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Two unbelievable mass shootings in one weekend; My own thoughts on those...
It is still difficult for us to believe that there have been back-to-back shootings in two cities that are a part of two states, all in one weekend alone; It is also difficult to believe the question of if we would ever be safe in any place we thought was safe ever again? When will this ever stop? When will it ever stop?
In El Paso, Texas, a gunman stormed into a Walmart, taking 22 lives, all because his mind and soul have been tainted with hate. When will all of this hate ever stop? When will it ever stop?
In Dayton, Ohio, another gunman stormed into a bar and took 9 lives, before he too was gunned down by police; Now, I do not know what exactly caused him to kill people, but what I do know that lawmakers must somehow, somewhere, find a way to get Congress to do something about gun control… However, Congress has done nothing so far. So, the question is this: When will THIS ever stop? When will it ever stop?

As you are reading this right now, this great country of ours is still reeling from those weekend tragedies, and we sort of wonder if we could ever get over this and move on; Could this country ever have one day or even one weekend without ANY shooting tragedy? Unfortunately, we cannot ever go back and change the evil that has been done, so we have no choice but to move forward and to try and do what we can to make these awful days just a whole lot brighter. Maybe one could send gift baskets to families of the victims with a card attached to let them know that they are thinking of them; or maybe we could just pray and ask the Lord God to watch over and bless the families of the victims, sending them His love.
Say, remember those live, televised concert specials that have aired on both broadcast and cable networks, ones that have aired after every tragedy, such as September 11th, 2001 as well as Hurricane Katrina? Well, as far as this country trying to recover from those mass shootings goes, it might happen, but I don't think it would, just thinking…
I think the very best thing would be for lawmakers to lobby gun control as very best as they can; I know that it would be a long, hard process, but I know that the outcome would be worth the effort. In the meantime, the best we can do is to pray and offer condolences to the families of the victims, while offering them a gorgeous thing called kindness.

May the Lord God bless them all.
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