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by Zorro
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Sci-fi · #2198190
5 character's set out on a mission to destroy what has destroyed their home.
Before I start, I want to let you know their is some kissing, but nothing farther.

Chapter 2: Indigo

Location: unknown
Indigo walked alone, his bare feet hardly making a noise on the smooth ground beneath him. His necklace bounced against his skin, the neon green gem enclosed in a copper clasp, glowing softly and pulsing gently. The cave walls around him dripped with moisture, and edges of small gems could be seen glinting on the walls. The air hugged him, filled with water, and slightly cold.

Indigo shivered.

The cave opened up a few feet away from him, the wide yawning seeming to be waiting to swallow him whole. Soft golden light pulsed out from the cave, the outline of the pulsating object barely seen. The edge of a hard, golden rock could be seen beyond the opening.

Indigo could feel its presence, feel the power run through him, swift and strong, lighting up his blood vessels with its essence. Indigo took a deep breath, failing to acknowledge the guard at the entrance as he walked through.

"Hey, Indigo!"

Indigo whipped around, feeling queasy at the hard edge of the guard's voice. Ashia stood behind him, her hands crossed, legs spread apart. She was covered in tattoos. Her creamy top hugged her body, and black jeans cast a shadow in front of her, partly enveloping him. "Yeah?"

"You have to check in."

Indigo sighed, his gaze drifting over to a crumpled pile of black clothes by the entrance. He began to smile, a big wide grin. "And you're not in uniform," he said.

Ashia raised her eyebrows, her coal black eyes shining. "Indigo, you know it doesn't work that way. I'm a guard--I can choose if I want to wear my uniform or not. You have to check in."

Indigo pursed his lips, digging his foot into the ground."You know me, though."

Ashia ruffled her long silver hair, sighing. "What if you're a robot? We can't have those--those things get the stone."

"I don't have Indigo eyes."

"But you're named indigo."

Why did everyone make a big deal out of his name? He dug his foot harder into the ground, sighing loudly. Sure, it was connected to the robots, but he wasn't like them. Why did everyone insist he was? "My name has nothing to do with them!" he spit.

Ashia ruffled her hair. "Just check in."

Indigo turned around, taking a step towards the stone.


Indigo did as he was told.

Ash was waiting for Indigo when he got back. He leaned against Indigo's bedroom door, brown floppy hair covering some of his face. His plain grey T-shirt hung loosely from his shoulders, and his black jeans hugged his legs.

"Indigo!" Ash yelled, running over towards him, and engulfing him in a hug. Ash lifted Indigo in the air, giving him a huge grin. Indigo smiled back, despite not being able to breath, and gently pried himself from Ash's arms. "How are you doing?"

Ash's stormy grey eyes always clouded with darkness when Indigo asked him how he was feeling; now they seemed to glimmer. He rolled up his pants, exposing his skin midthigh. A bandage covered the area. Ash gave Indigo another grin, one full of unfathomed happiness.

Indigo could feel himself grinning. He grabbed Ash's shoulder and jumped up and down. Laughter bounced off the walls of the halls. "I'm so happy for you!" Indigo screeched, lightly kissing Ash's lips.

Ash laughed, and softly kissed Indigo back. "I'm glad I can finally be me," he whispered, stroking Indigo's hair.

"You always were you. You just haven't had a chance to express it--I'm glad you finally can act like you."

Ash smiled softly, and pulled Indigo closer. He leaned his head against Indigo's, looking into his dark blue eyes. "You're a great boyfriend."

Indigo laughed, burying his head into Ash's shoulder. "And you're a great boyfriend."

Ash ran his finger around Indigo's ear. "No one would let me be a boyfriend...until they gave me the shot--but you...you always accepted me."

Indigo smiled and kissed Ash's lips, running his hand through Ash's hair. "Always."

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2198190