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A twelve-year old wants to return to the Pirate Swimming Pool.
In my twelve year old mind I desire Saalbach;
the Pirate Swimming Pool to be exact.  Do
I want to go back?  The answer is, Yes!
Water crystal blue and icy fresh, lush
green landscapes amid snow-
capped mountains which
come out of the sky
and stand there. 

Pirate ships carve the Earth
to dock adjacent to the Käpt’n Hook                                             
adventure area.  In my mind I hear pirates
hollar, Aye Matey as they scoop gold doubloons
from a weathered treasure chest, swords
drawn.  They extend the plank, ready
to end all traitors and mutineers. 

Imagination comes gladly to me in Saalbach;
fun imprints itself in my pliant twelve-year
old mind, in clear resolution with sharp
edges.  I water-slide and feel the
cool splashes, even in my

Yes, the Pirate Swimming Pool
caresses and impresses me,
forms lifelong smiles in my
psyche, readies me for a
journey about to begin,
that of adolescence.
I sing of Saalbach
in my mind, and
long to return.
It is truly

*goat…greatest of all time.

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