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A traveler comes to the Library of Mystic Knowledge seeking his destiny.
In a kingdom hidden behind mountain terrain and an army of hungry tigers there was a city. In that city was the Library of Mystic Knowledge.

A particularly noteworthy tale is that of the three books of destiny. If one requests to know their destiny the Librarian will hand them three books.

The people of the library town are said to be happy, gifted and motivated in pursuing the arts and sciences. It is not uncommon then for a wanderer, such as is Barne today, to come and ask for the books of their destiny.

"Give them to me, please, with haste. I have traveled far and wide to get to this town and know my destiny." for he had sick siblings at home and parents unable to support them. As he traded goods for money he happened upon a chance to visit the library town.

"Follow me." the librarian told him and so he did.

She took him through the library and to a room unlike all the others. In it there was a table with three books. One of stone, one of glass and one of feathers.

"What foolishness is this." he said. There was shock and a little anger in his voice.

"Read your destiny."

He tried and failed. For the glass slid from his fingers and broke, for the stone was too heavy for his arms, for the feathers could not stay together and it was as if he were plucking a chicken.

Disheartened he turned to leave, but the Librarian told him.

"Traveler, one cannot hold their destiny for it will slip, it is too heavy a burden to be lifted alone, and made of too many chunks to be understood."

Besides leaving he also told the people waiting in line not to bother.
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