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A young rat faunas walks through Forever Fall clutching a hand to his eye and side, which were both heavily bleeding. The boy wasn't attacked by Grimm but rather, his village. They tried to kill him because of his semblance which allowed him to talk to spirits and retrieve their bodies from beyond the grave. The village thought this was unnatural, as if he was a clone of the god of darkness himself. The only ones who stood by his side and supported him were his parents and his best friends. His best friends were powerful undead; The Dark Purveyors consisting of, Zed; the punk rock zombie, Vikke; the zombie viking drummer, Mariska; the mushshroom eating, sitar playing, zombie-hippie girl, Jonsey James; the retro, disco dancing funk master, and Lewis Legend; the motorcycle riding guitar shredding master. But let us get into the faunas boy's thoughts.

I limp slowly through Forever Fall, hoping to find any of my friends. I feel pain shoot through the wound on my side causing me to stumble forward and fall. With my tear filled, functioning eye, I look forward as I crawl forward in desperation. I knew that I'd soon bleed out, but I refused to let death's icy hand wrap itself around the throat of my soul. I hear someone walking towards me, so I pretend to be dead. ". . .You know that I know your faking it, right?" I look up and see Mariska, "Well I thought you were- Gyah!" I was cut off by pain coursing through my missing eye's socket. "Whoa, your in worse shape than I thought." Mariska's normally mellow voice was replaced with concern. "Mariska, am I going to die?" I said, sounding utterly defeated. "Yes," she paused, "but not in the way you think." Mariska turns me onto my back and puts her hands on both sides of my face. "What are you do-" She slams her lips onto mine, interrupting me and making my eyes widen. My eyes glowed green and so did Mariska's, but hers got darker for as long as she kept her lips on mine. She stops and falls back gasping for air. I sit up and look at her, "Why?" "Because, this world makes me wanna puke and your one of the only things pure in it." "I'll miss you." I said, tears forming in my eyes. "Hahaha, don't get all emotional, we'll see each other soon; in the eternal world of psychedelic peace." Mariska says holding her fingers up to her golden eye in a peace sign. Her body goes limp and her arm falls to the side. Mariska slowly dissipates into dust, the dust then turning into a medium sized purple vortex. "Meus Vita, Rege, pro nefario coepto!" her parting words echoed through the forest. I looked up and smiled, slightly stretching the stitches that formed on the corners of my mouth. "Time to send the purify this world with the power of the world of everlasting peace." I say as my tears fall.

/Weeks Later/
A zombie rat faunas sits in a cave strumming on a sitar with a strange build. Suddenly two swirls of black dust start to form before they take the shape of two Beowulves. The zombie boy looks up, stopping his melodic strums with a small smile on his face. The Beowulves fully form. "I'm so tired of having to die to that little silver eyed little red riding hood." "Well, you know what Cinder said; 'If you don't go on this mission, I will make your blood boil until you pop like two dingo grapes.' and you know we were screwed either way." "Honestly, one death by Cinder I'm okay with but being dusted repeatedly by Summer Rose's daughter? You better know I'd rather get incinerated than get shot or sliced in half." The first Beowulf finished, sitting by the zombie rat faunas. "So I assume you to got your asses handed to you?" the second Beowulf sits on the other side of the sitar playing zombie. "Yeah, we did." The boy resumes playing his sitar. After ten minutes of silence aside from the strums of the sitar the sound of a bullhead could be heard landing outside of the cave. "Ha, I wondered when Ozpin would find me." The zombie rat boy levitates in his sitting position, stretching his arms and back. "Are you crazy?!" "Relax Marty, I can kill a reincarnating wizard." Marty and The other Beowulf follow their zombie friend out of the cave.

"Ah, you must be the 'Morisko' I've heard so much about, yes?" "Ah Brother Ozpin and Sister Glynda, welcome, and now let us travel into the land beyond the doors of perception. Let us step outside of the boundaries of the mortal mind and into the land of everlasting peace. . . and rot." I say as I goofily smile. "I would like for you to join my school." "Hahahahahahahahahaha, to do what settle your love affair with the queen of grimm." Ozpin's brow furrows. "How did you-" "Know?, The Dark Purveyors know many things." "Your war is pointless, keep this in mind; I fight for others, I fight for understanding, I fight for true everlasting peace, unlike humanity, because humanity only brings hatred." "Young man you obviously don't know who your talking to." Glynda Goodwitch says sternly. I roll my eyes. "If I join, will it shut you up?", I glare at the e-cupped professor. "Why- the nerve!" "Ugh, could you not yell it's annoying and I'm still hung over from yesterday." I say gritting my teeth and holding a hand to my head. "Thank you, you and your two friends will go through a different initiation." "Alright, we'll come as soon as we can. . .My name is Daniel Ericson, by the way."

Two Beowulves run into Beacons courtyard before being stopped by teams R.W.B.Y and J.N.P.R. "Stop right there!" The one holding a scythe said. After five minutes in a Mexican standoff did the leaders of each team shout "Fire!" and the members with ranged weapons fired on the Beowulves. A swarm of prismatic butterflies formed a protective sphere around the Beowulves until the teens were out of ammunition or dust for their weapons. The butterflies dissipate, showing a new figure along with the Beowulves. "Hahahaha, really is this how you greet new students?" The levitating zombie said, making a peace sign over his golden eye. "Ah, you came." Professor Ozpin said. "Of course we came Professor." The Beowulf on the right said. "Good, and teams R.W.B.Y, J.N.P.R I'm glad you all are so alert." Professor Ozpin says as he walks away with the zombie rat faunas and the two Beowulves. Later, all three are in Professor Goodwitch's classroom, Teams R.W.B.Y and J.N.P.R watching from their seats. Team C.R.D.L stands opposite to the three new students. "Now remember, you must either break your opponent's aura or knock them out of the ring." Professor Goodwitch says. "This'll be way to easy, their just a bunch of freaks." All three of the teams opponents look at each other and the Beowulves shift into a faunas state and summon two weapons they were familiar with; Ember Celia and Cresent Rose. "Hahahahahahaha, you underestimate the power of a Dark Purveyor. . . My name is Daniel Ericson by the way, not like you'll remember it." Daniel says calmly with a slight shit-eating grin. "Now, let my music guide you into the land of everlasting peace. . . And rot. . . And hell." The zombie rat said, flipping off the opposing team.

I see Mike and Marty dash towards two of our opponents, one had a pair of daggers, the other had a sword. Mike fired a few rounds from his copies of Ember Celia, which dagger boy managed to slice apart, but I smirked, knowing that those were smoke rounds, when he sliced them apart they burst into clouds of thick black smoke. The only thing visible were Mike's piercing red eyes. All you could tell from their fight was sounds of punching, kicking ,two sounds of slicing, growls, and then repeated punching. The smoke clears to reveal Mike smiling smugly as he uses a gauntlet to repeatedly punch the dagger wielding teen in the face. Mike looks at the teen's aura and sees that it's broken. He drops the boy, like a crushed soda can, onto the floor, walks to a seat, and sits down. Marty shifts his copy of Crescent Rose into its gun form but instead of it being a sniper rifle it was a three barreled assault rifle. Sword boy looks at the gun then back at his sword, but before he can get a word out Marty starts unloading round after round at or near the boy's feet. "Hahahahahahahahahahaha, dance human, dance!" He said maniacally, happy to put the sword wielding brat in his place. Marty jumped into the air, shifting his copy weapon into its scythe form, he flipped and started to do it so fast that he looked like a buzz-saw, and brought himself down on the sword wielding teen. Marty jumped off as he heard the sound of the boy's aura breaking, Marty landed gracefully with a poise that made it look like he was crucified onto the scythe. The only ones left were mace boy and halberd lad, I shifted my sitar into Juliet's bedazzled chainsaw. "Now, rot with style!" I say as I rush forward performing repeated armadillo spins running both of the into the ground repeatedly, but not breaking their aura. I jump backwards and land in a split. I move my legs so they come together fluidly. The boys get up and I charge at them in a chainsaw dash, jump, grab the handle and blade, and rapidly spin creating high speed wind. "Enter the Lolli-copter!" I say as my chainsaw tornado was filled with pink electricity that wrapped around the two teens and pulled them in. The sounds heard inside the tornado were sparking electricity, a chainsaw engine, and exclamations of pain.

Soon the tornado stops and everyone can see me sitting on top of my opponents bodies, chainsaw lodged into the floor next to them as I lit a cigarette, took it in one draw and breathed out the words 'Eternal Rot Is Beautiful'. I gave a smug smile and said, "I win."
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