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A short fluff scene, lots of kissing, and some self-doubt.
Campbell dragged herself up off the floor where she had been sitting. A group of her friends had gathered to play games together. It hadn’t surprised Campbell when the boys had pulled out the poker chips towards the end of the night. She didn’t mind, she liked playing poker now, especially against Kellen. He was a master at bluffing and always made the game entertaining.

It had only been a few weeks since Campbell had admitted to herself that she liked Kellen. When she first met Kellen she was too distracted by his best friend Devon to realize that she liked him. Kellen was about 5”11’, had curly light brown hair and golden eyes. Campbell was a good 6 years older than him and knew she didn’t stand a chance, yet she liked him all the same.

“Hey Cam, let me walk you to your car,” Kellen said getting up from the floor as well.

“Oh that is alright Kell, I will be okay”

“No really Campbell, I insist on walking you to your car”

“Okay but really I can manage on my own.” Campbell was so busy gathering up her purse and shoes that she didn’t notice the smirk Devon was giving Kellen. The two boys had talked about Kellens plan to spend a few moments alone with Campbell. Kellen had feelings for the girl and according to Devon, it was time he did something about it. So the plan of walking her to her car had developed.

The pair walked side by from the living room to the front door. Kellen opened the door motioning for her to walk through the door first. Campbell's heartbeat quickened as she stepped out into the crisp night air. She didn’t know why but Kellen walking her to her car had her heart in knots. The sound of the door shutting made her jump a little, which earned her a chuckle from Kellen. Her skin tingled when Kellen wrapped his fingers around her wrist. He gently tugged her wrist stopping her from walking further.

“Hold up Cam, I was hoping I could talk to you for a second” his voice shook ever so slightly as he spoke causing her to stop in her tracks. She turned so she was facing him, her eyes getting caught up in his.

“What’s up?” she managed to get out finally.

“Well, there is something that I need to tell you...” he paused taking a deep breath. This was a side of Kellen she had never seen; it was giving her butterflies. Her cheeks blushed as his hand reached out twirling a strand of her hair in his fingers. “...I need to tell you that... that I like you.”

“Wait... me? You like me?” he could see in her eyes just how surprised she was that he liked her. He tucked the strand of hair he’d been playing with behind her ear, letting the back of his hand brush her cheek.

“Yes, You, Campbell Olsen I like you,” He said as he took her hands placing them on his shoulders.

“But I...well I am just me” her matter of fact tone made Kellen sad. He pulled her in close hugging her tightly

“Oh Cam, you are so much more than you will ever be able to see and I hope to help you see that.” Campbell pulled away slightly so she could look up at his face. Her eyes met his golden ones and she knew that he was serious. Her fingers were tingling as she watched his face get closer to hers. “I'm going to kiss you now Cam,” Kellen whispered seconds before his lips found hers. Her legs became weak under her as his lips pressed to hers again. She let her hands find his hair using him to hold herself upright. Kellen pulled back from the kissing a smile on his face. “I could get used to kissing you,” he told her before letting their mouths met again. This time she kissed back letting herself get lost in the strength of his arms and the feel of his lips. When he broke the kiss this time she felt a moment of disappointment. It didn’t last long as Kellen started to apply gentle kisses to her cheeks. Her face was burning and she knew her she was probably the color of a rose by now.

When Kellen finally stopped kissing her she looked down at the floor. She wouldn’t ever be able to look Kellen in the eyes again she thought to herself. “Oh no you don’t pretty lady” he growled putting both his hands on her cheeks tilting her face to look at him. “I see you doubting the truth, I like you Campbell, I want to hold you like this all night long. You are beautiful, and smart and funny. Just to name a few things I like about you.” he placed a gentle kiss on the tip of her noes. “Will you be my girlfriend?” she was giggling now

“Of course I will” she replied. His lips found hers once more in a tender kiss.

The end...

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