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A story is about a man who never know that the truth changes to strange fiction.
There was a man named Gagan. He was a smart young man of thirsty. He was a medical representative. Once he was travelling in train from Amritsar to Delhi.
A young man with a big iron box came and sit beside him. Since he was also the age of Gagan, they became intimate. He offered Gagan some snacks and cold drinks. Not only that, they shared jokes and talked about current issues. At sirhind, the young man went to fetch a pack of biscuits, but he never returned.
At the next station, the railway police came. The box lying near Gagan's seat , the box was opened by that railway police. To everyone surprised, a mutilated dead body was found in it.
Gagan was arrested, tried in a court of law and was convicted. He was sent to jail for 10 years, for no guilt of his own.
" Never trust so much of people's who were intimate with you very quickly".
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