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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Crime/Gangster · #2197831
Bringing the truth to life!!!
Help me! Call a dr. I must be sick, it hurt's. I can't breathe. The pain is taking over. Off to the dr. Office I went.

I can heal you word's were spoke to me. You will feel better in no time, out came a pen and a pad of paper.

Take two a day, the word's that were wrote. So I left to the pharmacy I drove. Happy as can be, I was finally getting relief from the pain.

I opened tell bag pull out bottle of pills, grab two out, popped them in my month, This was just the beginning of my hell!!!

Nobody told me, the truth of what taking these drug's was gonna do, the consequences I was going to face.

They didn't say I was going to become a slave to a drug, or I was going to sell everything I've ever owned and become a homeless bum.

They didn't tell me I was going to burn every bridge, and lose all trust from everyone I've ever known.

On the pill bottle the word's said warning may cause dizziness, do not drive or operate heavy machinery.

It didn't say one was going to be to many, but a thousand would never be enough, or every hope,and dream I ever had would soon be crushed.

Or the fact I would soon become a liar, a thief, a burden to everyone, hit a rockbottom I couldn't escape from.

Alone and hopeless, always searching for my next high, not only am I still in pain, without a pill my body isn't normal.

I lost myself, and ruined my life, no fight left in me. Im hopless, with nobody to turn too.

I must focus, if something didn't change my next stop was going to be dead or in prison and neither of those places I wanted to be.

I had enough, this wasn't the way I wanted my life to end. I finally reached out for help, before it was to late.

I went to a treatment facility and never looked back again, piece by piece I've slowly mended my life and self back together, it wasn't easy, year's later I'm still recovering from that dr. Visit.

I stand here today, to be the world's warning label on prescription drug's, The front of every pill bottle should say,

Warning do not take, this drug will take your life, you will beco!e a slave,a liar, a thief, you will lose everything and everyone who you ever loved.

PLEASE I beg you today, do not take these drug's, I was very lucky and was able to bounce back and get help.

Some people don't make it out of this, and live a life of he'll and misery. Get help before it's too late.

If you or someone you know are am addict reach out!!!

By:Elizabeth Smith
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