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by Zehzeh
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An outreach of perception.
There are senses five,
Or maybe six.

Touch, the first, floating in the womb,
Ending in the pain of birth and death.
Felt inside.

Hearing, the second, muffled before birth,
Loud in the world, a shout, a whisper.
Words taken in.

Taste, the third, the sweetness of milk,
Acid reflux, salt tears, bile.
Experience the sweet and sour of life.

Smell, the fourth, growing with the child,
Maturing and fading with age.
A key to memories.

Sight, the fifth, a fuzzy gift at first,
Sharpening, to see outside, the world.
From fingernails to mirrors to horizons.

Perception, the sixth, the farsight, the seeing,
The insight, the foresight, the backsight.
Reaching into the past, the present, the future.
Across the light years.

Touch and Hearing.
Taste and Smell.
Internal senses,
Feeding the now.
They are the base, the cushion
For Sight to experience
For Perception to span
The multiverse's
Eternal infinity.

30 lines

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