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Rated: E · Fiction · Adult · #2197367
A section taken from my end of the world story. Im new to writing so trying my best.
As he stood overjoyed at the sight of a control panel, he become mesmerised at the spectacles of light which danced across its dusty surface. Suddenly, an audible crunch had his undivided attention. With lighting speed, he spun looking in all directions whilst fine tuning his senses to identify the sounds origin. The brave man bravado was long lost and although he studied the darkness for sings of movement, his shaking hand squeezed tighter and tighter at the holstered handgun. The inadequate lighting didn’t help matters at all, if the attack at the train hadn't happened, he`d sure as hell not venture into this place without backup. A singular lamp spilled light in to the centre of the room creating a fuzzy white haze as disturbed dust glistened in the rooms gentle breeze, “surely a room this size should have more lighting”. The corners of the room seemed darker than dark a deciding factor to why he hadn't searched around the boundary walls for an exit. Frustratedly he shouted, “ i just needed to be out of this bloody room”, after finishing the sentence he look once again at the control panel.
Although he was no electrician and never prided himself at being electrically minded the diagrams and buttons looked pretty simple to use; primarily the switches looked to have only two settings on and off. Standing out from the many flicker`s and flashes was a switch named (Cage Exit), it`s light continually pulsated between orange and green. “Is it broken, why is it so different to the others, what does it do”- is cage exit the name of this area perhaps. A short battle perused as he thought back the notion of pressing the switch bringing back all them feelings of being a child with a new toy. “Come on if you don’t, you're going to be trapped down here, it's gotta be worth a try”, desperate for an escape out of the place or it could have been curiosity that made the decision, never less he gently flicked the switch into an upright position. Nothing happened, for some reason he`d imagined that once he had flicked the switch at least something obvious would occur, maybe even a few laser lights like out of the action movies.
Several seconds passed and nothing but the buzz from an electrical unit echoed in the room's vastness. “You piece of shit” he yelled disgusted at the contraption, “you have one job and only one purpose in life and you can't even do that”. Reaching down to use the switch once again he heard a slight click Then the entire control panel began to de-luminate light by light, followed by a smouldering stench of electrics which caused him to back step. “Fuck” he slammed his hand into the control panel asif to bring the old machinery back to life, “nooo don’t do this to me you piece of junk” he swiftly slammed his hand again into the metal casing but the light`s remained off. The only thing which may have been a way out of this hell hole was now broken, or so he thought. The control panel seemed to be make a different noise at its own accord, then seconds later the lights began to reactivate across the board, oddly the lights were all now a bright green colour. “It worked, it must have worked” he uttered happy and relieved. As he waited in anticipation for something, anything to happen it crossed his mind that maybe Cage Exit could have had a more troubling meaning, a gut instinct told him to un-holster his weapon and be ready for anything. Looking through the weapons sight he focused it`s barrel into the surrounding darkness as an eerie silence consumed the room, the calm before the storm he thought.
A high pitch grinding sound flooded the room reverberating wall to wall making it impossible to pin point its exact location, whatever it was it seemed to be opening and very heavy. A screech caused his knees to tremble and body to shake “what was that”; as he stood overwhelmed by the first screech another sliced its way through the air twisting and knotting his stomach muscles due to its high pitch. He had never heard screeches like it, however he was pretty damn sure it wasn`t human nor an animal. The screeches were replaced by loud thuds which shook the rooms foundations, something was moving but these weren't no ordinary footsteps. Panic and fear ran a riot as he aimed the weapon into the darkness, instinct took over and with a horsey voice he shouted “Tritoff city police! Stop or I will open fire”; even though he knew there would be no reply he wanted to bring some sort of normality to the situation and take back control. A harrowing screech tore through the room causing the overhead light to flicker, as the stomps became faster paced. Whilst aiming the gun, he used his free hand to search his utility pouches quickly ascertaining that he had two fully loaded magazines at the ready and one already in the weapon. If whatever's making the noise turns out to be like them Weepers from back at the train, it was a necessity to have as much ammo as possible.
His heart stopped as he seen a bulky dark mass lunge out from the darkness landing centre of the room directly underneath the overhead spotlight, its grotesque figure swayed side to side dripping a dark liquid which seemed sither and smoke on impact to the floor; a repulsing smell of rotten flesh clung to the beasts matted fur along with golf ball size tumour that had evidently torn through the hosts skin. The light highlighted many wounds across it`s blood-soaked body and it was hard to comprehend how something could have endured so many injuries and still be standing. He gasped and looked on with amazement at the arms, they were stretched and most definitely unusable; as his eyes continued to wonder down the things body he noticed two well-polished axes connected to the lower section of the arm, clearly a lot of time and resources had been used to create its terrifying look. With an ever more increasing look of complete horror he murmured “what the hell are you, why would BioChem create such a thing”.
As it moved it became clear why it struggled to stay upright the axes weren't just ordinary axes, they were heavy and clearly designed to inflict a lot of damage. The thing let out an almighty screeched whilst eyeing up its pray an although Tim remained silent and stationary it was as if it could smell his fear. Watching its every movement Tim waited patiently aiming towards it`s sunken cheek bones in a relatively calm state, steadying his breathing for the perfect shot; he knew to beat this thing he would have to understand its movements and thoughts. Suddenly, the thing began snarling and smashing its axes simultaneously into the floor, every strike devastated the metal foundations chopped through the platform like a knife to butter. Its angry traits and motions resembled an animal he was all to familure with.
Back when he was a young boy at school his class had been fortunate enough to visit a safari park. However, unbeknown to the teachers Tim decided to lead a party of pupils into a restricted area resulting in them being rescued from an angry gorilla cage, luckily no one was hurt but the traumatic experienced was imprinted into his brain and once again he was re-living the ordeal.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2197367