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A Wonderland inspired piece. Anyone for tea?
Somewhat Strange

Today I won’t be Alice,
for it’s time to have a change,
a different personality
that might be somewhat strange.
I’ll pick out all my wildest clothes,
a true rainbow collection
but there is something crucial
missing from my own reflection.
I might be looking very ‘mad’
but I still need a hat;
something weird and wonderful --
I’m very good at that!
A top hat of the deepest blue,
brown ribbon draped around;
and finished with a tiny doll
of Alice that I’ve found.
I’ll wander off and then return
bring a rabbit, fur of white,
and then set out a picnic
that I hope will bring delight.
So won’t you come and join me,
share a cake, a pot of tea;
we’ll make out it’s Wonderland
and that you are here with me.

A poem inspired by an image by Hana Lopez on Unsplash.
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