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Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #2197358
This is part 1 of a story I haven't named yet.
         David and Percy used the slimy stone wall as a guide in the darkness. It wasn’t long before the stairs ended and the long tunnel started. A few steps forward, the cousins ran into a wall and turned to the left and continued, remembering that they had brought a flashlight and turned it on.
    The light from the flashlight worked just fine, before it flickered and went out completely. This forced them to finish their journey in total blackness. They soon came to a rusted iron door. Percy tried the handle, but it did not budge.
    Out of ideas, David said, “Open sesame!” It didn’t work either. Discouraged, they sat down.
    “We could probably knock. There might be someone on the other side,” Percy suggested.
    “Nah. If anyone’s on the other side, they would be dead by now. Nothing can live down here.” Without thinking, David bumped the flashlight on the door, the sound echoing throughout the tunnel.
    Then, there was a loud creak. The sound of a heavy solid metal door opening slowly.
    Percy and David both turned their heads to the door as light tunneled in. It took roughly five minutes for the door to open and almost blinded David and Percy as it did. As their eyes got used to the light, they looked into the room.
    David and Percy entered the surprisingly bright room after the door stopped moving. The room was circular and in the middle was a well. As soon as they entered, the door slammed shut behind them.
    They looked everywhere for a way out, but there was none. Instead, they walked up to the well. It held the purest water they ever seen. Percy touched the water with his finger longingly. With no way out, what could possibly go wrong if he just took one little sip?
    He reached his hand out to scoop up the water, but David stopped him. “Percy, we don’t know what will happen. This water could be deadly and I don’t know about you, but I want to still be alive when my mom finds us.”
    “I know, but there’s no way out. If this does kill us, it would surely be better than sitting in here dying a slow death.”
    Apparently this convinced David, for he too reached his hand into the water and drank some of the cool water. It tasted of life, as if it were life itself. The water flowed down David’s throat, not warming at all. He looked at his now glowing hands and at Percy’s as well. With the last sip, came a sudden burst of energy and the two cousins were the liveliest they have ever been.
    Their cheers of joy were soon silenced by the sound of stone grinding against stone. They looked past the well. A section of the wall moved away to reveal another dark tunnel. Curious, and filled with energy from the water, David and Percy walked into the tunnel.
    Unlike the one they first entered, this tunnel had puddles of cold, slimy water that smelled of the sewers. The walls were like that of a cave: slimy, wet, smooth, and bumpy. Stalactites were seen hanging from the ceiling and stalagmites protruded from the ground.
    They kept walking until they reached the end, where a long drop awaited them. On the wall in front of them was a face of a wolf. The hard eyes bore through everything it stared at sending chills down the cousins’ spines. The mouth was twisted in a way that it looked both amused and furious at the exact same time.
    “Well, I guess we’d better go back now, Aunt Charlotte must be worried by now,” Percy told David.
    “Yeah. This place is getting creepier by the minute. Who knew this weird place was—”
    David was cut off by the sudden glow emitting from the wolf’s eyes. This action was followed by many stalactites falling into their path blocking their way back. The wolf’s mouth opened and a chilling voice spoke. “I am sorry, but you have seen too much. I give you two choices: one, you jump into this deep and dark hole, or two, my pack will eat you alive. Starting first with the legs, then the arms and finally, they will work their way up to your heart and head, making you endure a very painful death,” the wolf boomed, “They both will end in a miserable demise. Any questions before you decide?”
    “Umm, yeah. Why don’t you just kill us quickly instead of a slow death?” David asked. His voice was shaking as the walls opened up to show a pack of hungry looking stone wolves. They were not yet awake and he and Percy did not want to be around when they did.
    “I gave you a choice between a quick versus a slow death. And I must kill you for two reasons. One. You are trespassing on private property. Two. As I said before, you have seen too much. We can not afford to have the secrets of Rolferica leak into the world above. They do not know we exist and would like to keep it that way.”
    “Why should we care about trespassing? This is under our house. You are the one trespassing,” Percy replied, anger beginning to surface on his face.
    “I agr—”
    “SILENCE! If I’m not mistaken, we have not moved locations in over a century, meaning that you humans have trespassed onto our property. Now which is your decision?” 
    “The hole.”
    “Too bad. My wolves are pretty much starving. We don’t get that many visitors. Ever.” He turned to his pack. “Wolfpack, ATTACK!”
    The wolves’ eyes lit up and sprang forward to catch their prey. Percy and David took this as a cue to jump. They felt the air move past them as they fell and heard the now distant howls of the stone wolf pack behind them. They strained their head to see the now red eyes of the wolf pack staring at them. Percy felt his hand brush against something for a moment while he fell. With a whirring sound, blue light swirled into a disk under them. Percy and David felt their bodies hit the light before their vision turned black.

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