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Community challenge August 2019 from media "Run boy Run"

Running from the Past
By Lisa Noe

They are creeping up behind you,
Ready to devour the entire you.
You’d better get to going,
Those monsters are behind you

Run boy Run,
get away from all that’s after you.
Run boy Run.
Outrun those who will have you.

It is the past that’s after you.
It is going to ruin you.
Run boy Run,
Faster than you ever ran.

You can’t outrun I,
It is set to ruin your life.
You can’t leave it behind,
No matter how fast you run.

Those monsters, they are in your head.
You think you’ve left them, but instead,
They’ll run through your mind,
Never letting you leave them behind.

Run boy Run,
Not that it does a bit of good.
Your past follows you, as it should,
But still, Run boy Run!
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