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Strange things are happening here

Black Bag Mystery - originally entered in Daily Flash Fiction contest
WC 288

“What is that?”

Billy looked at the garbage bag lying on the floor. The black plastic lay over top of his shoes. “What’s this?” He shrugged his shoulders and picked it up again.

“YES, that. You’re not bringing that in the house, young man.” Mandy stared at Billy. She had just told her son this bundle needed to stay outside but in it had come. Amazing.

“Mom, come ON!” Billy dropped the garbage bag to the floor where it fell with a resounding splat. A mystery fluid squirted out the top.

“I mean it, William Joseph. Take it outside!”

Mandy shoved a rag and some bleach at Billy. “And when you come back in, you WILL clean up that puddle on the floor. I mean, gross.”

Billy dutifully took out the bag, leaving a trail of slime in its wake. He soon returned to clean up the mess.

Mom and Bill talked for a few minutes when suddenly Mandy said “Billy, do you hear something?”

“No, Mom. What do you hear?”

“That’s the point! No barking dogs from next door! You know they bark if the wind blows. Where did you leave that bag?” She started for the back door.

Billy followed Mom. “I left the bag near the garbage. I couldn’t get it in the can. I figured the garbage men would get it tomorrow. Why?”

Both peered out the back door. The black bag was not near the garbage can. It was now next to the neighbor’s dogs and deflated.

Billy and Mom turned and looked at each in horror. Both took a step back into the kitchen and slowly closed the door. Then they locked it as quietly as possible.

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