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Flash Fiction

“Woo! Lookie!” said Ted, “Looks like lunch!”

“Stop!” Sam yelled, “It’s a trap!”

“You just want it for yourself, huh...” Ted said, swimming closer.

“No! It’s really a trap! My Gramp told me all about them! See that shiny, stripe part? That’s what they call a hook. When you try to get that food, the hook stabs into you and whips you up out of the water!”

“That’s silly, we can’t go out of the water!”

“That’s the point, there are giants up there and they don’t care! They pull you up and stick you in a box of water that’s already turned to ice! You can’t even breathe!”

“How does he know all this?” Ted asked, still skeptical.

“One caught him! It was when he was really young. The giant pulled him up and hurt his mouth. That’s why he has that scar. The giant pulled the shiny thing out and tossed him in the ice box, but then, for some reason he picked him back up and tossed him back!”

“I always wondered how he got that scar. He’s the oldest fish we know.”

“Because he never takes food with shiny parts. If you want... we can go visit him and he’ll tell you all about it...”

“That would be neat.”

The two new friends swam away together.

Up in the boat, Alex watched the two fish swim away. “Darn!” he muttered, “This bait we got must be bad. I swear those two fish down there talked it over, and decided to give it a pass!”

Fritz laughed thinking Alex really had a great imagination. “Nah, I heard this place usually is a dud, the fish just don’t bite, or else they’re too small and you have to throw them back anyway. Let’s move closer to the cove!”
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