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A little look at how days go for a femboy unicorn
         Another day begins to dawn in the nexus and sunlight shines through the blinds of a unicorn boys room until they touch at his face making him yawn as he wakes, slowly sitting up he feels around finding his clock to turn the alarm off early, then he stands removing his night clothes before placing a hand against the wall and walked to his bathroom where he stands in front of the mirror to see...nothing.
         He lets out a sigh reaching out to touch the mirror… feeling around its edge to the handle and opening the cabinet the mirror was on to retrieve his toothbrush and toothpaste from inside. "Oh ya… I almost forgot." He chuckles as his horn softly glows, using his magic he gives himself a short range of vision and closed the cabinet to look back into the mirror and view himself. "Hello Jackie, Good morning." He tells himself as he looked at his reflection… a light gray coat of short hair covering his buddy, his blue hair on his head and his tail, and those pale blind sky blue eyes he was born with.
         "Sometimes I almost forget I'm since discovering this vision magic… I only wish it let me see further then a couple feet away from me." He says while he smiled softly and starts brushing his teeth having to blink every now and then to keep the vision magic clear and give an illusion of having normal eyes… while brushing his teeth though his site slowly wanders down, he had a fairly slim feminine like body that many people often think he is simply flat chested but there was one thing that would break that imagine of femininity on him and it was that short (for an equine species) flaccid pale skin tones rod that even gets him blushing when he sees it.
         Giving his head a little shake he finished brushing his teeth then starts to focus… closing his eyes and channeling his magic as his horn glows more until he is enveloped in a bright light that blinds his 'vision'...when the light died down he looks back at the mirror to see his illusion all ready… his grey fur looking a nice snow White, his hair and tail a lighter shade of blue, and his eyes seeming to have pupils, his horn not visible in this illusion but still capable of doing magic, and the only thing to not change was what hung between his legs since no illusion could really hide that to make him look more feminine which cause him to softly sigh. "I better get dressed and eat something before I head out to work at the cafe."
         Gives his hair a quick brush down before returning to his room instinctively walking with his hand against the wall even while using his vision magic to make sure he is careful with his sort vision of things close with the things further looking quite blurry… it still took a few minutes but he returns to his room and starts going through his drawers grabbing a nice green top, his favorite red skirt, and a pair of blue and white striped panties which were specially sewn with a little magic that after he slipped them on they managed to contain his soft equine equipment in a modest bulge that was then hidden beneath his mid-knee length skirt then on with his top.
         Now that his was all dressed and personally feeling cute he makes his way to the kitchen to grab a bowl, box of cereal, milk, and popped some bread into the toaster and pushes down the little button… as the bread starts to toast he pours himself a bowl of Cereal then pouring in the milk as the toaster dings springing up the freshly toasted slices of bread which he catches with magic to slather on some butter then place beside his bowl as he ate, first he finished up his his cereal then munched on the toast before putting away the milk in the fridge and cereal box in the cupboard then dishes into the sink. "Breakfast done, best get going."
         Didn't have to much time getting to and out his front door walking out to the sidewalk near his little home among a few other houses belonging to Nexus residents, some of which who are outside watering either their lawn or plants, and his neighbor an elderly fox takes notice of Jackie and waved. "Hello Jackie, Are you off to work today?" They ask smiling and Jackie waved back. "Yes I am mister Malcolm, I'm heading off now." He says as he starts to jog. "Ok then, Be safe today… such a sweet girl." Old man Malcolm says happily while returning to attention to his garden making sure his flowers are water properly.
         The jog away from the little neighborhood was short as Jackie reached the Nexus' busy town area passing by the guild area he hears someone call out his name. "HEY JACKIE BELLE!" Jackie then stopped and looked around curiously whoever called out to him was outside his vision so they were just another one of the blurs but a distinctively red blur moves closer until it enticed his vision and he can recognize the face. "Ah, Mister Spruce." Jackie proceeds to say smiling as the red mage Lief Spruce walks up to him.
         "Please Jackie, You can just call me Lief… Off to work are you?" He asked and Jackie smiles while nodding. "Yep, Are you coming in today for your usual master~?" He asked doing a little bow making Lief chuckle. "Hehe, No… not today sadly, I've got some work today so I won't be stopping in for a slice of lemon cake with a cup of coco but I'm glad I got to see one of my favorite maids from the cafe this morning." He said lightly ruffling the back of Jackie's hair do he was unaware of their concealed by illusion unicorn horn. "That's too bad, Maybe next time then." Jackie smiled as Lief stopped and nods his head before letting the pony boi hurry along to their workplace… a nice little Maid Cafe.
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