needing to chew before she could just gulp down entire burgers. And not only that, but she did still have her super speed. Out of politeness (and the fact that Lena was with her on that day) she refrained from using her special powers, but even though she was eating as a human, so to speak, she was eating at an almost terrifying speed. It was almost like watching a snake because of how fast and easily she was able to consume entire patties.
“Jeez, Kara!” Alex muttered, voice muffled by another burger. At long last, though, she was slowing down. Her stomach was starting to peek out from underneath her shirt and her appetite (or lack thereof) was finally catching up to her. Lena had already stopped, hand on her chest as she fought to catch her breath. She, too, had gained quite a few pounds. Her belly was much bigger and rounder than before, very prominent through her shirt.
“I don’t think I’m gonna be able to eat for years!” she gasped, stifling a belch as she patted her bloated stomach. She wasn’t getting sick, but she definitely looked full and tired. Who could blame her, though? So she only sat back in her seat with a soft groan, hand still on her large stomach, as she watched the other contestants keep going. Those burgers had been delicious, but Lena was sure that if someone asked her to eat even one tiny bite more, she’d either literally exploded and pop like a balloon, or all of those burgers in her stomach would come flying back up and out. Not a pretty sight. So she struggled to catch her breath, content with just watching how the rest of this silly little game would end.
Alex was the next to fall. She did manage to get a second wind, but that one died out pretty quickly before she followed in Lena’s footsteps, setting aside her half-eaten burger and leaning back to catch her breath and moan. Her stomach was more than poking out of the bottom of her shirt now.
“I look pregnant!” she whined, and she kind of did. Of course, she wasn’t that large, but her “food baby” was definitely impressive. But that was mostly just because it was actually poking out from underneath her shirt, which made her look even larger and rounder than she probably was. She was bloated, sure, but probably not THAT bloated.
“Ugh,” she muttered as she watched Maggie continue to eat. But Maggie finally dropped out as well, bloated and swollen. She, unlike Alex and Lena, actually looked quite content and satisfied, but it was clear she wouldn’t be able to eat anything else either. That left Kara as the winner. But even though her stomach was even larger than Maggie’s at this point, she still wasn’t done yet.
“You can quit showing off now you know?” Alex gargled.
“I want to see how many I can eat!” Kara shouted back, voice muffled by burgers. She continued to cram them into her mouth, reveling in their warm, juicy, flavorful taste. She grinned and laughed a little as she continued to consume patty after patty, trying to see what her own “world record” would be. God, Big Belly was just SOOOO good! Nothing could top it! The burgers were prime and all the toppings were so fresh and delicious! It was an explosion of flavor and Kara just kept right on going.
By the time her stomach was thoroughly round and bloated, sticking out quite a decent ways away from her body, she finally threw in the towel.
“Wow, 538,” Alex deadpanned as she stared at her sister’s now-giant stomach.
“And all done in about 34 minutes,” Lena added, looking at Alex’s phone’s timer. Kara had been the only one eating for quite a while then, the other three having quit a long time ago.
“I win, yay,” Kara moaned.
“You don’t need to rub it in, Little Danvers,” Maggie warned, but she was smiling.
“You regret it yet?” Alex asked, elbowing Kara weakly.
“Not at all,” Kara grinned back at her as she stared down at her exposed belly. Man, it was going to take a lot of exercise to work all that body fat off! It would take weeks! But honestly, Kara really didn’t regret it at all. She felt good, despite all the extra weight. She felt full and content. She felt happy.
“Now,” she said. “Who’s up for dessert!?” and she was met with three terrified groans. In response, she laughed. As weird, crazy and silly as this idea had been, it really had been very fun. She patted her swollen stomach, peeking out past her shirt, and she smiled. Today was a good day!
Month before Kara Zor El Kidnapping
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