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A visitor from Wonderland.
White Rabbit And Me

I look outside my window; he is waiting by my door,
does that mean that him and me are going to explore?
I open up that door and he hops straight inside of it,
then looks around to find the perfect spot in which to sit.
It really is so very clear, it is so plain to see,
that instead of leading, he has come to visit me.
We have a game of rummy and beating him is hard,
for no matter what his talents he is lucky with the cards.
I read him a few stories and he sits there on my lap,
I kind of get suspicious that he’s taking him a nap.
Still, now we’re invigorated, perhaps we’ll do some art
I bring out paints and paper and I hope that he’ll take part.
With such a dainty swipe of paw, he mixes up his shades,
with the ability of an artist he brings to life his escapades.
So many figures he depicts from his home in Wonderland,
each one so recognizable with the deftness of his hand.
But soon the paint is used up and I don’t have any more,
he makes no move to leave but sets to cleaning up his paw.
I clean away the palettes, hang the paintings up to dry,
and have an inspiration that I think that I will try.
“Well, now Mr Rabbit, would you like to stay for tea?
We could have a picnic just designed for you and me.”
He might not speak a word but I am sure he nods his head
so I set about preparing just what I’d gone and said.
I laid out a pretty cloth, put on it plates and cutlery,
and finished in the center with a pot of strawberry tea.
There were tiny sticks of carrots, lettuce, celery,
and dainty little sandwiches; each one I’d cut in three.
Fairy cakes of pink and white, a carrot-cake gateau;
I pulled out all the stops for he’s the best of friends, you know.
But soon the table emptied, crumbs were all that’s left,
our tea party was over and I felt a bit bereft.
White Rabbit gave a little bow, he went and kissed my nose,
the highest sign of friendship from a rabbit, as it goes.
I open up my door again and wave him on his way;
I know that he’ll be back but I still wish that he would stay.
He’s left to me his paintings, those scenes from Wonderland;
I set about the clearing up and know that life is grand!{linespace
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