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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2198139
Grampa will teach him what he needs to know.
“Hey, buddy, how’s it going?”

“Hi, grampa. Pretty good.”

“What’d you find today? Some good looking rocks? I’d bet your mom would appreciate them. I pick up interesting ones for her.”

“But you’re a geo ... ? ... something, and you know everything about rocks.”

“That would be a ‘Geologist,’ and I’m not that, I just had a store that sold mineral specimens and learned a whole lot about them.”

“Whatever. We just hung out by the lake skipping rocks ‘till we ran out. Caught a few turtles too, but we let them go like you said to do.”

“Good. Turtles are special animals and we need to protect them. Frogs too. Did you see any frogs?”

“Yep, lots, but we couldn’t catch any.”

“They’re fast, it’s hard. I can show you how, but you need to let them go . . .WHHOOOAH! . . . what’s that head poking out of your shirt? Stand still until I can see it.”

“It’s a snake, but I don’t know what kind.”

“You gotta be careful, Oliver, there are quite a few snakes around here that’re poisonous. Here let’s ease him out . . . ahhh, it’s a king snake, you can tell by the dark blue/gray scales with the white bands.”

“They pois’ness?”

“No, buddy, they’re not. But, you’re not bringing that in the house.”

“Why not? He’s quiet.”

“Your mother does not like them. We’ll look up the ones that are poisonous so you know.”

“Thank you, grampa. I don’t wanna get bit.”

“This one will bite, his teeth aren’t long enough to do big damage, but it could take off a bunch of skin.”

“I don’t wanna take off skin either. Can I just let him go?”

“We’ll keep him safe for a couple hours then take him back to the lake. He’ll get a car ride.”

“Thanks grampa.”
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