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by Jacky
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2197856
Flash Fiction

It was pouring when Ted got home. In his car, hoping for a break in the rain since he had no umbrella and was in his best suit, he started rating his house.

He’d to park in the driveway because “his” side of the garage was stuffed with tools and storage. They’d thought the house was huge, even with a smallish basement and smaller attic space. Now, six years and two kids later, they were thinking about an addition.

Adding to the back seemed to be best and made the most sense. The kids wanted a pet and were finally old enough, but if they decided on a dog, they needed to think the backyard space carefully.

He’d was happy leaving the front alone, he loved the look. The centered front door surrounded by Lisa’s gardens. The warm glow from the windows and their huge Maple tree that blocked the afternoon sun in summer, but let in all the light in winter.

Suddenly, he noticed movement under the tree. A small animal trying to stay dry. A cat, or a raccoon? In case it was a skunk, he decided to chance getting soaked and get inside quickly.

He bolted from the car and got to the door in seconds, yet just as he opened it, something shot in in front of him. Ted yelped and bolted after it, finally cornering it in the living room, as the whole family came running.

“You got us a kitten!” Sara gushed, picking up the dripping wet kitten faster than anyone could stop her. “Dad got us a kitten,” Harry yelled, reaching to pet it. The kitten purred loud, despite being soaking wet and cold. Ted looked at Lisa. In that unspoken parent language, they made a decision.

“Let’s call him Arrow,” Ted said.
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