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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2198214
Luna Stone, A Umbreon Field Medic who uses Herbs and Potions going about her morning
         An Umbreon wakes herself late one afternoon having lost the time and studying herbal medicines from a large book until nearly dawn before she had passed out at her desk. "Mmm...ugh...my head, I really gotta not study so late into the morning." Starts to sit up her chair and stretch her arms, her right cheek moist from drool and a stain on her desk. "At least I drool on the book… I better take a quick shower then go get some herbs." She yawns sitting up and headed for her bathroom while rubbing the sleep out from her still tired eyes.
         Entering into her bathroom she stopped in front of her mirror and gazed back at her own reflection… shiny female Umbreon with a human like body covered in black short fur, blue rings where the belong on Umbreon but also her nipples were a similar blue, tired looking yellow eyes, and messy looking midnight blue hair. "I look so…*yawn*...messy." She says to herself as she stripped out of her yesterday clothes grumbling that it's a bad habit to sleep in the same clothes they wore all day but it's also a bad habit to stay up studying all night at a desk with a lamp. "I'll stop my late night studying...some other time." She said dismissively as she slid her panties to the floor and stood naked reaching into the shower to start the water so it'll warm up as she yawns and stretches a little bit more.
         Luna kept her hand in the spray of water as she felt the temperature starting to raise as the water warmed up but at the same time she wakes up a bit remember. "I forgot to get a fresh set of clothes for after my shower!" She says in shock as she withdrew her hand, giving it a firm shaking to get some of the water off before returning to her room… "clothes… what should I wear today…" she muses while lightly bending over so she can start going through her dresser till she first gets out a pair of black panties with a yellow crescent shape on both sides that would be at her hips, a pair of white shorts, a red short sleeved t-shirt with a yellow crescent shape on the chest area, and lastly a towel before hurrying back into the bathroom, tossing her fresh clothes on the bathroom counter beside the sink, and hopping into the shower to wash up, scrub her hair, and lather then rinse her fur in a quick fashion least she take a chance of Zoey trying to snap a picture of her showering...again.
         Stepping out of her shower now more clean and awake she reached first for her towel to rub against herself to dry most of her fur and body til she was only lightly moist then she pulled out the favorite item of all those with wet fur… the Hair Dryer! Popped its plug into the outlet she then switched it on as it starts to shoot its warm hair onto her body til she felt dry, slowly guiding it over her form before lastly holding it over her head and lightly shaking it to dry her hair which lightly seemed to fluff up. "Time to get dressed...wait, I forgot something." She says and gathered her clothes as she returned to her room and neatly lays them out on her bed before going to her dresser and pulling out a bra. "Shouldn't forget this." She smiled to herself slipping onto herself that black bra to help keep her rather average C cups still so she does not receive the unwanted attention of passersby staring like last time… remembering that day flusters her to the point that her blue rings are lightly tinted purple and only changed back by shaking her head to get the memory out of her mind and hurried to get the rest of her clothes on.
         Fully dressed now, Luna grabs her medical bag and Guild badge… smiling to herself as she reads it. 'Luna Stone, Field Medic, Rank: Bronze' she softly sighs happily since working as part of the guild she no longer had to spend all her days as staff at the local hospital where most of her surroundings were walls, while she loved helping out people and getting them healthy she never could get use to the real stress of hospital working environments but now she works from home or out on the field with potions, herbs, even a little magic...but her magic was the least used option as she doesn't have a big manapool or whatever it was called. "Ok, I'm ready for the day…...after I have a nice bowl of cereal and some toast." She says clapping her hands and going to the kitchen passing by her fellow housemates/friends a Zoroark and Meinshao who give her a simple, "Morning" as she passed em.
         Reaching the kitchen Luna grabbed herself a bowl setting it on the counter beside the fridge, put a slice of bread in the toaster, got herself a box of cereal that she pours into her bowl, then got the milk out of the fridge to pour into her bowl. "Lets see… Please let there be a clean spoon as it was Zoey's turn to do the dishes last." Opening the drawer she felt relieved seeing it full of clean silverware then grabbed herself a spoon and knife to butter her now toasted slice of bread, she then moved her breakfast onto the table, sat herself down and ate.
         She finished her breakfast and put her dishes into the sink, takes hold of the strap to her medical bag making sure to sling it over one her shoulders so she can head out for some herb collecting...or so she wanted until the sound of a Bing Bong doorbell alarm is heard and she sighs. "Looks like someone came by for an impromptu appointment with the freelance doctor." She makes her way to the front door and opens it to see fellow guild member Lief Spruce standing their along with a shiny female Absol wearing a red secretary like uniform. "Hello miss Stone, I'm Cherri. Life's new personal care assistant and I noticed he hasn't had a check-up down this month yet, So I was hoping you have some time right now to assist in giving him one." She asked politely and Luna nods. "Sure, I could give him a quick check up… come on in and head to my little office room." She steps aside and Lief walks into the room followed by Cherri then Luna who after entering gets on her doctors coat.
         "Ok Lief, you know the drill… please strip down for your monthly check-up." Luna says professionally as Cherri rather eagerly watched Lief strip off his red mage coat putting it on a coat stand, he then removes his shirt, shoes, socks, pants… then takes a seat in back on the bed thing in just his boxers. "Hmmm, You don't seem to be embarrassed like usual Lief… why is that?" Luna asked him curiously and he casually answered. "It's these new underpants from Modesty for Men, they're magically woven undergarments that help make your…" he lightly blushed. "Bulge look less noticeable for the modest type." Lief tells her and Luna lightly Chuckles which only embarrassed Lief a bit more. "I wish more patients bought those then… would save me some from seeing a few things I wish not to." she says then starts to check Lief's heartbeat, check his reflexes, and lastly gives his eyes a little check. "Ok Lief, Your looking perfectly healthy." Luna says with a smile as Lief started to grab his clothes and redress until Cherri sort of blurts out. "You don't have to check on his mana reserves or anything?" This immediately gets both Lief and Luna to look at a generally curious Cherri. "And how would I do that?" Luna asked never hearing such a thing before so Cherri starts to explain. "It's said that mages tend to build up magic overtime and if they don't use enough it can cause like a magical build up if left alone, so it helps to have special doctors check the specific parts of the body that mages store their mana." She sounded fairly confident so Luna responds with a simple question… "Where is that for a guy?" The second Luna says that Cherri confidently says. "In their balls." Liefs face immediately goes red as Luna sighs. "That isn't true Cherri, That's a lie spread by perverted sages to get doctors to just look at their cock… so are you just wanting to have Lief show off his cock and balls?" Luna asked and Cherri was deeply flustered and instead hurries out of the room. "Lief… next time you come in will be a time when I have to be a bit more thorough so please, leave your assistant at home that time." Luna tells Lief who simply nods and hurried off to find where the flustered Cherri had gone.
         Luna sits back in her chair now alone in her patient check up room and shakes her head thinking about how Cherri thought that was honestly a true thing. "Not like it was the first time I heard that and when one guy was insistent I check his 'reserves' I'm glad I had left a glove in freezer." Shakes her head and gets up. "Now I'm just gonna out to the distant woods and see if I can't find anymore naturally growing herbs I can use in making medicine." Heads out of her patient room and back to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water then headed on out as the Sun was starting to cast an ever growing orange color across the sky. "Looks like I'm getting out pretty late… good thing I got a flashlight with my supplies she says walking past the berry patches outside her home and continuing out further until the sky was fully orange from the setting sun and she stands before the woods she goes to gather medicinal herbs for her herbal medicines but something feels strange about the woods today...
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