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A man who spends everything he has for others, decides to enroll in Beacon Academy
The Invasion

Inside of a large tent four men were in the middle of quite the shouting match while I just quietly watched them from the corner. All four of the were commanders of their own respective armies that had been brought together after only a year of preparation. Adding into account my own armies we had the combined forces of roughly 60,000 fighters. In full honesty though, it is safe to say only half of those are quality soldiers.

One year ago today, messengers from another world had flown and delivered their message all over Remnant with flying vehicles that had never been seen before. Their message was simply that they were warriors from another dimension that had traveled her seeking to take over, but they were "honorable" people, so they would allow us a year to prepare our finest army in an attempt to defend our world. They had even given us the location at which their invasion forces would arrive at.

Within our given year the people of Remnant had managed to come together to the south bridge of the continent of Anima, forming the largest defensive force the world of Remnant had ever seen. The massive army was a combination of people from the four newly forming kingdoms as well as the Faunus. It was the first time that all of these people had come together despite their differences.

However this did not mean that they were getting along with one another.

Currently they were arguing over which army would take what position in the upcoming battle. I was just watching as the leader of the Faunus, Commander Ghulaam, was yelling at the leader of the forces from Minstral, Commander Piper. Piper had suggested that they send the Faunus, or "slaves" as he so rudely called them, to the front lines so that they could die first and lower the numbers for the rest of the army.


Piper merely shrugged his shoulders and looked back at Ghulaam with a face lacking any remorse for his words.

Piper: Well I'm sorry for referring to your people as what they are but I simply don't see the reason for calling them anything else.

Ghulaam went to draw his massive double edged sword on his back, but before he could draw it his hand was stopped by the Commander of the Mantle forces, Commander Ironwood.

Ironwood: That's enough! Both of you need to put away your squabbles and focus on the fight at our doorstep. It has already been a year since the message of their invasion was announced and we have yet to make any sort of plan as to how to stop this army.

Just then the Commander of the Vacuo forces, Wyatt, slammed his fist on the table with a confident grin on his face.

Wyatt: That's not a problem at all! We have managed to gather all of the fighting power on Remnant into one massive army. They were fools to warn us! All we have to do is wait until they get here and then crush them!!

Ironwood: Wyatt please do not tell me you are so foolish that you would believe we could win merely with our numbers alone. This army showed clear technological superiority with those flying vessels. Clearly, they have a great advantage in weapons and technology that we can’t currently keep up with.

Wyatt: Oh who cares if they have some sort of flying vehicles. We still have an army more than fifty-thousand strong! How could they possibly compete with that.

Piper: Not to mention the fact that we have becoming far more familiar with dust as of this last year.

Ghulaam: We also have the faction of Silver Eyed warriors with us. They alone will be enough to do severe damage to whatever these invaders bring with them.

Piper: Yes, the filthy animal is right. The Silver Eyed warriors are incredibly powerful.

Ghulaam immediately went for his sword again so he could strike down the man who just insulted him yet again, but he was stopped once more by Ironwood's hand. Ghulaam received a stare from Ironwood as he put his sword back and let him continue what he was saying.

Ironwood: Yes, even though we have large numbers and strong warriors with us we can’t forget the fact that we do not know how many people or weapons these invaders can bring with them. Therefore, we need a plan in order to stop them.

They all looked down in thought at Ironwoods words.

I came out from the corner of the tent for the first time since we had started this particular meeting.

???: Ironwood's right we need to come up with a strategy to defend our world from these invaders before they can arrive.

They all look up at me and I receive a thankful nod from Ironwood, before Ghulaam speaks up and asks me a question.

Ghulaam: Ok than Ozgood, leader of Vale, what do you suggest we do?

Ozgood: Well today is the anniversary of when we warned of this incoming invasion and we are still a couple day's march away from the location they said that their forces would arrive. So we should have a few days be...

But I was cut off as a young solider barged into the tent with the guards following him inside.

solider: Sir...uh..sir's they're here!

Everyone: WHAT!!

soldier: Our Scouts caught sight of them about 15 miles out.

Wyatt: How did they make it here so fast? Did they lie about where they were going to arrive?

soldier: I'm not sure about that sir, but they moving really fast in what looks like huge metal transports. They'll most likely be upon before the day has ended.

Ironwood slammed his fist enraged at the news of their enemy arriving far sooner than planned.

Ironwood: Dammit!

I wanted to console him but I too grew worried of our now sooner battle and couldn't find the strength within me to say anything to ease his frustration. So instead I thought it best to go see what we were up against and looked over the the other commanders.

Ozgood: Alright if our enemy is arriving sooner than we anticipated than that just means that we will have to ready ourselves faster to meet them. Young man would you kindly go tell the lieutenants of the situation and tell them to spread the word and ready our forces for combat.

When I made it to the front lines I could see multiple distinct dust clouds off in the distance, growing larger as they sped their way towards us. I turned to one of the men next to me and saw that he was looking through a pair of binoculars.

Ozgood: Excuse me sir, would you mind if I borrowed those from you for a moment?

He put the binoculars down and gave me look as if suddenly realizing who I was and then quickly handing them over.

Looking through I could see thousands of massive metal vehicles, some speeding towards with wheels on the ground while others were flying slightly above them.

The other commanders had walked up to meet me at the front and to see what we were about to go up against. And the second they saw what was coming they froze in place eyes wide and mouths open.

Ghulaam: What are we going to do?

I let out a long sigh before turning back around to meet their eyes.

Ozgood: We are going to fight them with everything we got. Because if we don't they will take over Remnant with no resistance and do with us as they please.

As I finished saying this I turned back around to see that the enemy was coming to a stop and their doors began to open revealing thousands of troops in each one as they slowly started to march out the rest of the way to our defenses.

Ironwood: We must finish our preparations now and meet them on the battlefield!

The rest were startled by his sudden display of bravado but quickly recovered and began to run around giving orders to their soldiers while the enemy was slowly making their way towards us. I watched as their soldiers were getting closer to us and I could start to see them wearing some strange form of armor covering the body's from head to toe. Some were armed with glowing lances and swords with shields, while others were carrying some sort of metallic weapons that I could not identify.

I continued to scan their ground forces as the approached even closer to us, looking for any information that might aid us. There must have been more than a hundred thousand. Behind me I could her the yells of panic and orders being delivered to a handful of soldiers.

It wasn't looking like our chances were gonna get any better as more troops and vehicles were coming towards us. At the same time however, it didn't make sense. Why would they unload their troops a few miles out from us when they could have just come directly at us. That was when the lieutenant standing next to me scanning the incoming forces seemed to notice something.

Lieutenant: Huh... what the hell is that?

I turned to him and asked

Ozgood: What do you see Lieutenant?

He just pointed forward and answered with uncertainty in his voice.

Lieutenant: I'm not sure sir, but it looks as though there's a man out there.

I looked through the binoculars to the direction he was pointing and there I saw him. A man clad in an all black coat with two long swords on his back and a black hood over his head. He simply stood there with his arms crossed and his back facing us not moving a muscle. By this point Ironwood had returned next to me and noticed that I was staring at something.

Ironwood: What is it do you see something?

Ozgood: It's a man. But it's something else too...

Wyatt: What do you mean something else?

Wyatt had also walked up and joined our conversation, wondering what had me so concerned. I was just trying to understand exactly what it was that I was seeing. As the army was marching towards us a man in black had appeared between us and just stood there facing them. The most confusing part of this however was the reaction the the marching army had when they saw him.

They stopped.

Completely froze in fact it was almost as if the enemy soldiers saw the man and than refused to continue.

Wyatt: Tell us what you see dammit!

Wyatt was clearly growing impatient at my lack of response, but I didn't care. I just continued looking at the army through my binoculars trying to understand the situation unraveling before me.

Wyatt: That's it! You there give me that!

Yanking the pair of binoculars from my Lieutenant Wyatt than focused his attention to where my binoculars were focused on. And upon seeing the man that had appeared from nowhere he looked back to me for answers

Wyatt: Who the hell is that? Is he one of theirs or something?

Ozgood: I don't know.

I answered without looking away from the hooded man in front of us. Wyatt was clearly unsatisfied with my blunt answer to his questions, so he just grumbled to himself and began to look back at the man. We watched as both the army and mystery man just stood there in a stalemate.

While the man hadn't moved a muscle the front lines of the army before him was visually shaking. A couple of men even dropped their weapons and tried to run backwards away from the man.

What had felt like an eternity had passed until one of the army's leaders on the front lines started yelling at his men before they all yelled back, and turned back to the man ahead of them. They began charging at him, while he just continued to watch them as they grew closer upon him.

Wyatt: Well whoever he is, he's a gonner now.

Ironwood: It doesn't matter what's happening to that man right now! What we need to worry about is that after they kill him, they're only gonna start coming for us!

Ozgood: No, I don't think so. This doesn't add up. I mean why would he just stand there he's got to have something planned.

Before the word could even leave my mouth, the man started to emit some sort of thick black flame as he reached for his swords, and then he vanished leaving some flames behind. The army started looking around frantically when the man had reappeared instantaneously before the man that was yelling earlier, and swiftly removed his head from his shoulders with nothing but a single swing of his sword.

Wyatt: WHAT?!

Wyatts jaw hit the floor and I just stared in disbelief, while the man began cutting down the army one by one.

They all tried to strike him, but they were quickly parried and killed like nothing. He continued to stab and slice every soldier there one after the other as more kept coming to take the place of the one before them.

It seemed as though the horde of soldiers bearing down on him would never stop as they continued to fail at landing even a single blow upon him. He continued to effortlessly cut them down with his back towards us as they came for him, until a group of men holding different weapons than the one before were lining up and pointing whatever they had directly at him. The soldiers that had been charging at the man stopped when they saw the other men grouping behind them and made to get out of their way. The group took aim at the man, who was currently still fighting off some of the other soldiers, and then out from their weapons came these blue lightning like streaks that zipped through the distance between them in an instant.

The man saw them coming and once again emitted the black flames from his body after kicking away a solider that had lunged at him with a lance. This time directing the flames to his swords he shot out multiple black slashes that cut through every bolt of lightning that was coming towards him, and then kept going cutting through any and everything it made contact with. When the smoke cleared from his last attack six paths were carved in the army leaving behind numerous dead soldiers.

Once again, the army froze before the man who had now killed hundreds of their men with one attack. They weren't given the chance to reorganize themselves as the man disappeared into his black flames and reappeared in the middle of them. Various weapons were lunged or swung at him, but it didn't matter. He would dodge, kick, stab, slice, and then disappear. Disappearing and then reappearing all around them the man continued mercilessly cutting soldiers down.

It seemed as though he would never stop until they were all dead. As the battle went on however, the man looked as if he would finally succumb to the massive numbers. He started to take some damage, as he was occasionally grazed by another's blade when he was unable to dodge successfully.

During the massive battle in which one man had already killed thousands if not more of the enemy, the tide was finally starting to turn in favor of the massive army. They continued to lose men by the second as they were attempting to finish him off with very little progress. Until a lance had finally got through his defenses and pierced him through the chest.

The man had finally been dealt a fatal blow. I watched in horror as he fell to his knees in defeat.

I then turned to the army expecting them to start coming for us once again. Instead what I saw was the black flames starting to come out of the man's body. He stood up from the ground and pulled the lance straight out of his chest, along with a fountain like spray of his own blood. The flames came from his body increasing rapidly and shaking the ground beneath us. Raising his swords he launched giant slashes through the army, killing hundreds with each one.

Watching him go on his assault against the army I realized that this may be our very best chance to defeat them. I turned my head to Ironwood and the other commanders.

Ozgood: We need to attack now!

Wyatt: What?! Are you insane!

Ozgood: Think about it now is our best chance to help that man finish them off, before they come for us.

Ironwood: He's right. This may be our best shot.

Ghulaam: I agree as well.

Piper: As do I.

Wyatt looked from us towards the army and then back to us. He sighed and looked down before answering.

Wyatt: Alright fine let's do this.

Each of us ran to our respective units and then ordered them to charge at the enemy forces and assist in the battle against our enemies.

Our entire forces were charging for a full frontal attack and making way. I had continued to look through a pair of binoculars while on my horse. I could see that the man had been dealing with the army pretty well and he hadn't appeared to have suffered any damage since the lance.

We were almost upon the army, but then he saw us. The man who had been fighting an entire army alone had saw us charging at them, and while I thought he would invite the assistance, what he did was utterly shocking.

He turned towards us and raised his right sword engorged in flames slashing it down. Right before us a hundred foot wall of black flames rose stopping us in our tracks preventing us from getting any closer to him. The flames were too dark to see through, and we were left confused and unsure of what to do now.


After an hour of waiting for the flames to die down and hearing the sounds of war beyond the wall of flame, someone had come up to me saying that they had a way to possibly go over the wall and come back and tell us what was happening. I had to think about it for a while considering that it was a very dangerous task for one person alone, even if they were one of the silver eyed warriors. When I had finally given and consented to it she gave me a confident smile then turned around to comfort the man that had been with her. I didn't hear everything that they had said, but I was able to gather that it was her husband and he clearly didn't want her going.

She managed to convince him and after he sighed heavily and backed away a few steps, she gave him another goddess like smile. Turning around she looked up at the wall and then shooting upward in a straight line briefly pausing in the air before shooting off again over the wall, leaving red, white, and black pedals all the way.


Once again our forces did nothing but wait for hours until the wall would come down. The Silver eyed warrior had yet to return and everyone had suspected the worst. Her husband had tried to remain confident, never sitting or resting just waiting for his wife to return unharmed.

At one point we had heard an ear splitting cry from the other side and then the ground starting to shake ferociously once again. This time however it was somehow stronger, causing us to have to move back quite a bit. Thirty minutes later the wall of flames finally started to come down.

What we saw on the other side was dreadful. Hundreds of thousands of dead soldiers were lying everywhere. All of the ships and vehicles, that had seemed indestructible, were now smashed to pieces with craters in the ground.

Through all of the destruction there was one lone figure in the distance, impaled by a multitude of swords, arrows, and spears. He walked over to us carrying something within his arms. The silver eyed warrior that had so bravely jumped the wall in order to retrieve information on the battle. Her husband, upon seeing her limp body immediately fell to his knees in tears. The man carrying her noticed the man and headed his direction. He walked to him stopping only a few feet away before lying her down gently and said two words.

???: I'm sorry.

The husband looked up at him, unsure of what to say or how to feel. He clearly wanted to be mad at the man before him but all he could be at the moment was devastated over his wife's death.

The man stood up and without giving any of us a single look he vanished into black flames.


I leaned back in my chair, recalling the events that had happened a few thousand years ago, back when I had gone by the name of Ozgood. I couldn't stop thinking of that man and what he did to an entire army by himself, as well as what he did shortly after.

When we tried to search the remains of the battle, he appeared again in the middle of the remains and sunk his sword in to the ground. With tremendous force and black flames shooting out of the ground everything began to crack and break apart. Luckily our forces were far enough away to avoid any potential losses, but the continent was split and almost all evidence of the skirmish was sunk into the ocean. The part of the continent that separated, soon became it's own island that was later named Menagerie.

Only one survivor of the army remained on remnant, and we were able to get from him a small amount of information. Like how their army had consisted of roughly eight-hundred thousand soldiers and that the man that defeated all but one of them was referred to by his people as "The Demon". Unfortunately, we weren't able to get much more information out of the man because The Demon had discovered his survival very soon, and he was not too happy about it.

I wish we were able to gather more information before he had to kill that man, but then again I suppose I did get some more information later on.


Hearing the sound of the elevator door into my office, I turned around to see Glynda Goodwitch walking in looking a little annoyed as always.

Glynda: Proffesor Ozpin have you even finished those student applications yet? You know we don't have much time before the new year starts. I mean honestly, you’re the headmaster for Oum sakes. What were you even doing?

Ozpin: My deepest apologies Glynda. I was simply reminiscing of something that happened long ago. As for the student applications yes I have finished with them, and it would appear like we have some interesting new students this year.

Glynda: Yes I agree there are a couple who stand out from the rest this year.

Ozpin: Although, I can't help but feel as though we could use a couple more.

Glynda: A couple more students?

Ozpin: Why of course.

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