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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Comedy · #2198093
A teenage girl's attempt to prove her best friend wrong gets her stuck in an tight spot.
Eighteen year old Ellie Thompson was out walking with her best friend Sinead when she spotted the old playground the two loved when they were younger and went over to have a closer look.

The young girl, wearing a new short dark blue dress with a black leather jacket over the top of it noticed a piece of equipment and with a rather small hole in the middle of it and thought about climbing inside it as her best friend noticed her looking at it and said,"Ellie,I know what you're thinking but you're not going to fit through that hole,I'm less curvy than you and I don't think I would fit in there."

"That's ridiculous,of course,I'll fit," said Ellie as despite her own worries about getting stuck due to the hole's rather small size and her curvy figure, she want to prove Sinead wrong so decided to try anyway.
The young blonde stuck her head inside the hole and after a struggle,her entire top half was soon inside, leaving only her hips, curvy backside and legs sticking out as she then tried without success to pull her lower half inside as Sinead struggled not to laugh.

After trying in vain for nearly five minutes, the young girl gave up and said to her best friend,"fine, you're right,I'm too big,I'll just be a minute," as she then tried to back out of the hole only to discover that she couldn't.
"That's not promising," Ellie said to herself as she then placed her hands against the hole and pushed and pushed with all her might but still she didn't move.
"Ellie,are you right," said Sinead,who had noticed her best friend seemed to be struggling.
"Yes,I'm fine thanks,it's just a bit tight," said the now concerned and slightly annoyed young blonde as she then tried to push herself free again, even putting her foot against the equipment for more leverage but all her efforts were in vain,she just refused to budge and was completely and utterly stuck.

"Oh, it's no use," said the embarrassed Ellie as she admitted to her best friend,"Sinead,I think I'm stuck, could you please give me a hand?"
The young girl placed her right hand over her face in disbelief at her best friend's situation and said," I knew this would happen but of course I'll help you, that's what best friends are for," as she grabbed onto Ellie's hips and pulled and pulled while the young girl pushed and pushed and the two pulled and pushed with all their strength but still the hole just refused to let go.

"Wow, you've really wedged yourself in there tight," said an exhausted Sinead as she ran off to get help as the two's phones were low on battery.

While waiting for help, Ellie continued in vain to try and push herself free,when she suddenly felt a dog sniffing at her rear end before hearing it bark and said,"oh you're just a dog, you're not much help",as the dog then grabbed onto the seat of her new dress and began to pull as the young blonde began wiggling her backside and said,"let go of my dress,you naughty dog,I literally just bought it yesterday",but still the dog continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard.

Ellie's face turned beet red with embarrassment as she realised that the dog had pulled off the seat of her new dress, exposing her bubble butt which was barely covered by pink panties with tiny teddy bears on them as the dog then went to sleep beside her.

"I've got to stop climbing inside things, it's ruining all my outfits,"as a bird began pecking at her exposed behind as she began laughing at the ridiculousness of her current situation.

Sinead soon returned with the two's close friends Emma,a thin brunette and Pippa, a curvy redhead as the three burst out laughing at the sight of their friend's barely-covered backside sticking out of the hole as the embarrassed Ellie explained the situation as a chain was formed behind her as Sinead pulled her best friend's hips, Emma pulled Sinead's waist while Pippa pulled the belt of Emma's shorts as the dog pulled the hem of Pippa's short red skirt.

"All right girls,heave," said Sinead as the three girls and the dog pulled and pulled and pulled while Ellie grunted groaned and said,"OW,that really hurts," as the epic tug of war continued.

A POP sound was heard as Ellie was finally pulled from the hole, sending her and her friends tumbling backwards into a heap on the ground as the dog then ran off.

"Thanks for that, girls," said a now unstuck and overjoyed Ellie as she hugged her friends as the foursome began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they decided to go shopping together with Ellie using her black leather jacket to cover up the hole in her dress.

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