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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Fantasy · #2197811
I am finally beginning to play Dungeons & Dragons and have to create a backstory.
This is the story of Ceridwyn Noir. A rogue succubus elf who has a drive for vengeance. And who finds love in the place she least expected.

At a young age Ceridwyn Noir was the next in line for the Chief of her tribe of succubi. She often wondered if she would ever gain her powers. When questioned about it her mother simply stated "In due time my darling." So, she decided that until that time came she would spend every minute with her best friend, Kyla. They often visited the outskirts of the tribe borders. Wondering when the day would come that they could step to the other side just like their mothers do.

A few years pass and their friendship only grows stronger and stronger. One day, as they are returning home, they notice that something is off. While Ceridwyn didn't doubt that Kyla was strong, she was still the oldest and the next in line for chief. She turned to Kyla and said "Stay close...". She then attempted to quietly make her way to her mothers quarters. She stepped in and the horror that crossed her face was enough to tell Kyla that they needed to leave and now. They ran towards the forest and away from their home. Out of breath they stopped thinking that they should be safe for a few minutes. Kyla turned to Ceridwyn and asked with a worried expression, "Ceridwyn what's going on?" Ceridwyn began to remember the sight of her mothers blood pooled around a dagger that obviously belonged to an orc. As she began to explain what she had seen a hand wrapped around her ponytail and mouth. Her attacker was not alone. Kyla was gagged as well. While Ceridwyn began to struggle Kyla took a more violent approach. However, while this allowed her to escape for a moment, another enemy stepped out of the shadows, simply flicking his wrist and splitting open Kyla's throat.

Although Ceridwyn was a strong fighter the sight of her now deceased friend was too much for her. She looked into the eyes of her attackers and realized the dagger that was used to kill her mother was theirs. Three orcs had her surrounded. She couldn't stand the sight of them. She closed her eyes tightly. That's when she heard them speak for the first time. The one who had killed Kyla grabbed her chin and said "Those eyes will be opened soon enough." She realized what this meant. She was a succubus after all. She tried to break free but failed. As the orcs began to rape her she felt a feeling rise from her stomach to her throat. Her body began to change and before she could realize what was happening the three orcs had finished. They dropped her and before she could even get a foot on the ground, they each fell down dead beside her.

Ceridwyn looked down at herself and realized she had finally gained her powers. "Not a moment too late." she muttered sarcastically to herself. She looked over to Kyla and began to cry. She took the necklace that Kyla always wore from around her neck. When she looked up she realized it would be dark soon. She buried her friend and vowed to set forth and destroy every male creature orc or not that dared to lay a hand on a woman without her permission. She then put the necklace she had kept in her pouch. She turned to the dead orcs and took all the currency and resources she could carry and set out in search of the nearest village.

After about 3 years had passed, she was in a local tavern of the village that she had come across. She heard rumors of this tavern being the hotspot for criminals. She couldn't think of a better way to pass time than hunt down more rapists.
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