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It's raining Animals

Build the Ark

The rain fell down in sheets. It was hard to see across the street. But I swear the story I tell you is true.

First I saw the rabbit hopping across the lawn, cottontail dripping. It zigged and zagged and disappeared into the bushes. Then the cat appeared chasing said bunny into the bushes. Next came a dog after the cat following the trail of the two, nose down. I thought it would drown with all that water about. Then out of nowhere came a llama. It galloped after the canine, the feline, and the hare. I was going to start to list the animals and wonder what else I could expect on this rainy afternoon.

I didn’t have to wait more than a moment or two. Just as I was getting ready to get a cup of coffee and settle down to make that list, a cowboy on a horse gallops by. With a bow and arrow slung across his back, quick as anything he follows the llama, the dog, the cat, and the rabbit. Curious. I live in a city neighborhood and am used to strange goings-on, but this was one for the record books. Maybe the low barometer brought out the crazies.

Now I definitely decide to list the animals. Get out the journal. This would make a great story, I think. But wait. There’s more! Now I see an elephant through the rain! And on the elephant’s back rides a monkey. No lie! They chase the cowboy on the horse, the llama, the dog, the cat, and the rabbit.

Okay. It’s time to build that ark. Seems like the water is rising. And the bogosity meter is also rising. No one will believe this story.

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