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When invited to his friends house, Carson learns of Jack's Mom's secret.
It was just another day, i was scrolling through twitter when i got the notification. It was an email from an old family friend. She said she was throwing a party for a bunch of her son's friends and thus, i was invited. So i asked my parents, packed my things, and drove to their lakehouse.
*2 hours later*
Turns out I was the first one there, that or no one else showed up. "Guess I should start walking in, the lights are off though, weird." I thought to myself.
*knock knock*
Finally Beth opened the door, "Oh Carson you came, now since its late, Jack is already asleep, so you should go change in the bathroom really quick."
"Strange," I thought, "Jack's always considered himself a nightowl, I mean maybe he was tired but still..." Putting that thought aside, I grabbed my bag, but before I could leave she stopped me.
"Oh no need to wear any of those, I picked out some clothes for you. I believe i picked the right size but please tell me if I'm wrong."
"Oh well thank you Beth, i appreciate it."
"I'll take that bag off your hands though, I'll put it where you'll be sleeping"
"Sounds good, thanks." I remember thinking how strange that sounded, but I trusted Beth so I just went on with it.
When i opened the bathroom door, I saw a pair of ruffled pink panties and a pink bra with bows. "Yikes, I guess Beth left these here on accident, now where are those clothes she left." I continued searching but with each failed attempt, I began to wonder if she left the underwear for me. I shuttered at the thought, there was no way I would wear that, especially since I still have all my other clothes. "I better go ask her where she left them."

"Hey Beth?"
"Yes sweetie?"
"You sure you left clothes in there for me. All I found was your underwear."
"Oh Carson, honey, those are for you. Silly me, I should have clarified."
"I cant wear those, Jack would see me in them."
"Oh dont worry, he already knows."
"What about the other people coming to the party?"
"No one else is coming, it was just you. You have nothing to worry about. Please, do it for me." I felt like I had to now, like a favor almost, just for knowing her for so long.
"A-Alright, but I wont enjoy."
"If you say so sweetie."
I shamefully walked into the bathroom and looked at the bra and panties. "Am I really gonna do this?" I thought. "I guess I have to." As I pulled my shorts and boy underwear down, the panties seemed to call to me, like I should've been wearing them my whole life. I immediatelt felt excited and compelled to put them on. And as I did, it seemed right, like I had to do this. When I finally pulled them on, I couldnt wait to put my bra on. I quickly yanked off my shirt and lifted my bra. "What the hell..." Underneath it was a pink, silicone, cock cage. "Why would I wear that?" Even then though, I could hear a voice telling me it was only right. "I'll put the bra on, and if putting that cage on still seems right, I'll lock it." I told myself, but I knew I'd end up with it on no matter what.
Like the panties, it felt good to put the bra on, it felt normal even. Unfortunately, I still wanted to put that cage on, so I pulled my panties down and after a hot minute of figuring out how to properly put it on, I finally got it. And it didnt hurt or feel bad or anything. It felt safe.
I finally emerged from the bathroom to show Beth
*Ill keep working on it over time.*
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