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Continuation of the earlier short on Jackie with someone seeing through his tricks
         With a small skip in his step the unicorn boy hurried to the back of the cafe and fished out a key from his pocket, unlocking the backdoor, and letting it close behind him with a click. "I'm here~!" He happily says a few of his co-workers look and smile. "Hi Jackie, Made it on time as usual." One specific individual says… a female Lucario wearing a maid outfit like the rest but with a joltik peeking from a pocket on her apron. "Morning miss Sapphire." Jackie says to greet his boss with a smile before skipping over to his locket to retrieve his maid outfit.
         Opened up his locker to pull out his maid uniform as he stripped out his clothes just the blue and white striped panties he wore causing a few of the girls to giggle. "Such a cute bulge you have Jackie." One of the girls teased making Jackie blush as he dressed. "Th-thank you…" he shyly said before slipping on his light pink knee socks and shoes, now ready for work he hurried out to see a few tables already taken by customers and others going about doing their job… greet the customer with Welcome back Master/Mistress or Good to see you again Master/Mistress, get the customers order, deliver it to the kitchen, greet others, and most importantly service everyone with a smile.
         The first three hours of Jackie's shift just seem to fly by with how comfortable he has grown with his job but things were about to change as a Zoroark walked in and took a seat… Jackie walks over to them happily. "Welcome Mistress, What can I get you tod-" Jackie gets cut off as the Zoroark looked at him and before he finished his sentence she says. "Well aren't you a cute boy." They said and Jackie finds himself frozen in shock then quickly glanced around… No one else appears to have heard the Zoroark say that and he quickly tries to compose himself as he asked. "Wh-what can I get you to-today?" He asked lightly shaken as the Zoroark tells him, her order. "I'll just have the brownie with vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup.. And please do be the same maid to bring it to me." She smiled and Jackie rather hurried to take that order to the kitchen before rushing to her boss.
         "M-miss Sapphire I have a problem!" Jackie says in a light state of panic as his boss tells him to take a seat. "Ok… now what's wrong Jackie?" Sapphire asked as her little joltik is enjoying a nice charge from a battery. "Th-this Zoroark… Sh-she knew I was a boy." He said and Sapphire shows some genuine shock as Jackie uses such a good disguise and wearing a longer uniform then a couple of the other girls, she then gets up and asked him to point out the Zoroark… which Jackie does and she recognizes the Zoroark who waves. "Oh, Its Zoey." Sapphire simple says.
         ”Zoey…?” he starts to say. “As in Zoey Shadow, One of the guilds Gold Ranked members?!” He was once again surprised as Sapphire simply nods her head as he then gulps. “Wh-what should I do?” Jackie asked and all Sapphire tells him is to relax and not worry as Zoey is nice as they hear that Zoey’s order was ready and with a at on the back from Sapphire, Jackie goes to deliver her, her order. “Here you are ma’am, If you need anything please don’t be afraid to ask.” Jackie says and bows to Zoey. “When are you off shift?” Zoey immediately asked making Jackie gulp. “A-an hour… Wh-why?” He asked. “I want you to meet me out front when you are off then.” she says then takes a spoonful scoop of the ice cream into her mouth. “That’s what I want… For you to meet when your shift is over.” She says and Jackie unsure of what to really say only does what he’d do for any other customer. “Y-yes mistress…. I-I’ll see you out front in an hour.” he gulps and walked off.
         The following hour feels like it was dragging on for days until he see’s time was up and he went back to the back to change out of his uniform to his normal clothes. “It’s gonna be ok Jackie, Nothing bad is gonna happen...i hope…” he gulps and leaves finding Zoey waiting out front for him and when she sees him, she smiled. “There you are Jackie, Come on… Lead the way.” She simply says much to Jackie’s confusion. “Lead the way where?” He asked as she pats his back. “You’re taking me back to your place so we can talk.” She says and he gulps feeling stuck he simply starts to walk with the Zoroark following behind him… Unlike his quick jog into town he walks slowly out of it with Zoey his mind buzzing with what is bound to happen and worry building up fast until he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Relax son, It’s only gonna be a bit of talk nothing is gonna happen, Promise.” Zoey says as they reached Jackie’s home and her opens the door to let her in first and sits herself on his couch. “Come and sit.” She says and after closing the front door he does so. “First off… Drop the illusion.” She says and flicked at where his horn is quickly dispelling his illusion revealing his Unicorn nature, light grey coat of fur, and the true blind appearance of his eye. “There we go, This is the real you then.” She says and Jackie simply nods his head. “Ya… blind unicorn boy with light gray coat of fur.” He says sounding sad. “And what’s the problem with that?” Zoey asked which surprised Jackie as he looked in her direction. “What do you mean?” *he asked as Zoey placed her hand on his shoulder. “You were born blind but you don’t let that limit how you are living, You’ve learned how to give yourself some sight with magic… The only question is why change how you look?” she says quizzically and Jackie starts to think about Why he changes his appearance.
         ”c-cause it was rough growing up… people made fun of my coat cause i’m a grey unicorn which isn’t some fancy color, i’m blind which lead to bumping into a lot of things, and simply being a unicorn lead to some racism from those that believe that Unicorn think themselves better than others.” Jackie admits and Zoey rubs his back. “Have you been using that disguise since you wound up here?” she asked and Jackie simply nods his head. “Well I’d say try one day being yourself… It’s really quiet friendly here so no one is gonna make fun of a cute, blind, grey, unicorn boy like you.” She says smiling and patting his back which gets Jackie smiling as he used his magic to get back that vision to see her smiling at him. “D-do you want to see me…?” He suddenly asked really embarrassed but also very comfortable with her and she chuckles. “You don’t need to strip down to show me the cute boy you are silly.” chuckles and boops his nose getting a giggle out of him before she stands up. “Why did you get up?” He asked her curiously. “We had a talk and that’s all I wanted… But if you ever want to talk again I’ll leave you my number.” she says jotting it down and handing him the slip of paper before she leaves. “Maybe having some people know the truth won’t be so bad.” He smiled looking at the slip of paper and smiling. “I’m gonna need a cellphone now.” he realized as he was once again, Alone in his home but not feeling so alone anymore.
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