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Rated: 13+ · Review · Genealogy · #2197337
For Rising Stars Book Club, August 2019 #1
I confess to disappointment in this suspense novel; I had read several novels by Wendi Corsi Staub, and adored her Lily Dale series. But DEAD SILENCE left me cold. The villain repulsed me and elicited not one moment of sympathy. Not one. Sure, he had a seriously bad childhood. Sure, his mother was absent. But other people have suffered either/or without becoming psychotic serial killers.

I did admire several of the other characters, including forensic genealogist (and foundling)
Amelia and her long-term bestie Jessie and Jessie's police department hubby Billy (Willard), but they just weren't sufficient to balance the reader-empathy scales against "The Angler" (the serial killer/villain).

I bought this book to read for the Rising Stars Book Club August selection #1 at writing.com.
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