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About a girl who goes through true life events.
Where do I even start, is the real question. I am 26 years old and have been through the worst of the worst already. Lets start 10 years ago. My 16th birthday, was a regular everything you wanted in a 16th birthday except a car. So 16 was a pretty rough time for me, I was learning a lot about myself and woman hood. Never thought that one day my step-day would molest me. I blamed myself. I blamed myself for crawling in bed with a grown man who wasn't even my dad, not saying my dad was even better but that's a story for later. Although I was still a virgin, he didn't steal my virginity. I woke up to with his fingers inside me taking them out then licking them. Like he was tasting me some kind of way. I woke up and gently rolled off the bed acting like I had a bad dream, then took the phone and ran to my bedroom. I called her mom and let her know what happened, mind you this is around 3'o clock in the morning and my moms at work. She worked overnight taking care of old folks. Well so she called my mee-maw whom lived down the road. Meanwhile my stepdad is trying to find me, me not being to much of a good hider and where else can I hide. So we all ended up coming together and he apologized to me and never touched me again after that. I forgave him and I'm 26 right now and hes been a pretty good stepdad since then with supporting and just being there for me and my family. And after that I became the most sexual demon you would know. I met a boy at school, and we became boyfriend and girlfriend and the first boy I would lose my virginity to. The sex was so good, he would eat me out for hours and hours. This one night I snuck out to see him, I ran through the woods a little short cut straight to his house. We met at the fence by his house, and yes Im the one who walked most of the way, a little 16 year old girl running through the woods to meet some boy can you just imagine. So he pushes me up against the fence kissing me monstroisity, all down my neck and body, he feels so good, he turns me around, bends me over and we start having sex right there, outside. I always got caught sneaking out, one time my mom nailed my windown shut and turned my door handle knob around, I told her "What if there was a fire?" She just laughed and said "Well you should have thought about that before you snuck out!" My moms sick and twisted humor only gets better.
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