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by itsysa
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life as we know it
I guess there are some things in this world we don't understand.
There goes the question of "Why is the sky blue?," with the people expecting a knowledge-based answer or simply an explanation just out of instinct or intuition.
I guess the world we have is made out of guesses, one-shot deals that then implies how necessary actions must be taken, now or never.
At least one thing's for sure - we don't know everything and that's just okay.

Maybe we don't have full knowledge of what's yet to come or why most people would say, "We choose to love and get hurt."
The highly comical yet less comedic twisted facet of life is that we still choose to go through with it even if there's an existing 50-50 of success or probable failure.
And then we are faced with a two-way path, and encounter a new friend, regret.
"We should have gotten that house."
"I should have said yes."
"I should have chosen her."
With regret comes another monster named "fear." Fear follows regret when regret has already caused enough damage.
Although we perceive fear and regret in a pessimistic angle, maybe it exists as a reminder that we are alive.
Maybe it's just as simple as we fear and regret losing the people we love.

But most of all, we fear the idea of wasting an extraordinary life before it even starts.
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