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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2198029
A farmer learns a bitter lesson.

Farmer Cafferty broadcasted the last of the seed , then looked skyward.

“I swarn they know when I go back to the house!”

He was determined to outsmart them. He pushed back his straw hat, turned and began strolling toward the barn, whistling. A single raven called.

“Figures they’d have a sentinel!”

The next thing he knew his field was being swarmed by a cloud of the black birds. As he watched, they landed like a feathered blanket on the soil. They turned their heads as one to stare.

Seconds later, they were up in the air and headed his way. Cafferty began to run. But that didn’t last long, for in spite of the fitness that working the farm gave him, he was not young. He made it to the barn, but tripped over the cats.

The birds were on him before he could get up. But they simply stood on him and did nothing. When he stilled, they each stepped off and surrounded him, eyeing him with bright beady eyes.

“Well, what do you want?” he said, addressing a particularly large one.

In his head, he heard a raspy voice.

“Fear not, Cafferty. Although we are often called an unkindness; we are intelligent. We knew those were your last seeds, so we made sure they were well planted.

“We also know how to share, unlike others we know. We always leave the lion’s share for you!”

Before his eyes, the birds began dropping dead around him. He had been so tired of planting and having nothing to show for it, that he had decided to sacrifice the last of his seed by poisoning it to be rid of the blasted crows!

As he left the barn, his heart heavy with regret, he realized he’d better learn the difference!

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2198029