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Cherri is an Absol anthro living in the nexus and she is looking to get closer to someone.
         The Absol yawned as wakes up in the Guilds dorms… Lazily feeling around for her glasses she managed to find them on her night stand, sitting up she puts them on, then walked out onto the balcony to stretch and look toward the home of the red mage. “I wonder what Lief will do today…” she wonders as she returns back inside to shower up and use her favorite fur shampoo then gets the hair dryer and brush to tame her fur nice and neatly then went into her kitchen to fix herself some eggs and toast. “Another Day, Another day basically just making statistic notes and other admittedly boring things but her mind continues to drift on that happy fellow she is always happy to see as she finished her breakfast.

         “Time to get to work.” she says pushing up her glasses lightly and heading down where she heard someone call out “Well look at that, The master of nothing is here again.” a member calls out and she looked to leave simply chuckling and rubbing his neck. “He sure doesn’t people teasing get to him.” she smiled and watched him walking toward the guilds job crystal and curiously she watched him. “Is he really gonna change jobs?” she wondered if he there was a flash and his normal red attire was replaced with thieves attire and her cheeks light flush seeing the bit of muscle on his arms. “He looks pretty good without that big coat.” she said but hurries along to complete her little tasks when she overhears talk about Lief possibly ranking up to Silver and that gives her an idea as she hurries to meet with Guildmaster Gray.

         Stopped by the guildmasters Sableye assistant they look up to the Absol and proceed to ask her. “Cherri? What brings you to see the guildmaster?” she asked as Cherri simply asked if she could speak to miss Gray regarding Lief and the Sableye attempts to dissuade her but Grey is heard saying. “Let her in… I have a feeling I know what she wishes to ask.” with the guildmasters world the Sableye had no real choice but to let Cherri in or suffer her usual punishment that the guildmaster gives her. “You may go in… Please show the guildmaster respect as always.” the Sableye returns to her work as Cherri walks in the see the Garchomp sitting at her desk but before she can say anything they ask. “Cherri, Does this have anything to do with Lief and his ranking up?” She grins a bit as she asked and Cherri blushed lightly and nods her head.

         “Y-ya… I heard he has taken on a job that could rank him up to silver and at rank Silver certain members are given supporters so I was ho-” Cherri stops as Gray starts to chuckle a bit. “You want to be assigned as his assistant then, No doubt but I have a small stipulation.” She says and Cherri tilts her head curiously. “Stipulation? What do you mean ma’am?” Cherri proceeds to ask as Gray stands up. “You know how Lief acts around here, yes?” she asked and Cherri nods her head about to say something but Gray continues. “That is a bit of a facade he uses… While he is rather happy go lucky, When he is alone he is a bit bleak and needs someone to help him get his life more together.” she starts to go on talking then looks at Cherri. “As he achieves his Silver Ranking you’ll be assigned him as his Personal Care Assistant, I want you to make sure he lives his life a bit more comfortably and as such you can start right away.” takes hold of her hand and placed a key in it. “Even if somehow he doesn’t accomplish the job you are still being assigned to him so I want you to go to his house and start cleaning it up a bit.” She says and Cherri goes red her tail wagging happily as she’s basically moving into the home of her crush.

         “Y-yes ma’am, I’ll get right on it happi-” Gray puts a finger to Cherri’s mouth to silence her and looked her in the eyes. “You’re not moving into your boyfriends house you know, You are his Assistant first its only if he makes the moves does that make you more than that.” She tells Cherri who stops wagging her tail and nods making sure she is aware that it must still be professional as she is to help Lief, She just gets the bonus of getting to live with him. “Good girl, Now here are some funds… I’ve monitored his spending and he has been ordering pizza delivery for the past few weeks so you best go shopping and fix him a good dinner.” She says and scoots off the Absol who happily rushed off. “She is such a cutie with her obvious crush.” Gray chuckles while Cherri had a small skip in her step.

         “Ok, First things first… Grocery shopping, I’ll make Lief a nice Ham Steak dinner with mashed potatoes and corn, plus some fresh carrots.” She hurried to do the shopping buying three bags worth of food then rushed off to Liefs home testing the front door first to find it locked. “At least he remembered to lock his door.” she then proceeds to use the key she got from Grey which unlocked the door and inside she goes to get shocked at the sight of his living room. “Clothes thrown about, leftovers laying around his coffee table, cups everywhere… He really does need help so I better get to work right away!” Cherri says with resolve and after placing the groceries on the table she finds the trash bags, broom, and dustpan. “Time to clean!”

         It took her a good hour to fully clean the dishes, gather and remove the trash, and sweep the floors of the kitchen and Livingroom but she smiled triumphantly at her achievement in cleaning up the place for her new… “Huh… Would he be my master then?” she wonders and wags her tail thinking about wearing a cute Maid outfit to greet her master but that bubble was quick to pop as there is a knocking on the front door and she opens it to see Gray with a fold out cot. “Here, I forgot to give you this before you left… You’ll need this to sleep on for the time being as Lief only has the one bedroom and you shouldn’t feel challenged into snuggling him until he is ready to accept you into his life outside of being the Personal Care Assistant you are.” She says and Cherri nods. “R-right, Thank you ma’am… Wh-when might he be coming home?” Cherri proceeds to ask and Gray simply tells her. “About an hour so be ready… And remember, Keep it professional Cherri.” She says and gives the Absols glasses a little push up before leaving.

         Cherri watched the Garchomp leave feeling embarrassed as she had not to long ago was thinking of herself as a maid to a master she has feelings for but this remember was important, She must keep herself professional and do everything she can to help Lief start living more relaxed and that she will do… She sets up the cot beside Lief’s bed then returns to the Kitchen to find a Clipboard she can use to make a list of things Lief must remember to do. “Now… First thing first in helping him improve his life… Proper Dinner, No more pizza.” She says and gets to cooking… About an hour later she can hear the door opening and from the kitchen she looks to see a tiered Lief walking in and smiled. “Ah welcome home sir, Dinner is almost ready.” Cherri says and she hears him in both a tiered and confused tone saying. “Oh...sure? I’ll go take a seat then.” She watched him sit down and struggle to not doze off until she put a plate of food in front of him which he was quick to eat and seem a bit awake as his attention turned to her.

         “Just who are you?” He asked her and Cherri picks up a clipboard and straightens her glasses a bit. “My name is Cherri and as of today I’ve been assigned as your Personal Care Assistant and my first task is done… Getting you to eat better and next I’ll be helping to make sure you can keep yourself together.” She says pushing up her glasses a bit and grins. “Guess it’s time to quit faking my life is easy outside of home.” he sighs as he puts his dishes in the sink. “I’m going to bed… You can try helping me improve my life tomorrow morning.” he said and walked off to him room as Cherri proceeds to wash his dinner dishes. “Ok Lief… I turn in after a bit then myself so we can get started tomorrow.” she said and after finishing cleaning the dishes walks back to the bedroom to realize she didn’t tell him about her cot yet so when she enters into the room. “Oh Lief, I should tell you, I’ll be sleeping in your room in a cot I have so you ma-” she stops when she sees him already fast asleep on her cot and couldn’t help but giggle silently. “Guess I’ll just sleep on your bed then.” She says getting into his bed. “Hmmm… 3 different pillows a long one, a normal one, and a small one.” she says and start sniffing at the sheets, the pillows, the blanket… All of it had his scent. “He must not wash these often I best do that for him…” she says as she snuggled the smallest pillow and wrapped herself up in his blanket her tail wagging. “...tomorrow in the morning, for tonight… I’ll just enjoy this~” she murrs and drifts to sleep, making sure to wake up early tomorrow morning to avoid Lief seeing her all cuddled up to a pillow and wrapped in his blanket, after all… While she cares a lot for him, She needs to keep things professional...for the time being.
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