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Poem that describes how a girl is trapped by the guy who was never concerned of love.
He was busy building a trap for me
Like the trap any hunter would make for its prey
And no doubt, I was his ultimate next fresh prey

Ohh!!! He greeted me nice when we first met
Trying to make some good impressions
Asking me to have some alone time together
To know each other more way better

The next day when he came to my place
He had some favorite food of mine carried on his hands
I was left with the unlimited happiness for that time

We cooked food together
We laughed, we talked, we also sang to each other
And dancing to each other moves was next perfect moment i could figure

He then slept over my bed
While I was sitting in the couch
When he slowly pulled me towards him, he had already figured it out
While I was still unknown what was gonna happen the next
With the heartbeats in the increased pace, we kissed each other without any haze

He smooched me all over
None of my body parts were left untouched
"Ohh that touch!!!"- yes, it still awakens my feelings where all my feelings got naked

He got all over me crazily like the hungriest one
Wandering in the deepest pond of lust
And Wanting to give my body the final touch

When we made the moves
I would scream in joy making me want him more and more
It was then when he completely got into me as I was deeply fallen into the trap
Being unknown he was never gonna be back

Yes!!! The fresh one was all he wanted
Yes!!! The lust trap he built was successful again
And Yes!!! The feelings got destroyed again

But no regrets as I believed it to be my fate
I walked away, built myself stronger, to escape
Knowing more hunters are still roaming around to fulfill their hunger
I decided to set myself free this time
And Yes!!! I am surely not gonna be anyone's prey again

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