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A short story based on a music prompt for a 48 hour contest.

         Bernard's having a nightmarish prophetic dream. He's eight, has brown hair and brown eyes. He's running and running away from someone or something. It's dark and gloomy outside and giant mossy demonic men are unearthing themself from the ground constantly. They keep eyeballing Bernard and he just keeps running and running.

         Bernard and the demonic men keep this up when all of the sudden, a helmet and sword appear for Bernard. Will he use the sword on the mossy demonic men? No, Bernard doesn't choose to defeat or fight these unusual mossy demonic men, instead he chooses to continue to keep running.

"When will this stop? Why are these demonic mossy men chasing me?" asked Bernard while continuing to run. He starts to see something light and bright in the distance and chooses to keep running toward it. It looks as though it's some sort of a city.

"Guess I'll just keep running then until I reach this bright white city, onward!" said Bernard harshly.

         Suddenly, a demonic man with a crown appears and stares at Bernard with pure black eyes. He's larger than the others but for some reason he and the others do nothing but stare at Bernard. Bernard just continues to keep running toward the city and doesn't seem to mind that all of these demonic men and now their king unearth them self by him.

         Bernard finally stops and stares up at the city. He doesn't care that all of these demonic men and their king are all right behind him. For some bizarre reason, they all stop and stare up at the city too. The prophetic dream ends after Bernard and the demonic men and king stare up at the city.

"Wow! What a nightmare prophetic dream that was! I can't believe that someday I'm going to have to go through that with all of those demonic men! I guess that I'll be the only boy left that they didn't destroy!" said Bernard.

         Suddenly, a blue angel appears. He stands in the air near by Bernard. Bernard looks surprised.

"Who are you?" asks Bernard.

"I am an angel. I am here to tell you that the dream you had will become real one day. Always remember to keep running and try not to ever look back until you reach the giant white city," said the angel seriously.

"Yes I will, thank you," said Bernard.

"The demonic men and king won't be able to touch you though because you're a pure soul. Don't ever fear this when you come across this. I know you will do well. God let you see this prophetic dream to show you that you'll be alright," said the blue angel.

"Thank you for telling me this," said Bernard going back to sleep happy knowing that he'll be alright.

~ The End! ~

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2197721