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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2198021
Two boys go on an adventure.
Hey Gary

"Hey Gary look ... a haunted house! Let's go check it out!"
Dropping their Stingray bikes to the ground excitedly, the two rambunctious seven year olds crept through the high grasses and under the ancient Weeping Willow, while keeping a close vigil on the rotting old grey, three story home. The boys seldom walked that far down Oak Boulevard because they remembered the event that happened two years ago. That poor, six year old girl (Jenny), had been missing for so many months, until someone reported seeing two white boards on the ground in the shape of an X in a vacant overgrown lot just a block away. That's where they found her dismembered body buried. But that wasn't why the boys avoided that area of the boulevard; you see, her killer had not been found!

"Look Ronnie, the front door is open!" That was me ... "Ronnie, one of those rambunctious lads in my story."

"I remember that creaking door sound as we opened the door wider to investigate. It was like an evil (child eating) witch, shrieking," commmmm eeeinnnn.

Sunlight from a rear window blinded me as I followed behind Gary, (my best friend). I walked further into the entry only to feel a huge gathering of cobwebs hit my face and stick to my arms and body. I was terrified that there might be a huge, poisonous spider waiting for me in them! Parts of the floor boards were missing so we had to take care walking around. There was an old broken pump organ in the living room but nothing else.

Gary and I were looking at the orchard behind the house through the broken window on that chilly autumn day, when a huge rat ran across the room. "Let's get out of here" Gary screamed! "Not yet! I wanna see what's upstairs!"

The stairway was right in the middle of the house and six feet from the front door. Two of the steps were missing so we had to climb up past them. The stairway didn't turn between floors, so you could see all the way up to the hole in the decaying roof. When we got to the second floor landing, about a dozen bats swarmed us before flying through the hole. Gary was shaking pretty bad. I tried to ignore the frightening event and went to open a bedroom door. "Creeeeek", the door opened all by itself! Gary started muttering and stuttering and shook even harder! "This place must be haunted!", he said. "Probably just the wind blowing down from that hole in the roof," I replied.

The bedroom was still furnished ... dusty and crawling with spiders. We walked over to the dresser when suddenly, a music box started playing "Somewhere My Love." Gary was looking away when the music started and thought I had wound it up. I didn't want to frighten him so I pretended it was true. I told myself that it probably started playing because of our footstep vibrations on the floor.

There was an old picture of a woman on the wall. She wasn't smiling, she was very angry looking.

"WHAT ARE YOU BOYS DOING IN THIS HOUSE?" We turned toward the door to see who shouted at us. It was a large man with dark, sunken eyes who was carrying an axe! He lunged toward us ... SMASH! The axe barely missing Gary's head, but landing and sticking in the wall boards. "Gary come on!" We ran back to the stairwell landing and up into the attic floor while the axe man was struggling to free the weapon. We could here the man coming after us shouting, "I'm going to chop your legs off boys!"

There was a large chest below the hole in the roof that we climbed up on and through. There was no place to jump to, so we had to hope the man couldn't fit through the hole. CHOP! CHOP! went the axe as the man hurried to make the hole bigger. "What should we do, Gary screamed?"
I saw a large broken tree limb on another slope of the steep roof and went to grab it. It was pretty heavy for me but I made it back to the hole and just as the man had one arm on the roof to climb up I smashed his head with the limb! He fell "Ahhhh OWE!", and then silence. We peeked through the hole to see the mans body impaled on a broken stair railing ... his blood, gushing beneath and onto the steps!

Relieved but scared, we crept past the man and rode home as fast as we could. "Mom Mom", I yelled, "there's a dead man in that old house down on Oak Boulevard and he almost killed us!"

The police found out that the man was in fact the young girls killer. We also found out that he was the son of the woman who's picture was hanging in that bedroom where he had been hiding out from capture.

After the man was buried, Gary and I went back to search the rest of that house. On the front door we saw the word "Thanks", written in blood! When we got to the bedroom where we were attacked, the woman in the photo was now smiling ear to ear! The broken pump organ suddenly started playing a song. "There's someone here!", I said.

We cautiously went down the stairs and peeked around the corner only to see the organ playing all by itself, so we ran as fast as we could out the front door and hurried back home, never to set foot again in that house now nicknamed, "Chopper's Hideaway!"
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