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The next social media challenge.
A new social media challenge is here;
Rocking is rigor to tax any man.
Tuck yourself into a folded position, 
then commence rocking the best that you can.

Begin by sitting to get yourself ready;
this is the time for you to walk the walk.
Knees to you chest, grasp your legs, hold them tightly;
now you are ready to let yourself rock.

Tailbone to neck you are curved for the action;
in body Rocking you rock on your spine.
Yet the position is far from becoming;
little less human and more like a nine. 

Cuddles my tabby observes as I practice;
he eyes me narrowly like a cat will.
After I rock a few times by the love-seat,
Cuddles meows, Human won’t you keep still?

Care is essential—this rocking can get you;
make sure there’s room so you don’t hurt your neck. 
I must confess I have rattled my noggin,
exclaiming something much stronger than heck.

(Doctors I know do not care for this rocking;
  some opine forcefully…they are not slack.
  When I approach them with Rocking's agenda,
  they are concerned that I will hurt my back.) 

Taking my rocking out into the public,
I drive to Mill Creek Park on the West Side.
On a park bench I begin outdoor rocking,
but soon the hard ground and I coincide.

Challenges go out like butterflies flitting;
Rocking the craze spreads all over the place.
Frowning and grimacing are not important,
due to the fact no one can see your face.

Once in the back of a pickup truck rocking,
there was a group spreading challenge one day.
I was astonished; my eyes bulged like beacons,
when a pot hole put the challenge away.

If Rocking should catch society’s notice,
there may be those who accept Rocking’s dare.
Be that the case, they may need skin protection;
perhaps some Fruit of the Loom leather wear.

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(Rhythm: 11-10-11-10)
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