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On the importance of being yourself.
While walking in the park Mac met
a trio—Me, Myself and Aye.
Myself and Me were face to face,
in fact the two were eye to eye.

“I wish I were Aye,” Myself said;
Aye sat relaxed, he was quite staid.
Myself then added with aplomb,
“If I were Aye, I’d have it made!”

Me whitened like a picket fence;
his eyes grew big like wagon wheels.
Aye looked at Mac who slightly grinned;
Mac leaned a bit back on his heels.

“Yeah yeah,” was heard from Aye’s thin lips;
Me cleared his throat, stared at Myself.
“Perhaps,” said Me, “You’d dust such talk
and put it back upon you shelf!”

“If I can interject,” said Mac,
as Me, Myself and Aye lent ear,
“I do not mean to be so brash,
but this, I think, you all should hear.”

“Allow me to quote Oscar Wilde:”
Be yourself, everyone else
is already taken.”

(Mac held his tongue and simply gazed
  as Me, Myself and Aye looked dazed.)

Like laurel leaves or meadowlark,
all three were calm and free of strain.
The trio Mac found in the park
seemed glad to be at peace again.

Yet as Mac walked away he heard
Aye raise his voice that summer day.
As Me told Myself about Aye…Aye
snapped, “I’ll speak for myself, okay!” 

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