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A man who is running from his past realizes he hasn’t gone anywhere.

"It's funny, you think I'm going to let you go" Sullivan smirked. My eyes narrowed to the back of his head. Sullivan turned around, I heard whispers fluttering around in my head, I grabbed my stomach, my hands covered with red goo.
"Have fun in hell" Cango said pulling out his blade from my stomach.
"No!" I heard someone yell as I fell to my knees, trying to speak, blood over flowed from my throat. I stared up at Sullivan, he smiled and waved as Cango kicked me flat on my stomach. I then would lay there till my heart gave out.

I woke up on the top of a bunk bed, I tried to move but it was to painful. I felt sick and dizzy. What happened? I thought. Suddenly a woman walked in, with long brown hair and a beige maids dress. When she saw me she raced out the door. I raised my eyebrow slightly. Moments later a man looked the customs of a English captain walked in the room.
"How are you feeling?" he asked in a curious tone.
"Terrible" I replied in a confused manor.
"You must be wondering what happened, well, my ship crew found you floating amongst the water, luckily you were faced up" the Captain explained blankly. "May I ask how you got this horrible wound?"
"Thieves" I said very quick, trying to hide that it was much more than just thieves.
"I see, may I ask your name?" I stared at the man and he realized that I wouldn't say anything till he did. "Jonathan" he said sternly. I looked down at my hands.
"Glad to meet you Henry" Jonathan smiled. I looked up at him, and the first time in a long time I felt safe.
I went to sleep, it was amazing that I hadn't died yet. And I hoped that I wouldn't soon. A whole month had pasted, Jonathan had picked me up in Africa and we were heading to England. The ship stopped. Two of Jonathan's men helped me step off the ship onto the packed wooden planks full of cargo. I hadn't been to England for some time.
It was a miracle, my wound was almost healed. I thanked Jonathan and his crew multiple times and headed on my way. Jonathan packed me a bag of some extra cloths, and some coin. I wore a coat with a dirty, white, collar on all edges, brown pants and worn boots.
I didn't know where I would go. First get a room at the nearest hotel, rest, and get cleaned up. Being on a boat for more than a month was much different then on land. When I thought about being on a boat my first time, I never thought it would be like that.
The ground was hard, dirt and patches of grass spread across in different locations. A general store stood close to the docks. A child swung a piece of parchment high in the air. Yelling
"Get your news! Over here! All new!" I slowly walked over looking at the boy. Small, with brown, curly, hair. "Two" the little boy said looking at me.
"Alright buddy" I replied. Tossing two small coins to him. He caught one and missed the other. He bent down to pick up the other coin.
As I looked into his eyes, once he got the coin, he had reminded me about my son Chuggaconroy. He had the same brown, curly hair, the same hazel eyes, and the same soft, round face. But I was daydreaming. He could never come back.
The hotel room was upstairs and number 09, it was quiet and clean. I had taken a bath, and washed the clothes from that day. I laid on top of the cotton mattress and grabbed the newspaper off of the bedside table. Everything was normal news, fishing contest at the north west docks on Sunday morning, bar fight two nights ago at the Shining Goblet, and King and Queen Furaday now have a baby girl. I was so tired, I fell right to sleep after reading all the news.
I awoke around 5:30 a.m. to a woman's scream. I sat up, and paused. The person yelled "Someone help!" It was definitely a woman. I didn't care to put on my coat, I just wore brown ragged pants. When I opened my room door there were flames everywhere. The whole building was burning to ash. I ran back into my room, I packed my things quickly, and tossed the bag outside my window. I then went back to the door and called out
"Where are you?"
"07!" She called back.
I ran through the flames and burst through room 07. It was just forward and to the left of my room. I groaned in agony, flames had caught my legs and feet. Once opening the door I tripped and fell on my hands. I frantically slapped my legs trying to get rid of the hot flames. Not realizing that the woman from before was right being me, crying. I jerked back when I heard her sobbing, and a baby crying.
A 21 or so year old woman's leg was stuck under a roof beam that had fallen.
"Please" the lady mumbled. As sweat dripped from my forehead I tightly grabbed the beam, and lifted it with all my strength. Teeth gritting, I pulled it up.
"Quick!" I gasped.
The woman crawled out from under the bed, and reached for her baby. I had let go of the long beam, a huge crash shacked the floor and even broke into the bottom layer of the hotel. I told her to hurry and she did, whilst holding her baby. We had made it out, huge crowds of people swarmed use. They all were asking
"Barnah are you alright" or
"What happened?"
I didn't want to be in the crowd any longer. I held my head down, and squeezed my way past the townspeople. The hotel had stopped burning, the locals had splashed loads of water all throughout it.
"He's right there" the mother from before told the townspeople. I had stopped, I knew she was talking about me. I turned around, everyone just stared at me. I was a little confused. They all then bowed their heads.
"You, saved my daughter and my granddaughter?" A deep voice echoed through my ears. I followed the rough voice. An older man in his 70's, stood a few feet from behind me. He had grey hair and a beard, brown eyes, and was about 5'7, he also wore a great big crown upon his head.
"Yes, sir?" I replied blankly.
"I've never seen you around here before." the man said.
"No sir."
"I am King Bean Furaday, this here is my daughter Barnah, that you have saved, and I think you deserve a reward!" All the towns people clapped and cheered. "And a party in the palace for all to join!" King Bean exclaimed. I was astonished, what a turn of events.
The party was very fancy, a spotless palace laid upon a green hill. King Bean gave me a free room with new clothes, a bathtub, and some helpers. Everyone came, and I had shacked so many hands. Toasts were called, and the food was delicious. I still had to watch what I ate and how fast I ate it.
I still couldn't believe all this was happening, but, I needed it.
Every time I would see Barnah she seemed to always be depressed. So once I got the courage to go talk to her. She wore a beautiful peach dress with small white flowers sewn into the bottom.
"Are you alright my lady?" I asked quietly.
"Um, yes, I am...uh...perfectly fine. Thank you for um...saving me, back there and my daughter." She seemed very nervous while she talked.
"Of course" I replied.
"Barnah! Be friendly like I taught you!" From across the room King Bean yelled. Embarrassing Barnah greatly.
"Yes father!" Barnah called back in a much more softer voice. She curtsied and hurried off. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what.

The night of feasting and celebration went on for some time. I acted like nothing was wrong at all. At around 10:00 pm people started to head out. By 10:30 one of maids took me to my room. She wore a white apron over a black dress. She had forest green eyes, dark brown hair and a pink bow in her hair.
"My names Jenna" the maid said to me as she opened the fancy dark wooden door to my room.
"Henry" I replied.
"I know, if you need anything I'm the room just out front." She smiled and walked away closing the door behind her.
I didn't care to change clothes or anything. I plopped myself onto the queen sized bed and fell to sleep.
I dreamed about my son, Chuggaconroy. He was still alive and we went fishing. He had caught a fairly good sized fish. It had blue scales that shined in the sun and black beady eyes. I saw it's eyes stare right into mine, and in a flash the fish jumped back into the water.
"Papa" Chugga asked.
"Yes?" I replied.
"Why does she look like that?" The second he said that I looked up to see the ceiling in my room. I was in reality once again. I wonder what he was looking at?

After that confusing dream, I looked out the window and it was still dark out, I was curious but nervous to fall back to sleep. What if I saw what Chuggaconroy was looking at? I felt as if it was something I should not see, so I closed my eyes and I hoped that I would not dream of such a thing again.

I woke with a nudge on my shoulder. It was Jenna, I groaned and slightly opened my eyes.
"I am so very sorry Henry, it is really late, the King and his family are having a party today and he wanted me to let you know." I opened my eyelids just a little bit more.
"Late? How late?" I ask straightening up in the bed.
"12:00 about" Jenna replied.
"Oh gosh, do not be sorry I should be the one to be sorry. I will leave right now."
"No worries Henry! King Bean also says that you can stay as long as you want." I was shocked and didn't know what to say, but I didn't realize my jaw was dropped. "Don't worry I will tell King Bean you would be happy to stay longer." She took the words right out of my mouth. Jenna smiled at me and walked out the door, shutting it behind her.

I had taken a bath, and put on a white blouse with a black vest and brown pants. I then headed to the main hall where servants were decorating and cleaning.
"Do you know who is coming?" I asked one of the maids that was dusting a golden frame.
"One of King Beans old friends." She told me as she curtsied.
"I see, thank you."

I kept walking around admiring all the detail of the castle and the beautiful paintings. I then found a room that reached so high and sunk so far in length as if the room went on forever.
"Isn't it wonderful?" I flinched, behind me was Barnah. "Sorry if I scared you." She hung her head gloomily.
"Don't be sorry," I said to her with a little smile. She smiled back looking a little bit happier. "It is wonderful." I said looking back at the shelfs upon shelves of books. "I bet you've read loads of them haven't you?" I asked as I walked to a shelf and pulled out an old brown book that said "A King, priest and a rich man" by R. R.
"Only a few." Barnah replied as I chuckled. "What?" I asked with a confused expression.
"If I were you I would have read all of them by now." Barnah laughed as she walked over to me.
"That one is pretty good. There is a lot of backstory though so you have to read it for yourself. I'm not gonna spoil anything for you." I picked out another dusty book, this time it was green. It said "Five Armies collide" by R. Kin. I showed the green leather book to Barnah. "That one has to be one of my favorites."
"Oh really, what's it about?"
"Five armies colliding obviously."

We laughed and talked for several hours. She showed me many different titles and which ones I should read. Then Jenna quickly opened the door to the library holding a little baby girl that was only a few months old.
"The guests are here Barnah" she said quietly. "Henry," I looked at her, "you can introduce yourself if you like, but if you do not that is perfectly fine." Jenna looked worried and so did Barnah. "I will be taking her with me."
Barnah nodded as Jenna left the room with the baby.
"Okay Henry, would you like to meet the guest or um...stay with me?" She looked straight into my eyes.
"Stay with you of course." I said not even thinking that sentence over.
"Alright." Barnah grabbed my hand and we slowly walked towards the exit. She looked at me as she held her right index finger to her lips as we walked out of the room.

I didn't really know what was happening. Maybe Barnah just didn't like the guests or something. Once we left the room to the left and right of us were two stripes of marble staircase that led to the main hall, where a long table laid open with food. King Bean and Queen Stephanie were talking to an older man. He had a fancy black suit and bow tie. His companion on the other hand looked as if he was just taken from the wild. The older man had a few grey hairs left on his head and one eyebrow always seemed to be raised. The companion was Indian looking and had nothing but brown pants, a red sash with a belt, and a curved longsword. He looked very strong and menacing. His black hair was in a ponytail as he stared motionless at the king and queen.

I didn't realize it at first, but they looked fairly familiar. It was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn't quite grasp it from this distance. Barnah took me to my room that was just a little bit to the left of the staircase. None of the guests noticed us, which Barnah seemed very relieved by. She opened the door and quietly closed it behind us. Barnah sat on the bed looking very red.
"What's wrong?"
I asked curiously.
"It's a very long story"
"I'm willing to listen."
"I am not very good at explaining, but a month or two ago my husband was...um...murdered." Barnah started tearing up.
"I am so sorry" I crouched to her level and comforted her. She looked into my eyes, then she continued.
"The guest, Mr. Sullivan...did it."

I didn't move, nor did I speak. Everything was so perfect. I thought Sullivan and his men would finally be out of my life.
"All I heard back is that Seth was just trying to help a prisoner and...and." Barnah started to cry.
"Why was Seth there?"
"He...was Sullivan's son. Mr. Sullivan doesn't know that I have his granddaughter. He would try to kill her!" She whispered to me, still, tears fell down her freckled cheeks.
"What...why would he do that?"
"That's the thing I don't know!"
"He's crazy...okay, I promise I won't let anything happen to you and your daughter." Barnah looked at me and gave me a confused but grateful smile. Seth risked his life for me. I remember, he tried to free me. That's the voice I heard, in my dreams that was always echoing. I could never figure out what it was, or who it was. Now I know, I feel horrible of course. Should I tell Barnah? No, not yet, maybe after all this is over. If we make it out alive.

We stayed put and didn't leave the room for anything. If Sullivan saw me, or his companion, I would have a problem. I don't know what would happen if they saw Barnah though. It was night, I heard crickets from the open window. I sat on a wooden chair looking at the starry sky while Barnah laid in my bed.
"Do you know Mr. Sullivan?" Barnah asked as she rolled over to my side. I looked at her, I didn't know how to start.
"I met him a few months ago"
"Is he your friend?"
"No, not even close" I said clenching my jaw. Neither of us talked for a while. Then I heard footsteps in the hallway.
"Get in the closet" I whispered quickly to Barnah. She did as she was told and quickly and quietly tiptoed into the closet that was next to the bed.
A hard knock came from the door.
If it was Sullivan, I wouldn't be able to help myself. It was dark so I would hide in the shadows and take him from behind. He's an older man so it wouldn't be to difficult. The door opened, and in walked in a muscled young man. It was the companion Cango. I got scared, this would be very difficult. I slowly walked backwards into the corner of the room. Maybe the shadows would fool him. Cango didn't see me, he was rummaging through the bed sheets. He paused and looked to his left, at the closet. My heart sank, I had promised to Barnah and I will keep that promise.
"Oh Barnah?" He said in a sing-a-long sort of tone. I walked up behind the Indian man and the second he began to opened the closet door I jumped up and got him in a headlock! Cango was around 6'1 while I was only 5'9 so it was tough to get him perfectly. He was in an outrage, I used all my strength against him, he was struggling, trying to rip my arms away from his throat. Then he started to try and grab my face and stomach, which had hurt a lot. He also used all of his strength to squeeze or scratch. I didn't understand how he was still alive. I moved my head right next to his face, he wasn't fighting anymore.
"See you in hell." I said as his eyes saw who I was for the last time.

"It's okay, you can come out now." I said carefully putting down Cango's body. Barnah was terrified, I could just tell by her eyes.
"Is...is he gone?"
"Yes" I replied looking at the body. "We should probably hide it, can you move out of the closet?" Barnah quickly left the closet and onto the bed. I grabbed Cango by the arms and dragged him into the cramped closet.
"Mr. Sullivan will notice!" Barnah whispered to me.
"I know."

In the morning all was quiet. Birds were chirping outside and the sounds of running water could be heard from a nearby creek.
"We should get breakfast, also my father would be wondering where I am" Barnah told me.
"I think both of should stay here." The door opened, and I stood up. It was Jenna.
"Mr. Sullivan wants to see you Barnah."
"Okay" Barnah looked at me then left the room. I was worried, what if he were to hurt her. I had guessed Jenna noticed.
"Are you alright Henry?" Jenna asked me.
"Yeah, we just had some complications last night."
"Oh I uh see"
"Not like that" I quickly said realizing what it sounded like.
"Alright," Jenna then left the room.

I was getting hungry that was for sure. But I couldn't let Sullivan see my face for one second. I started looking around the room for different clothing pieces. All I was able to collect was a black hat. I put on the hat and went to a mirror, I think I looked pretty good, and if I brought the hat down a bit it covered my eyes. I wasn't just going out to get food. I wanted to make sure that Barnah wasn't being harmed.

I left the room, walked down the hallway, and looked down at the long table full of breakfast food. Sitting down was Barnah, King Bean, and Sullivan. I couldn't bare the sight of that monster. After what he did to me, after what he did to his own son. Nothing like that would happen ever again. I met eye contact with King Bean, how would the King know that I didn't like that mad man. I didn't think he would, but he did.
"Oh!" King Bean exclaimed from the table. "Come down and join us!" King Bean said eyeing me. I couldn't move, did this just happen? In front of Sullivan? I noticed Sullivan looked at me.
"Stalking us are you? Come down dear boy and eat with us." Sullivan said with a little chuckle. I did as they said, I didn't want to look suspicious. Even though Sullivan would eventually figure out who I was.

I walk down the marble staircase and headed to the table. It was full if delicious food, my stomach growled.
"See you are hungry!" Said King Bean. "Sit down, don't worry Mr. Sullivan here won't bite."

"It is very rude to wear a hat indoors don't you think?" Sullivan told me. "Take it off" he said sternly. I tried to ignore his eyes. It felt like he was staring into my soul nonstop. I took off the black hat and held it to my chest. I had too, I looked into his eyes for the first time since he had Cango stabbed me. His eyes looked gray and frightening, he smiled at me.
"That looks better."

I was tired, I had stayed up all night, fought Sullivan's bodyguard, and hadn't eaten yet. I sat down next to Barnah. Sullivan was across the table from Barnah. King Bean had sat two seats to the right if Sullivan, he ate away at some sausage and eggs. Sullivan had been discussing relationships with Barnah. In his left hand he held a brown and silver cane. Looked to be made of partly wood and some metals. When I sat down next to her she quickly grabbed my hand and held onto it. She was scared of this man, and why wouldn't she be.

"My name is Mr. Jarvis Sullivan, but you can just call me Sullivan. And you are?" Was he joking? He had to know who I was. Even if he somehow did not know who I was I didn't care to be cautious.
"Henry, we have met before." I stared into his glossy eyes. He did not reply to me for a few seconds.
"Ah...I knew I recognized that face from somewhere." I wasn't making any emotion whatsoever.
"How's Chugga doing?" Anger started streaming through me. I let go of Barnahs hand, stood up, and smoothly laid my hands on the wooden table.
"That's real funny. I wish I could tell you, but, well, I don't know, maybe you killed him last year so it's kind of hard to tell." I stared at Sullivan with hungry eyes. I wanted to kill. Barnah stared into her hands and King Bean had stopped eating his eggs and sausage.
"Oh so you did have a child after all...Barnah." Sullivan happily said getting up from his chair.
"Don't change the subject!" I blurted out at him, not even thinking about what he just said.
"No!" Barnah yelled across the table. There stood Cango, alive and well. His neck was red from my hand but he was still standing. Beside him was Jenna, and in her arms was Barnah's child. Jenna was terrified, she stared into my eyes, wanting my help. I turned my head towards the wild man. The baby was fast asleep. Cango was not hurting any of them whatsoever but I knew he would at any time. His left hand was holding the handle of his sword in its sheath, ready for anything. King Bean had gotten up from his chair, he was trembling.
"Sullivan I think breakfast is over, let's walk the city shall we?" Said King Bean.
"Sorry Arthur I don't have time for games." Sullivan took his cane and had hit Bean with it across the head, knocking him out. Sullivan had much more strength then you would expect from an old man like him, but he also had hate.
"So what's her name?" Asked Sullivan with a nice friendly expression. Barnah said nothing as she started tiring up. There was so much on all of our minds. Cango walked over to Sullivan and gently handed the baby to him. After setting his cane beside the table. He cradle her in his arms.
"I said...what is her name?" Sullivan said much more sternly this time around.
"Maria!" Barnah finally spoke out.
"Ah a boring name of course. I have known so many Maria's, we don't need anymore, do we?
"Please" Barnah pleaded, her face in her hands.
"How about a switch?" I whispered to Sullivan.
"Me for her?" I said pointing at the child.
"May I ask who the father is?" He said totally ignoring me. Barnah poked her head out of her hands. For a split second her eyes met mine.
"Henry" she whispered.
"What was that dear?" Sullivan asked.
"Henry is the father" Barnah repeated raising her voice.
"I wish it was like that Barnah, but I know the truth."
"Switch us!" I yelled at Sullivan.
"Don't yell, you'll wake up the baby." Sullivan told me. "You've annoyed me for to long Henry, your luck just ran out."

Sullivan looked at Cango, the next second the big man started staring me down and walking towards me.
"Cango do you mind taking Barnah to the carriage after you're done? Also try not to get blood all over the place, Arthur was a great host"
"We'll see," he spoke in a grimacing voice.

This time I could not surprise attack. This time it was a real fight, I was surely doomed, but I needed to win, to help Barnah. I could not let them hurt her, or her daughter. I made that a promise.

Cango was a straightforward fighter. He didn't care to be nimble and sneaky. He was a brute, someone who just charged to the front lines. That is exactly what he did. Cango threw his right fist at my face, luckily I backed up, avoiding it. His face was beginning to get frustrated only after that one attack. I tried to be quick, dodging his attacks and pounce from a different direction.

As I thought, Cango kept throwing punches. He had to get tired eventually. I quickly looked over at Sullivan, he had taken out a small knife. He held it to Jenna's neck as they walked side by side out the tall golden doors of the castle.

Barnah was behind me, she had gotten up from her chair, trying to think of things to do. Her mind was blank, she lunged herself at Cango, trying to throw a punch. He easily pushed her aside, she fell down next to the long table. Before Cango threw anymore punches I yelled at Barnah to help Jenna till I was struck in the face, by Cango's fist. It was so strong that I fell right on my back, hitting the back of my head on the marble ground. I had gotten dizzy. Everything around me had gotten blurry. The big, tall body of Cango was right over me. I was dead, I couldn't move.

Cango stood above me, with a quick chuckle he took out his sword from it's wooden sheath. Above my chest he held it with two hands, about to stab me.
"I want to make this feeling last" Cango said with a huge grin. My senses were coming back, before I couldn't even move my neck, now I could. I tried to grab the sword with my hand, but he pushed my arm done with his left foot.

Cango raised the sword up, and then down. I closed my eyes, hoping everything would be fine. Cango was just inches away front my chest when he suddenly stopped. Someone was standing behind him. It was Barnah. She had gotten a sharp cutting knife from the table and had stabbed Cango with it. The man was motionless, he did not speak, but stared into my eyes. I slithered out from under him, never looking away in case he moved. I slowly stood up, still feeling wobbly. After a couple of seconds the Indian man's eyes had changed. There was no more life in them. His legs gave out and Cango fell to the ground. Then, finally, he was gone.

Barnah was not moving, she was thinking about what she had just done.
"Barnah, I know this is scary, I need you to stay with me and help me get the others." She stared at her hands while I went and picked up Cango's sword, just in case. She was still standing in that same spot. I gently grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes.
"Please" I asked, she nodded her head and we walked out of the castle together.

Barnah and I emerged from the large castle. Down the stone road was a yellow carriage. Two dark brown horses stood still, side by side attached to it. There was Sullivan, he had told Jenna to get in, and that is what she did. He then waited for Cango, but he would never return.

I was ready. I would finally get my revenge. Barnah walked to the left of me, her arm wrapped around mine. She felt safe with me, and that boosted my confidence. It was just Sullivan, an old man with a stubborn personality.

The elder man had been leaning against one of the large wheels of the carriage, smoking a cigar in one hand and his cane in the other. He had seen us. Sullivan stood up straight.
"Well done" he told me. "How did you do it?" I did not answer. "I see, you're going to do this again." Sullivan took in some of his cigar smoke, held it, then slowly exhaled. "What will you do now Henry? Kill me? A poor helpless old man?"
"Everything that happens to you from now on is justice." I had let go of Barnah's arm.
"How about a switch like you said?" Sullivan's voice had changed, he was getting worried. Since his tough bodyguard was gone, he had nothing. I had never seen him like this before. Sullivan continued "you let me go, and I'll give you your maid friend, Barnahs daughter, and your son!" I stared into his eyes, I was tired of these lies.
"Stop lying!" I yelled at him, making him jump.
"That's the thing, I am not lying Henry" Sullivan smirked at me. "Your son, Chuggaconroy is still alive. He is right next to me." It couldn't be true.
"My son died by your men last year" I could not take my eyes off the man. Everything was happening in a spark that was starting a fire. I did not know what to think. Was it true or another one of his disgusting lies?

I heard a faint whisper from inside the yellow carriage. It was so soft but loud enough that we could hear it. It was said again but much louder this time.
My heart dropped. Could it really be him. I lunged for the door of the carriage and began to open it. Like a flash of lighting striking the ground Sullivan took out his weapon from in his cane. He quickly punctured my chest. I groaned in agony.
"What a coincidence" Sullivan noted. "First wound to the last" he said chuckling. The slit was just inches from my heart. The blood was staining my white blouse, and vest. Barnah ran over and held me as I almost fell forwards. I was fine. I could make this. I did before. I thought Sullivan had given up, I had totally forgotten about his hidden blade. That snake.

I had regained every inch of my body. All of its energy. Yes, the wound hurt, it felt like my chest was being boiled. I stared down Sullivan, fists and jaw clenched. His smile was wiped from his face as I steadily walked towards him.
"You won't be able to hurt anyone anymore." I told him steadily, I automatically threw my right fist at him, he didn't have anytime to stop me. One punch was all I needed, it knocked Sullivan clean off his feet. He was knocked out, and thank god for that. I didn't have to deal with him anymore. Even after everything this man had done to me, and others, it didn't feel right, may he rot in jail.

"Is it okay to come out?" Asked Jenna from inside the yellow carriage. I opened the door, Jenna stepped out still holding Maria. Jenna walked to Barnah and gave a comforting hug to one another. I gazed into the carriage room to spot a small figure. There he was, my dear boy. He slowly stepped down onto the stone path. He looked the same as when I last saw him. Short curly hair, and hazel eyes. I kneeled down in front of him. He was crying, which made me tear up. I smiled and tightly hugged him while holding his head. I felt the tears after they rolled off his cheeks. It was a moment that I would never forget. I loved him so much.

Minutes later, crowds of people started showing up around us. Wondering what had happened. Even King Bean walked out of the castle to find us. Barnah looked at her father and hugged him tightly as he got close enough to us. He was okay, thankfully. I had found my son, I had gotten my revenge. Barnah and her friends and family were safe. Sullivan laid on the ground motionless. He was going to be kept away, for a long time.

:Four months later:

After a long day of going from store to store in town I had finally gotten what I needed. I walked into the King and Queens castle on top of that same green hill. I passed the long dinner table, quickly walked up the marble staircase and opened the double doors to the magnificent library. Barnah sat in one of the chairs and was reading a book.
“Barnah,” I asked as I took something out of one of my pockets.
“I started reading that book you recommended,” She told me before turning around. Once she did she looked confused. She looked beautiful, with a blue dress the color of the sky outside. I held a very small red box with both of my hands, nailing down I opened the box and inside was a ring.

It happened. Everything was perfect. And I mean everything. The wedding, the family, the huge celebration the city had. I saw different familiar faces, such as Jonathon the Captain of the ship and his crew who saved my life. I wouldn’t have been here without them. The villain was gone, we had nothing to worry about anymore. The past was behind us.

After the wedding I had a dream that night. It was like a continuation of another dream I had before. I was fishing with Chugga. We looked onto the water and saw her. A beautiful lady. Long dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Her dress was made of pure milky white as she hovered over the lake, looking at us.
“Why is she smiling? Is she happy?” Chugga asked.
“Yes, she is.” The woman continued to smile, and turned away into the stary sky.
“Goodbye sweetheart.”

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