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Bloom where you are planted
Rock Seeds

WC 300

Harry Carter looked out his kitchen window and surveyed his yard. A green carpet stretched from the kitchen to the garage and made him smile. He loved his yard and loved taking care of it. But wait, what was this? A little girl was methodically walking along the edge of the yard, shaking something out of a soda bottle and then sprinkling it on the lawn. It was Madalyn from next door.

Harry raced outside. "What are you doing Madalyn?"

"I'm planting seeds." She continued to shake out whatever was in the bottle and sprinkle it over Harry's beautiful green carpet.

"Well, stop! I don't want any seeds. Go home!"

"But they are beautiful rock seeds." Madalyn held up the bottle and sure enough. The bottle was full of pebbles. "You water them and grow rocks."

"Go home Madalyn."

Madalyn was a well-behaved, if rather curious child, and did what she was told. "Okay. Bye, Mr. Carter." She skipped on home.

Harry knelt down, picked up some of the pebbles but soon knew it would be impossible to find them all. "Curses. I'll never find them all, but my mower will."
He marched to Madalyn's house and knocked on the door. Her mother answered.

"Do you let Madalyn out unsupervised?"

"Um, well, no, why?" Madalyn's mother answered, baby on hip.

"This isn't over!" Harry Carter marched back to his house.

A day or two went by. The grass was watered as usual. But one day, as Harry stood at his back window a wondrous sight met his eyes. The rock seeds had sprouted. A garden of rocks had grown overnight. Huge boulders were in his back yard. Some were the size of trucks, some smaller and the size of melons.

"The faith of a child," was all Harry could think.

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